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By trancer


"This is soo wrong," Christina groaned, licking her lips as a new wave of shudders fluttered across her stomach ending somewhere between her legs. Right around the place next to the hand currently stroking her to great heights. "You know this is wrong, don't you?"

Addison batted her eyelashes innocently. "Wrong with what?"

"This, us..that," she sucked in a hard breath as Addison found her g-spot and stroked it masterfully. Christina's eyes snapped shut, as her head bowed back, her hips thrusting forward. "I'm with Burke."

"Of course you are," Addison mumbled into her neck.

"And you're with Izzie."

"Of course I am."

They'd found their rhythm, a mutual crescendo of hip grinding, finger thrusting and skin licking. Christina raised her thigh until it pressed against Addison's pussy. Wrapped her arms tighter, feeling Addison's skin, sweat and heat against her own.

"Meredith's my best friend," Christina grunted at the wetness slip-sliding across her thigh. "Izzie, your girlfriend, is her roommate. She's dating your ex-husband."

"Mmm-hmmm," Addison groaned into Christina's ear. "Key word being ex."

"Don't you consider this all a little, you know, incestuous?" She asked as her fingernails raked down Addison's back and she felt the woman shiver above her.

Addison rose up slightly, enough to gaze down at the hooded brown eyes with a cocked eyebrow and lascivious grin. "Is this your way of saying you don't want me to go down on you?"

"What are you kidding?" She gaped, placing her hands firmly on Addison's shoulders. Pushed down until blue eyes gazed up at her from between her legs. "I'm conflicted, not crazy."

The End

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