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Dating or Making out?
By Wolfemeister


Sam crouched in front of her DVD rack looking for the perfect first date movie. Even though they weren't dating yet Sam had high hopes of convincing Brooke that dating was the next logical step from their secret make out sessions.

"Did you find something good Sam?" Brooke asked from the doorway of Sam's room.

"Uuummmm how about Show me love? Unless you don't wanna watch a foreign film."

"Yeah I'd rather not have to pay that much attention, I kinda plan on being distracted." The blonde gave what she hoped was a flirty smile.

"Oh, uh well uh how about "Imagine you and me", nice scenery and no subtitles," Sam said blushing at Brooke's innuendo.

"Sounds good."

Once the movie was in and both girls were curled up on Sam's bed, Brooke slid her hand just barely under the hem of Sam's shirt running her fingers over the bare skin she found there. Sam felt the now familiar rush of heat that Brooke's touch always provoked, and at first she wanted to fight it but in very short order she realized that right now she'd much rather be making out with Brooke than worrying about dating Brooke.

After all they were young and had plenty of time to get to dating. With that thought in mind Sam flipped the blonde onto her back and proceeded to cover her face and neck with kisses.

Dating was good but making out was the reason most teenagers dated anyway.

The End

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