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The Incentive
By trancer


"C'mon Addison," Izzie pleaded. "You know you wanna."

Addison peered over the top of her glasses. Gazed across the bed and at the woman dancing in front of it. It's not the fact that Izzie was wearing nothing more than her bra and panties. Or the way her body shimmied to the beat. Or the expression on her face, a combination of bemusement and a sultry come hither that, normally, would have had Addison jumping out of the bed and pressing her lips against Izzie's until they were both breathless. No, the problem was Izzie was dancing -

To the Macarena.

Isobel Stevens loved the Macarena. Un-ironically. Unapologetically. Fully and totally. It was her pick me up song. The one she listened to that always put a smile on her face, picked her up when she was feeling a bit down. It's not that Addison begrudged Izzie's personal song choice. But, she may listen to it, she may watch Izzie dance to it, but it would be a dark day in Hell when Addison Montgomery danced the Macarena.

"Oh, I know," her smile stretched wider. "You need an incentive."

"Izzie, there isn't an incentive in the world.." her voice stopped abruptly. The magazine in her hands now draped with a brassiere. Izzie's brassiere. She pulled the magazine down from her line of vision.

Izzie still stood in front of the bed. Her back turned to Addison, head turned over her shoulder making sure the redhead was watching, hips swaying back and forth seductively. "Need more of an incentive?"


She slid her hands down her side, fingers catching inside the band of her panties. Slowly, teasingly, while her hips still swayed to the beat and pulled them down off her legs. She pulled them taut between her hands and sling-shot them at Addison. "Still need an incentive?"

Addison tossed the magazine onto the floor. Held out her enclosed hand, curling her finger, waving Izzie towards her. "C'mere."

Izzie moved forward, crawling towards Addison, over long legs, straddling Addison's hips. "I don't have anything else to bribe you with?"

"Mmmm," Addison purred. "There's always your lips," she rolled the two over, pinning Izzie to the mattress. Taking her time to explore Izzie's mouth with her own. "And then," she paused long enough to raise a playful eyebrow. "There are the other parts."

"And how many of my parts do I have to bribe you with until you'll dance with me?"

"Mmm," Addison looked up as she began her descent down Izzie's frame. "I'll let you know when I get there."

The End

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