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Death, Doom and Destruction
By thenewhope


This is possibly not the best time or place to be making out with Brooke.

In fact, Sam can think of only three other moments where making out with Brooke would be a worse idea than it is right now. All of which involve death, doom and destruction in some form or another. And an appearance by Bio Glass.

Granted, with the way Mom and Mike's first wedding attempt went, there's a good chance death, doom, destruction and Bio Glass are all lurking around the corner, not so patiently waiting to make Sam's life crazy.

Not that things can get much more crazy than macking on her soon to be stepsister at their parents' wedding. But she's sure Bio Glass would do her best to see that they did.

And, ew, Bio Glass is totally not what Sam wants to be thinking about while she makes out with Brooke. Not that that is really a problem right now, as she is no longer actually touching Brooke.

Brooke is looking at her like she's on the edge of getting hissy. Her dress is just barely out of place, her hands resting against the butter thin fabric on her hips. Her hair is a bit mussed, though, just verging on sexy bed-head. She makes a very pretty picture, and Sam is a bit confused as to why she is no longer getting to appreciate it hands-on.

"I'm not that bad a kisser."

Sam totally agrees. In fact, she'd probably rank Brooke right up there at "really, very good." She just has no idea why Brooke feels the need to pause their very pleasurable activity just to assert her above-average ability to make Sam weak in the knees. She is willing to say whatever it takes to get them back to it before Bio Glass storms into their little supply closet cum hiding spot and ruins their fun.

"Okay?" Sam is nothing if not the smoothest mover ever.

Brooke sighs and pushes her bangs out of her eyes. Clearly that was not the response she was looking for.

"You were pulling a face, like you weren't enjoying yourself." She's still pissed sounding, but she's also doing that thing where she wraps one of her arms around her waste and hugs herself. Sam has never been able to put up much of a fight when she does that.

"Oh, no, I was totally and completely enjoying myself." She really was, especially when Brooke did that thing with her teeth. But. "I was just thinking about Bio Glass."

Okay. Even Sam is smart enough to realize that was one of the stupider thing she could have said just now.

She's not sure if it's a good sign that Brooke doesn't say anything, just stares and waits for Sam to dig herself in deeper.

"Not, like, on purpose!" Talking to Brooke had been so much easier back when her only goal was to piss her off. "I was just thinking about that making out in the church's supply closet at Mom and Mike's wedding isn't exactly the brightest idea we've ever had. Then I remembered the first wedding, and how crazy everything was and how we almost went to jail for killing Bio Glass. That was less than fun. And full of bad ideas."

"And, like..." Maybe Sam is just going crazy, but it really looks like Brooke is starting to smile at her. It's very distracting with its bright sexiness. "I really don't want to go to jail again?"

Sam doesn't actually remember the question, but apparently that was the right answer, because Brooke is all over her again with extra hands-on this time. It's really, very nice.

It's still not the smartest idea ever. But Sam doesn't actually care.

The End

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