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By sinjenkai


Part 5

A warm breath tickled Natalia's chin, making it twitch. Slowly bring up one hand, she brushed at it, and tried to get comfortable once again. A few minutes later, the warm breath came again, but this time, Natalia didn't brush it away. Fluttering her eyes open, she found that her lovely wife was sprawled across her chest with her chin resting on her shoulder, and golden hair across her face, gently moving with each breath.

Calleigh turned further into Natalia, her arm wrapping tighter around the brunette's waist, trying to bring her closer in her sleep.

Carefully sliding out from underneath the snoring blonde, Natalia made her way into the bathroom began to get ready for her day. After getting dressed, she walked back into the bedroom to see that Calleigh was still sound asleep. Smiling, she quietly opened the door, to find Grayson curled up on one end of the sofa, with the two dogs on the rest.

Grayson was flat on her back, one arm thrown over her eyes; the other arm was connected to hand tightly wrapped around a silenced pistol. Her face was completely relaxed, no anger, no stress, no ulterior motives, no lies. Her breathing was even, flat and calm, a rarity for her own dreams were often plagued by the screams of the men she'd murdered for profit and for the one man she hadn't caught yet.

Laughing to herself, Natalia muttered. "Yup, sound sleepers my family."

Grayson twitched unconsciously in her sleep at the sound of Natalia's voice, then as if realizing it was her own flesh and blood, she relaxed once again, snoring softly now, shifting so that the gun slid back under the pillow, and she rolled onto her stomach.

Natalia stood there for the longest time, just staring down at the young woman. There was no way that she could even imagine half of what her and her brother had gone through or done. Seeing the scars on that young body the night before broke her heart, and she closed her eyes to give a quick prayer.

Walking over to the kitchen counter, she quickly turned off the alarm system, and walked over to the sliding glass doors to go out back. Both dogs raised their heads, to watch her, and when the doors opened, Natalia turned towards the dogs, shushing them, and letting them out to the bathroom.

Quietly she walked out into the garage to bring out her bow, and arrows before going out onto the patio to begin shooting.

Grayson sat straight up on the couch, the gun in her hand pointed at the sliding glass door. Realizing her cousin was outside with what seemed to be some kind of compound bow. Sighing, she lowered the gun, and slid it back under the pillow, standing up; she let the sheet fall onto the floor into a puddle. Grayson stood up stretching on her toes until her back cracked loudly, groaning she twisted this way and that. Finally bouncing up on her toes five times, four feet in the air, she felt the blood return to her limbs. Making sure she was dressed appropriately; a black sports bra and black volleyball shorts, Grayson opened the sliding glass door. The only word to describe Natalia's shooting was deadly.

Grayson circled around behind her cousin, noticing her form was flawless. She needed no further instruction at all, from what the younger woman could see. Every arrow hit millimeters away from its intended target. "Your form is excellent." Grayson spoke, flinching at how rough her voice sounded fresh from sleep, she rubbed her throat unconsciously. Torn vocal cords were still healing; someday her voice would be normal hopefully. Grayson smiled warmly at her cousin hoping she wasn't intruding.

"Thanks, Calleigh remembered once that I had said that I would prefer to carry one of these instead of a gun, and got it for me as one of my wedding presents. It calms me down, and allows me to focus." Natalia stopped, took aim, and released the arrow.

"Tell me about the wedding?" was Grayson's curious reply.

Chuckling, the brunette asked. "Which one?"

Grayson's eyes narrowed in confusion, she obviously was lost. She shrugged, saying nothing and went back inside to feed the dogs, stretching her arms over her head. Maybe she'd go running for a few miles to burn some steam.

Natalia turned to find why she wasn't answered only to find that she was alone. Frowning, she removed her arm guard, and laid it along with the bow down on the table, before she went inside. "Hey! Why did you leave?"

Grayson turned around from feeding the dogs to glance at Natalia. "I figured you'd rather just not talk about it...." She yawned again standing up and filling the water bowls. Afterwards she walked over to the couch, folding up the sheet, and pillow quietly. "I understand more than anything, some things aren't meant to be shared with anyone."

Going over to stand next to the young woman, Natalia placed her hand on her arm. "You can ask me anything that you want. I won't hide anything from you. It's just that you asked me about our wedding, and we've had two. One for just us, and the second for our families."

"Families...." Grayson murmured. She wondered how many things she'd missed, things in her own childhood, and things in her estranged families. Weddings, funerals, birthdays. Most of all she wondered what would have been different if she'd been raised by Natalia's mother instead of their cruel grandfather. Pasting a fake smile on her features she turned, and sat on the couch watching the taller brunette. "Were they pretty?"

Drawing Grayson down to sit next to her on the sofa, Natalia went into a bit more detail. "Well, the first one was down in Key West, the day after I asked Calleigh to marry me. Neither one of us wanted to wait as we both knew that this was the real thing. We had it on the beach, and it was a beautiful, cloudless day. It was just me, Calleigh, Horatio Caine, our Lieutenant, and Alexx Woods, a friend from work."

Grayson smiled, leaning her head on the side of the couch, watching Natalia describe her wedding. She folded her arms under her head, tucking a pillow underneath. "I'm sure you were both beautiful..." she blushed smiling.

Getting a faraway look in her eyes, Natalia agreed. "Calleigh was breathtaking. Now our second wedding, she was exquisite." Placing her hand over her heart, she closed her eyes, smiling with the memory.

Grayson had always been curious who'd been well.... gay in their family. It had to come from somewhere, her grandfather had raged, the blasphemous idea she'd become a part of. At least Natalia was a sweet gentle person; her wife seemed the same, unlike her tyrannical grandfather.

Grayson scratched the back of her head, hesitating; she knew that Talia wanted her to be comfortable, to feel at home and safe around her. Her lip screamed in pain when she bit it, thinking. "Natalia....Can.... Can I ask you a question?'

"Sure... anything." Turning to face her cousin, she tucked one leg underneath her, while draping an arm across the back of the sofa.

Grayson didn't really know how to put it politely, their grandfather hadn't. 'How dare you bring this sin into my house?' She'd refrained from asking why when she killed it wasn't sinful, "It's very personal... If you're not comfortable I understand....' She was stalling.

"Go ahead sweetie. Ask."

"Did your family have a problem... with your sexuality?" Grayson tried to push down the massive blush tingeing her cheeks. Failing miserably, she held her chin high in defiance.

Looking at the young woman, sitting in front of her so proud, and defiant, Natalia knew the price that it took her to ask that question. Sighing, she reached out and placed a hand on top of Grayson's. "Not really, all they really wanted was for me to be happy. I had a terrible first marriage to a very cruel and abusive man, and they were happy when I got away from him. When it came to who I loved, they just wanted me to be happy, loved, and cared for. With Calleigh, I get all of that and more."

Chuckling, Natalia added. "Besides, Calleigh scored high points with my father, when she asked for his permission to marry me. So I got the best of everything."

Grayson smiled at that. She patted Natalia's hand, and stood up, moving towards the bedroom to take a shower, and get dressed for the day.

"Gray!" Natalia stopped her. Getting up off the sofa, she went to stand next to her. "It doesn't matter to me, who you or Jordan love. If they make you happy, it's fine with me... but since 'Family is family', they hurt you, and they will have to answer to both me and Calleigh." Reaching out, she enveloped her in a quick hug. "Now what do you want for breakfast?"

Grayson smiled wickedly, but pushed the dirty joke down; only for Jordan would she crack jokes. Natalia was sneaky with her hugs, not giving her much chance to avoid them. She didn't know if she should like that or not. "Anything is fine, I don't need much to operate." She shrugged.

"Well, I happened to be married to the biggest bacon lover in the world, so how does pancakes, with bacon and fresh fruit sound to you?"

Grayson hopped up on the counter excitedly. 'I love fruit. Do you have kiwi and pineapple?" She was starving.

Opening the refrigerator, Natalia reached in to bring out kiwis, a pineapple, white and red grapes, red and yellow apples, oranges, and grapefruits. Placing them all on the counter next to Grayson, she pulled out a paring knife, a blue plastic cutting board, and handed the knife to her cousin.

"Make yourself useful. Cut up enough for the four of us." Turning back around to give Grayson a quick glance, "I'm assuming that Jordan will be joining us in a little bit."

"Hey! I thought that guest didn't have to do work?" Grayson playfully argued.

Mixing flour, buttermilk, and eggs together, Natalia laughed. "Hey, you're family; you help."

For the next fifteen minutes, the two women worked together, laughing. Natalia decided that she would share some of her childhood stories about herself and her sisters, hoping that it would help the young woman open up about herself. Glancing at Grayson from underneath her lashes, Natalia came to the conclusion, that she had a beautiful smile, and a wicked sense of humor.

After creating a stack of pancakes, Natalia started the bacon, and asked Grayson to go wake Calleigh up.

Grayson looked taken back. "Are you sure? What if she's not decent?"

Laughing, Natalia just waved the spatula in the direction of her bedroom. "She is in her pajamas, so just go tell her that the bacon is on the stove, and she'll get right up."

Muttering, "Fine, but if I'm see something I'm not supposed to, it's not my fault."

Quietly, Grayson went, and opened the bedroom door, slowly peeking in. Calleigh was curled up in the middle of the bed, with the sheet twisted about her legs, corn silk hair covering her face. Slowly making her way over to the bed, Grayson place a knee on the mattress so that she could reach out to shake the blonde's shoulder.

Faster than she could see, Calleigh's hand snaked out, grabbed her around the wrist and pulled her down onto the bed, twisting their bodies so that Calleigh ended up straddling the young woman's body.

Both women's eyes went wide that there was a huge case of mistaken identity, and it took all of Grayson's willpower not to literally throw the blonde from her body, as she was afraid to hurt her ribs.

Gulping audibly, she was finally able to say. "Bacon's ready."

Nodding her head, Calleigh lifted herself of the woman, before coughing. "Uh thanks."

Grayson started to scramble off the bed, her face beet red in embarrassment. "Kiddo wait. Stop."

Cerano paused with her hand on the doorknob, her back to the blonde.

Walking up behind the shaking young woman, Calleigh softly spoke. "Hey, you did nothing wrong. I thought you were Talia, and I grabbed you. This is my fault, not yours. Okay?"

"It...It just scared me. Be happy you are disabled Wild Thang, or else you would have found yourself on your ass..." Grayson twisted her hands in agitation, turning around, before finally she looked up. "Not that you're not insanely breath taking, but you're married to my cousin. So no trying to dump Natalia for me okay?" Grayson smiled trying to make light of the situation.

Calleigh grinned. "Well, I guess that it's a good thing that I found myself on top of you then, because I discovered that you are way too skinny for my taste, and yes.... I do taste good."

Arching an immaculate black eyebrow Cerano smiled haughtily. "If having a body chiseled from granite is too skinny then yes, I guess I'll just spend my days satisfying all the rich daddy's girl's this city has to offer.." Then realizing what she had admitted, Grayson clapped her hand over her mouth, staring at the blonde in horror.

An immaculate golden eyebrow arch in response. "Well... it's a dirty job, and I guess that you do it very well." Turning to go into the bathroom, Calleigh threw a response over her shoulder. "Ya might wanna engage the brain if you want to get all smart ass on me. I'm a DuVista and we take no prisoners?"

"I do several things very well, as for engaging my brain, well don't worry your pretty little blonde halo about that darlin', DuVista's and Cerano's play in the same ring. Make it a cold shower then, huh cutie?" Grayson stuck out her tongue and slipped out the door.

Muttering to herself, Calleigh reached for the door. 'No way is the Kid getting the last word'. Pulling open the door, she shouted out, "Don't stick it out unless you plan to use it."

Only after she said it, did Calleigh see Jordan leaning against the kitchen counter eating a bowl of fruit while Natalia was frozen while handing Grayson a plate of pancakes.

Grayson snickered. "What was that about engaging your brain?"

Sheepishly, Calleigh ducked her head, "And on that note, I'm gonna get dressed. Be back in a bit."

After her wife closed the door, Natalia looked at her cousin. "Do I want to know what happened in there?"

Grayson roared with laughter, she had to set the plate down on the table for fear of shattering it on the floor. She laughed until she realized that both Natalia and Jordan were staring at her and expecting her to answer.

"Well... what had happened was... She thought I was you, and I ended up in a compromising position." was all Grayson could muster before covering her lip in pain, hoping it hadn't split from laughing so hard.

"Oh... Damn." Jordan smiled widely, covered his own mouth, laughing.

All Natalia could do was to shake her head. "Well, at least we're keeping it in the family." Looking at Jordan, she asked. "Do you want milk or juice?" Continuing like it was a normal day.

Grayson and Jordan just stared at Natalia in shock. Then they looked at one another before bursting into laughter, clutching onto each other, dissolving into a fit of giggles. Grayson was wiping tears from her eyes. "God, I love this family..." she smiled, laughing." Ahhh ha-ha... whew"

Jordan nodded and put his hand over his chest, taking a deep breath. "To Grayson, the worlds Lesbian Casanova..."

Grayson poured her glass of water over his head.

"Hey!" Natalia warned, reaching for some paper towels. "Clean up your mess." Handing the towels to Grayson.

"He started it."

Turning back to the stove for the bacon, Natalia retorted. "And you're cleaning it up."

Grayson bit back a retort, knowing she would make her cousin do the same thing if she'd spilt water on the bamboo flooring at the complex. Blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes, Grayson reached over the sink, and snatched a few paper towels, since the few Talia had given her weren't enough. Her eyes slid over the vitamins on the windowsill, and came to stop on an individual bottle. Grayson froze as if she'd been slapped, staring hard at the bottle, she felt a wave of extreme protectiveness, and love towards Natalia. However, she simply turned back to cleaning up her mess. 'They were keeping it quiet for a reason, it's none of my concern except to be three times as cautious with her,' were Grayson's only thoughts.

Calleigh strolled out of the bedroom and took her seat at the table. "So now that I have supplied

everyone with their laugh for the day, what do we have on the agenda?"

Jordan was taking the wet paper towels from Grayson, and putting them in the trash. "I put some feelers out. If anyone see's Delko, they'll call us, they won't approach him. We've made it clear he's dangerously unstable." Jordan answered. "Grayson will personally be the one to bring him in. I don't have the hand to hand capability to handle him physically." He said unashamed.

Chewing on a piece of bacon, Calleigh asked. "Do you think that the gentleman that you met last evening was the one in Eric's townhouse yesterday? Or do you think that it was another officer?"

"You mean the bastard who tried to force feed me a 2 x 4? This is bigger than that. It feels more... planned out than an amateur. I know your friend is an expert, but in his current state of mind, I don't think he's actually capable of stringing events together in succession, someone has to be steering this fucking crazy train." Grayson answered seriously. "Trains don't run without conductors.. Well, I mean mine does." She smiled before returning back to the situation at hand. "Jordan, get some sleep, go spend an hour on the 'stang, work on you tan, I don't care just relax. I'll babysit for a while. Natalia, what time do you have to be at work?"

Looking at her watch, the brunette's eyes went wide. "In fifteen minutes." Standing up, she grabbed her glass of juice before going over to the sink to take her vitamins.

Calleigh looked over to her wife, her eyes bright, "Hey Darlin', why doesn't Gray drive you to work while I stay here with Huggy Bear here. That way we can come pick you up this evening, and maybe go to the stables. I want to see the kids, even if we don't ride them."

"You ride?" Grayson lifted an eyebrow smiling, she loved horses.

Nodding, Calleigh pointed to two pictures on one of the shelves of the entertainment system.

Grayson looked up at the pictures, plucking one off the shelf; the pictures were of two beautiful animals, one black and the other a dappled grey Andalusian. Their manes were in fantastic shape as were their coats and hooves. Grayson smiled at how happy the women looked on their obviously well taken care of horses, it was a beautiful moment captured forever in a photograph. She put it back on entertainment system and grabbed a t-shirt out of her duffel bag pulling it over her attire and slipping on some loose jeans and flip-flop she grabbed her keys and motioned towards the door. "Come on tall, dark and Rican, let's roll."

Turning to stare at her cousin, Natalia held up a hand. "Hang on.... I don't go anywhere with my morning kiss."

Jordan grabbed his twin in a headlock, holding her to his side, while she pushed, and pulled half heartedly to escape his clutches. Sighing, she stood there, waiting for her cousin to kiss her wife good-bye.

In her sternest voice, Calleigh barked. "Attention!!!! About Face!!!!"

Jordan and Grayson with semi-straight faces, stood to mock attention. Their hands in high salute with perfect posture, staring straight ahead with raised chins.

"Which part of about face don't you two get?" Natalia sweetly asked.

"Ahhh.." Grayson finally got it. "They want alone time for tonsil hockey." Jordan's face split into a wide smile. "Remember, safe sex kids, safe sex." He and Grayson went into the kitchen to clean up the mess from breakfast.

Calleigh smiled at Natalia widely. "They're your family." She leaned up on her toes, softly brushing her lips against Natalia's. The brunette slid her hands into golden tresses while her wife wrapped her arms around her waist, they stood lost in the moment, just feeling one another. Until the sound of mock 70's porn music wafted into their ears from the kitchen. Natalia broke the kiss, and they both turned to look at Grayson and Jordan who were making noises with their hands and mouths to some kind of beat on the kitchen counter.

"Oh.. girl.. yeah girl.." Grayson started singing R and B style mockingly.

Shaking her head, Calleigh quipped. "Whatever you do, don't give up your day job. Now get my wife to work in one piece, then get your butt back here so your alter ego can go to sleep. If you're really nice, I'll spring for a trip to the range for us."

"You know if I had a heart, and feelings, that totally would of hurt." Grayson covered her heart in mock defeat, and bowed out of the door, jiggling her keys at Natalia, waving her along. Grayson couldn't resist calling out over her shoulder. "Don't undress me with your eyes, Shorty."

Shaking her head, Natalia gave her wife one more quick kiss before hugging Jordan on the way out the door.

The ride to the work was a comfortable one, as Grayson was beginning to relax a little in the company of her cousin. They joked about what had happened with Calleigh, and Natalia promised to never ask her to wake her wife again.

When they were about five minutes sway, Grayson opened her phone, and punched in some numbers.

"Morning Wolfe-man…. I'm about to drop Natalia off at the front of the building…. You keep an eye on her inside, and we've got someone watching on the outside…. Yeah, right…. Text me if you have to leave her alone at anytime…. Thanks….Hey! Please tell me you're not wearing that white jacket again today…. Good choice…. Okay later."

Closing the phone to only open it once again to scroll through her phone book, and chirp someone. "Dropping off now…. Rotate every four…. Call if spotted."

Looking over to her cousin, Natalia asked. "What? You don't like Ryan's white jacket?"

Grayson shot her a quick look. "Give me a break. He looks like a Miami Vice reject."

Laughing, Natalia knew that she would forever think of him that way whenever she saw him in that jacket from then on.

Pulling up to the front of the building, Grayson was pleased to see Ryan leaning against a handrail with his arms and legs crossed. This time he was wearing pressed jeans, a lime green shirt with a black jacket. The two women just looked at each other and laughed.

"Okay Cuz. Please let us know if you do have to go out to a scene. You will be watched throughout the day. If we don't hear from you, what time do you want us to pick you up?"

Opening the door, Natalia turned back saying. "Around five thirty should be about right. Try not to let Calleigh do too much today please."

Shaking her head, Grayson replied. "I'm not gonna promise a thing when it comes to Ms. Wild Thang, I believe that you're the only one that control her."

"I don't ever want to control her. I just want to hang on for the ride." Natalia smiled. "And it's gonna be one hell of a ride."

"I think that I just threw up in my own mouth... yeah, that's vomit." Grayson's sarcasm laced voice came back a little more playful than she had intended, proof that Natalia was getting to her. It was nice to be able to smile, and relax; it was difficult to be hard all the time.

Quickly, Natalia leaned back in, and placed a quick kiss on Grayson's cheek. "Have fun with her, just... you know."

"Please be safe, Talia. I didn't find you again after nineteen years to lose you permanently. Take care of yourself..." The tough brunette had no idea where this sentimental streak was coming from, but she suspected it most likely had to do with thinking she was alone for almost two decades and that suddenly changing.

Ryan had come to stand next to the car, and was waiting patiently for Natalia to join him. Natalia gave a smile to her cousin before getting out of the car, and they finally made their way into the building.

Grayson smiled back, and backed the super car out its temporary resting place, hearing the engine give a sharp back of a rev, she all, but flew out of the Crime Lab parking lot.

"Huggy bear? Really?" He turned to look down at her tiny form; he could easily stuff her into a carry on compartment.

Walking up to stand toe to toe with her newest in-law, Calleigh looked up into the same chocolate eyes as her wife's, and smiled. "Yes, Huggy Bear. You're a hugger. You seem very affectionate, and having a great sense of humor, while...with respect Grayson is the total opposite. I know that she has had to do things that I can't even imagine, but whatever you've seen, you haven't let it color how you see the world."

Reaching out to lay a gentle hand on top of a massive arm, the blonde continued. "I think that your part in all of this has been harder than hers, because you've had to hold some semblance of normalcy for the both of you. I can't condone anything that either one of you have done in the past, all I can do is to help you in the future. I just have one thing to ask of you, and it's not going to be easy. I do not want to know anything that you do that illegal. I am a police officer, and I take my job very seriously. I will do my job to the best of my ability, and I will protect Natalia first, but I will help the both of you as much as I can."

Jordan watched Calleigh for a few moments as if thinking, and taking to heart what she'd said. "On behalf of my sister for the words she can't say, thank you. From both of our hearts. As for our illegal activities... We'll keep those to ourselves. I know what you've seen, and the reason that you have said nothing is because you are right, it is for medicinal purposes. Grayson and I are as different as night day... this is true, one day you will understand why." He put a hand over the top of her head, squeezing it playfully like a grape.

Golden eyebrows rose as Calleigh looked at the hand on top of her head. "So is there a reason that I feel like you're measuring me for something?"

"Short stack, you measure up in plenty of ways. Just not vertically." He smiled again wider this time, his dimples even more prominent. Jordan had a boyish charm about him, his ability to make anyone loosen up was one of his favorite qualities; his sister was simply just different.

"Why gee thanks Huggy." Calleigh ducked from underneath his hand. Walking over to the counter, she reached into a glass jar, and pulled out pieces of something brown. Popping a piece in her mouth, she offered some to Jordan. "You like bacon?"

"No, I don't like bacon." He swiped the pieces out of her hand quickly, and stuffed them into his mouth, groaning in rapture. "I looooove bacon." He smiled chomping down happily, sitting on the barstool watching the tiny blonde. He ran his unoccupied hand through the hair, sticking straight up, and yawned smiling.

"Go to bed Jordan, I'll be fine by myself for a few minutes. I'll set the alarm, and finish cleaning up the kitchen."

"Sorry, Grayson would never forgive me." He shrugged lightly. "So what do cops do for fun? Beside marry even hotter cops?" He watched her while stuffing fruit into his mouth; he hadn't eaten in eight hours.

Taking a look at the amount of food he was shoveling in, Calleigh placed the bowl of fruit, and the remaining of the pancakes in front of him. "Milk or juice?"

"Milk." Was his only reply as he shoved food into his mouth watching and waiting for her to answer his question.

Reaching into the refrigerator, she winced slightly as she took out the jug of milk, and poured him a glass. Turning around, she placed it in front of him. "Well, I like to go to the shooting range, riding the horses, I read a lot about guns, and before I got together with Natalia, I was thinking about learning more about car engines. They are just as interesting to me as guns and bullets are."

"You're in luck; the Cerano twins are Picasso and Michelangelo in a garage. I assume you saw the '67?" He gulped down the large glass of milk in three swallows, and then picked up the empty dishes in his bear like hands. Slowly and carefully, he slid all the dishes into the sink, and cleaned the kitchen, listening to Calleigh talk.

"Modest aren't you. Hmm, but yes, I did see the Mustang in your garage, and I told Grayson, that my very first car was one.... Midnight blue. However, my dad totaled it one night, and that was it. What are your plans for that one?"

"Paint and color scheme wise, we haven't decided yet, but it will be a beast, rest assured. Let Grayson take you to the Warehouse sometime, see some of our work." He offered. "She keeps a climate controlled personal car warehouse. Cars, fighting, women are her forte; I am the same minus the fighting and inserting buildings." Jordan turned around, leaning against the counter top.

Sitting on a barstool, Calleigh sighed as she tried to get comfortable. "So what got you interested in restoring buildings?"

Jordan skimmed over the bottles on the counter, and plucked the one labeled from the hospital, setting it front of the blonde wordlessly, and then followed by a small glass of water. "I don't really know actually. I don't have the schooling to do it professionally, but we have so much money, it's hard to occupy our time with hobbies." He shrugged aimlessly. "We never thought about college, well I don't think Grayson was allowed to." He wasn't as close with his grandfather as his sister seemed to be. "I couldn't bear to be away from her for four consecutive years, so I never went."

Popping a couple of her pills, Calleigh murmured her thanks, before asking. "I want to ask you a question, and if it's out of line, you don't have to answer, but why have you stayed with this life that you have been forced into? You are both adults now, and you can just walk away."

"I could walk away from it forever tomorrow if Gray would go with me. We're worth enough money that our children's, great grandchildren won't even have to think about working for centuries. However, she can't... and deep down I don't think I could either. I was there, I watched with her... until he grabbed Grayson, and punched me hard enough to knock me out." Jordan looked away in shame. He'd never spoken about that night to anyone, neither had Grayson. The both of them choosing to accept it for what it was, and move on.

Quietly, Calleigh asked. "Is it because you want revenge? Will it end when you find who arranged for your parents death?"

"It will be over then." He looks down hard at the floor, his fists shaking with rage as the memories of seeing his sister return to him. When he'd woken, she couldn't even speak, let alone walk. He'd carried her three blocks with blood pouring all over the both of them, he'd watched her pass out three times before finally holding her neck together to help her finish. They were six years old when it happened.

Jordan felt the bitter sting of tears at the back of his eyes; remember every single detail about how his sister had changed after that night. Gone was sweet girl who sang him to consciousness every morning and every night, in her place there was a robot, a shadow of what she once was.

Calleigh slid off the stool to go and stand in from of him. Very slowly, she brought up her hands to frame his face. "I promise you that I will help you as much as I possibly can. I want you to have your life back. I want Grayson to have laughter in her eyes, and not carry around brass knuckles like someone carrying around a wallet."

Jordan's hands cupped her own that were holding his face. "I'm glad that my cousin found you, you're a good woman." He smiled sadly. "But I have to tell you something about Grayson. That massive scar on her neck is from the night our parents were killed. The man that killed them did that to her after he knocked me out. He held her down, started to cut through her neck, taking his time searching out vocal cords, and the painful points, but only going deep enough to scar. He told her...that if we ever told anyone who he was, he'd come back, and finish what he started." Jordan watched Calleigh's face. He'd shared the one thing his sister would never be able to admit aloud; the horrid wrong that had been dealt to her.

"Do you know who he is?"

"If we did, do you think we'd still be searching for him like a drowning man searches for land?" Was Jordan's only reply.

Sighing, Calleigh tried to explain her question. "You just said that he told her that if you told anyone who he was, he'd come back. That means that he thinks that you know him. Think about it."

"We know his face, it haunts our nightmares, but we don't know his name. He's come back from time to time to torture us, mostly to torture her since she carries most of the guilt visually. They tangle, he usually wins and disappears again, where do you think most of those scars were from?" He arched an eyebrow, moving away from Calleigh. He heard Grayson in the driveway, the Audi was hard to ignore, and it made the picture frames on the walls hum against the plaster.

"This will just between the two of us. I won't let on." Calleigh assured him.

"Careful with what you hide Calleigh. She's must sharper than you think." He smiled warmly at his twin who was locking the door behind her, yawning a little bit and walked into the kitchen.

"Wow, act like you weren't talking about me..." She smiled a little, then opened the fridge for a glass of orange juice and sat down next to her brother. "Did you want to go back to the Complex or do you want to sleep here?"

"Probably at the complex, my jeep is out front." He kissed his sister on the forehead, and hugged Calleigh goodbye while shooting a look at his sister. 'She knows' was all the look could possibly mean. Grayson was sad that Calleigh had found out from her brother, but she wasn't strong enough to admit it yet. She vowed she'd tell Natalia personally, damn if it caused her pain.

Calleigh walked over to the young man, and gave him a hard hug. "Sleep sweet Bear."

"Alright Jor. I'll see you tonight." Grayson smiled warmly at his disappearing form out the front door. She turned to look back at Calleigh. "What's up Shorty?"

Sitting back down on a stool, Calleigh offered suggestion. "Well, we could stay here and you can get some sleep, we can go to the range and shoot a few rounds or we can do whatever you need to do. I can stay in the car, while you do what you do so well."

"I don't ever want Talia or you to see me work. I think the range would be the best option for you, and then to my gym for me to work out some stress, you can pick up a few things in self defense if you want." The younger woman shrugged, looking at her curiously.

"Right now, I don't think that I can pick anything up, but seriously, if you need to do something, I can at least be back up..... As long as what you do isn't illegal."

"Calleigh, look at me" She waited until the blonde had locked eyes with her. "What I do is something I never want you or my cousin to ever be a part of. You're in no condition to back me up either. The only thing I'm supposed to do on direct orders from your wife are to keep an eye on you, and keep you calm and relaxed." She stood up stretching, "Let's go shoot some shit. Then we'll go to the complex, guns don't have the same satisfaction for me as a good old-fashioned work out. I'll show you some techniques and you can watch."

Smirking, Calleigh couldn't resist. "Ooo, you'll let me watch. Be still my beating heart."

Grayson smiled slightly. "Everyone has their kink, yours just happens to be having impure thoughts about your wife's cousin..." Grayson danced around Calleigh smirking.

"Ha Ha. Let me get some of my 'steel', and we will be on our way." Calleigh got off the stool, walking into the third bedroom. Unlocking the vault, she grabbed a couple pistols and the sniper rifle.

Grayson made sure to change into a pair of tighter jeans, and slightly loose button up black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, with her choppy hair in a ponytail. Black cowboy boots and a belt buckle finished off the outfit, and she checked herself in the mirror before waiting by the front door for Calleigh.

"Just what I need, another woman who looks almost as good as I do in black." Calleigh laughed as she headed out to the Audi.

Going around to the right side, Calleigh stopped abruptly when she saw the steering wheel. "Holy Shit! You're got the European Audi R8... do you know that this car can go from 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds, and it has 420 horses under the hood, not to mention that it's the exact same engine that is in a Lamborghini Gallardo."

Grayson smiled, flipping the keys from hand to hand, looking at the blonde, waiting for her to finish the list of speculations on her car. She walked around to the left side of the car, and held the door open. "Want one?" Was all she said.

Sighing, Calleigh trailed her fingers along the body as she walked around to get in the passenger side. "At one time, I would have said yes, but now, I would just love to be able to get her on a track, and see what she could do."

Grayson smiled to herself, held the door open for the blonde, and took the guns from her, stashing them in the trunk. She then shut the door behind her cousin in law, and got behind the wheel.

"You know I want to buy the DuVista's a wedding gift.. Or ten..." Grayson smiled holding the door open for the blonde and then shutting it behind her, slipping into the driver's side moments later, and starting the engine, feeling the car growl to life, she peeled out of the driveway in a storm of rubber and down the street out of the neighborhood.

"You've already given Natalia hers. You've brought you and Jordan back to her family, and that's good enough for me."

After giving Grayson directions to the range, Calleigh sat back, watched the scenery go by, idly twisting a strand of hair between her fingers. Closing her eyes, she imagined Natalia at work, leaning over her microscope, staring intently at the evidence. There were times, few, as they were, Calleigh could stand in a certain spot and not be noticed by anyone, while watching her wife. It was those special moments that Calleigh allowed her fantasies to sneak in, and she imagined taking Natalia on the lab table.

'Oh Lord! Natalia lying on the table wearing nothing, but a white thong, and that was being pulled off very slowly by Calleigh's teeth.' Shaking her head slightly, Calleigh tried to get her mind on something else, glancing over to the young woman, she prayed that she hadn't noticed that her breathing had speeded up.

"Pull in there. There doesn't seem to be that many people here today."

Putting the car into park, Grayson opened the cooled center console, and passed the blonde a bottle of water, then cranked on the A/C to full blast . Opening the door, she smiled. "Why don't you cool off a bit sugar? I'm not about to get jumped in a gun stall." Batting her lashes mockingly, she slid out of the sports car, shutting the door, before popping the trunk and took out the steel. Waiting patiently against the hood for Calleigh to emerge from her late morning fantasy fest.

Reaching over to turn the car off, Calleigh removed the keys, and opened the passenger door. "Hey! You got me in here, and you gotta help me get out. It's just a wee bit difficult to do it with these ribs."

Setting the bag down lightly, Grayson walked around the door, perching down on her haunches, she took Calleigh's biceps in hers. "On three okay?"

"Okay... one...two... three."

Grayson used Calleigh's own momentum to pull her to her feet, making sure she was steady; she helped the blonde up a few rocky steps, and carried the duffel bag inside.

"Thank you ma'am, and by the way, don't flatter yourself. There is only one woman who can handle me, and it is your cousin. Now let's go shoot." Calleigh turned and made her way into the range.

After talking with her ex, she led them down to the end stall, before turning and offering Grayson the sniper rifle. "Thought that you might want to try out Artemis."

Taking the gun lightly in her hands, Grayson just stared at in the sun, the steel glinting back at her, lovingly caressing the barrel, she laid it down on the flat surface, and begin adjusting the sights to her liking. When she was finished, she turned to stand behind Calleigh with her arms crossed. She was curious to see Calleigh shoot, she herself had been taught by former snipers and professional killers, but she wanted to see someone who wasn't paid to kill shoot.

Calleigh shook her head, gesturing for her to go first. "Youth before beauty." She smirked.

Grayson didn't know whether to take that as an insult or a joke, so she turned, and took the rifle off the flat surface. She walked down the lane until there wasn't anything to block her from laying flat on the ground on a piece of burlap; she took several minutes to settle herself down. She noticed there were bull eyes at several distances; she ignored the targets until she noticed a marker through the scope that labeled 1200 feet, her personal best was 1100 feet. She closed her eyes, and took several steady breaths, reopening them; she took one more before firing off just one round.

"Not bad, almost dead center."

Smiling, but saying nothing or even turning around, she sighted the marker at 1100 feet, she let loose one more round, eliminating the bull eyes with ease. She stood up with the rifle, and put it back on the table, laying it down. "Thank you."

"You are more than welcome. Now any other day, I'd dance with you in regards to Artemis there, but if you don't mind, I'll ask for a rain check."

"Well... no it would hurt too badly I'm sure. I was simply going to suggest holding it in arm." Grayson moved the rifle into a complicated position while standing. She'd learned it from a former teacher, a Russian KGB agent who was lethal at long distances. "I think though it would put too much weight on your ribs." She set the rifle down and smiled, wanting to see the blonde shoot first.

Picking up the Smith & Wesson that Natalia had given her as a wedding gift; Calleigh slid an extra clip into her waistband before taking a left-handed stance. Bringing up the gun, she quickly emptied the clip into the bull's eye. Once it bottomed out, she released the clip, smoothly grabbed the extra, slid it into place, and this time, took a right hand stance, and repeated the shooting, obliterating the next bull's eye.

Grayson watched, with arms crossed a safe distance behind. Calleigh was grace in motion with a gun. There simply was nothing left of the bulls eye to even retract back. Grayson smiled, finally someone to compete with.

Turning, Calleigh silently offered the aisle to her young companion.

Grayson slid her coveted pistols out of the duffel bag; two black nine mm glocks, but instead of stock grips; they were polished steel, the image of Botticelli's Venus carved into each one. She laid them both down on the table, loading each one independently taking her time. Then picking them, she slid them both into the waistband at the back of her jeans. She didn't practice shooting from a ready stance, who got shot at with a gun already in their hand? Grayson loosened both wrists, and pulled both guns out at the same time, demolishing the entire bull's eye in half the time.

Grayson laid the pistols down and moved out of Calleigh's way, offering her the stall to her lawful friend.

Smirking, Calleigh nodded her head slightly, accepting the challenge. Going over to her gun case, she pulled out the Sig Sauer, and loaded both it and the Smith again. Going back to the ready table, she took a deep breath, as she knew that this was gonna hurt, but she had a reputation as 'Bullet Girl' to uphold.

As Grayson had already replaced the bull's eyes, Calleigh suddenly dropped to her knees and let loose with a barrage of bullets.

Grayson whistled in appreciation, damn the blonde could shoot. She waited until Calleigh had finished, and then she set up three consecutive bulls eyes down the line. She loaded the guns again, before slipping a spare clip between her teeth, and one pistol in the front of her jeans. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, imagining the face of the men she'd killed for profit, mostly the ones who'd deserved it. She opened them, and emptied an entire clip into the first bull's eye, sweeping her leg around to the next stall, she rolled by feel into the next stall, the guns effortlessly switching places, and shooting with a different arm. As soon as the clip hit the floor, Grayson loaded the final clip; she did the same only imitating Calleigh's knee drop to finish the show.

Calleigh waited until Grayson turned to face her. "Very nice, but I think that we can do something better. Run out two smaller targets on three lanes, and then reload."

Reloading her own guns and an extra clip, Calleigh waited.

Grayson did as instructed without a word.

Calleigh nodded her head towards the farthest stall. "Let's really dance. You start there and I'll start here. We do exactly what you just did, but together. You take the right targets, I the left."

"First to the middle?" Grayson guessed.

"No, exactly like you just did, it's just we have to deal with each other in the middle."

"Hmmm" Was all Grayson muttered, reloading her guns within seconds, she placed them both inside of the front of her jeans. Waiting for Calleigh's signal.

Grayson was a little thrown by the request, she didn't understand working together, she understood working alone, that's how she was so successful.

"On three... one... two... three."

Together, both women quickly shot their designated targets in their aisle, and moved into the center aisle as the same time. Grayson, the taller of the two, made sure that when she finished with the middle target that she went above Calleigh's head, while Calleigh gracefully rotated her body under Grayson's arm as they each went for their final targets; finishing almost exactly at the same time.

A wide DuVista grin was plastered on Calleigh's face. "Now THAT is called dancing, and I thank you very much."

Grayson smiled, and lowered the guns to the table in front of them; it was almost natural instinct to play off one another. If Calleigh weren't wounded, she would have definitely allowed her to back her up on the job. "It was my pleasure Mrs. DuVista." She moved to let the blonde by.

"Oh, don't start that again. Now let's go let you let off your steam at the gym."

Grayson cleaned up the mess they'd made, and made sure to clean each gun with care before putting them all away. She helped Calleigh back to the car and eased her down into the seat carefully.

Calleigh chuckled to herself at how careful Grayson was treating her.

Once they got onto the highway, Grayson turned to look at Calleigh; she grabbed the seatbelt hard in her left hand, and yanked it, tightening it up. She put one hand on the gearbox, the other on the wheel. "Hold on, Shorty." Grayson dropped the hammer accelerating to 90 mph, flying down the highway weaving this way and that, in no time they were in front of the warehouse.

When they pulled in front of the Warehouse, all Calleigh said was, "Next time, I get to drive."

"Maybe if you beg..." Grayson smirked climbing out of the car, walking over to the blonde's side, she ran her hands over the clean lines of her car, she even leaned down, and kissed the hood lovingly. "Mama loves you baby..." She opened the blonde's door.

"It's okay, I kiss my guns too."

Grayson smiled. "I can't kiss my punching bag..." Helping the blonde towards the elevator, she pushed the button for the third floor. There she had workout clothes, towels, and a chair for the blonde to sit in.

Sliding the doors open once reaching the top floor, Grayson pulled a comfortable chair up into a corner that was away from a window, and any of the speakers from the massive stereo system.

She excused herself into the small bathroom to change into workout attire, which included a black racer back sports bra, the volleyball shorts from this morning. She kept her workout clothes simple, basic black at all times. She walked out of the bathroom, picked up the remote for the stereo and tried to find something to pump her blood up. Settling on rap music, she started to wrap her hands, her nodding to the beat vibrating through the speakers. She dropped down onto the floor and proceeded to do some of the most intricate and elaborate stretches simply in pursuit of being limber.

Calleigh watched in amazement at the positions Grayson put her body through. There may have been a time that she had been limber, but there was no way that she had been THAT limber.

After finally limbering up, she stood up on her toes, and began bouncing until finding a speed that was easily manageable; she began to shadow box, punching lightly at the air in front of her. She did that for a few minutes, then moved onto the acrobatics, she couldn't' name how many times a flip had saved her skin. She reached and pulled a steel pike off the weapon wall. Grayson put her feet flat on the ground, and leaning down into mid crouch, she proceeded to try every kind of flip, somersault, turn, and slide with hands and sometimes without, always twirling the pike and using it to parry her strides.

After finally warming up, Grayson made sure the wraps on her hands were tight enough to withstand serious punishment. She moved the massive punching bag to the end of the pulley, and made sure she had the entire gym to work the bag until the other end of the pulley. She took a deep breath focusing herself for a moment, she started out with a right hook, the bag shook slightly. Next was a vicious mid thigh leg kick, the bag moved three feet down the line. She let loose a volley of punches, kicks, and elbows, the bag moving at a continuous pace down the line. Grunting in effort, and when grunting wouldn't suffice, she started punctuating each punch, kick, elbow and knee with a loud "ha!". At the last ten feet, Grayson jumped up wrapping her hands around the chain attached to the top of the bag and kneed her way to the end of the line until the bag creaked to a halt unable to move further.

Grayson dropped down to one knee panting, sweat dripping down her body.

"Damn Kiddo! I'm worn out just watching you. Do you do that every day?" Calleigh asked in amazement.

Grayson looked up from behind sweat soaked bangs. "Every day for three hours starting at 4 a.m." Standing up, she unclipped the bag from the pulley, letting it hit the floor with a loud SMACK. She then picked up, hoisting it over her shoulder, and did lunges slowly all the way to the end of the room, then worked her way back down the room towards Calleigh.

Shaking her head, Calleigh threw up her hands. "Okay, I'm speechless."

Smiling after hooking the bag back up to the pulley, Grayson leaned on it a little taking a break, she walked over to pick up the water bottle next to Calleigh. "When one of my targets throws me through a plate glass window into a granite statue, I have to keep getting up. Punish yourself to punish others Calleigh."

Reaching out to take a wrapped hand into her grasp, Calleigh started to say something, but she stopped, and shook her head instead. "Never mind."

Tossing the water bottle to the blonde, she ran down to the end of the room, leaping into the air catching the chin up bar in her hands, swinging loosely from her arms stretching them out. Taking a deep breath, she went through 10 sets of 10, then moved onto doing chin ups with one arm apiece. She dropped to the floor, and went through the motions of pushups, then did them one handed on each wrist, finally rolling over onto her back, her entire body on fire, she just laid there staring up at the ceiling, silently gasping for air.

After several long moments, she sat up, and walked over to sit next to the blonde, doing her stretches, cooling down her muscles while gulping down copious amounts of water. "Never mind what?"

Quietly, Calleigh started. "I've seen you hurt, and realized that you can both take, and deal out pain. I've seen you shoot, and you're deadly. I've seen what you put your body through, and can't even imagine anyone else doing it to that extreme, but at what cost do you do all of this? Is it worth it? Will it be worth it in the end?"

Grayson folded her legs beneath her, and stared out the window for a long time thinking. When she finally found her voice to speak, she had no idea how many minutes had really passed. She still however refused to look at the blonde when she spoke. "I know what Jordan told you. I'm sorry I wasn't brave enough to tell you myself. You ask if it's worth it, would it worth it in the end? In my journey to this monster, I am now... things became blurry a long time ago. At first, I killed men who deserved it; hurt someone's wife.. raped their daughter. Things like that, then it turned into men who'd stolen money from the mob, then it was sending a message. In the end, yes it is worth it. There is nothing left of me to lose anymore. I've lost all I can, and I'll never get it back. I would gladly pay this price again and again if I received the end result of destroying the man who killed my parents. When I finally find him and take my revenge, I won't hesitate, my hands will be swift and sure. I will put an end to this, I swore it to my Grandfather."

She turned her gaze back to the blonde.

Calleigh realized how hard it was for her to admit what she had, and she searched for something to say that could probably just make it easier for herself to accept what she had just heard, but all she came up with was honesty. "I don't know your grandfather, and I mean him no disrespect, but it was his blood, his son who was killed. It should have been him doing the hunting. You and Jordan had your whole lives in front of you, and now that's all gone."

Grayson took several long moments to answer, looking down at her hands. "Youth has its advantages. I'm ten times more efficient, and deadly than my father was. I am the pride of Italian Families in New York. My name is mentioned with fear, dread, and panic. I used to love the power I held over people, the fear, now.." she sighed audibly looking at the window once again. "Now... I don't know what I want anymore. This bloody life of mine cost me the one thing in the world I would of stopped for..." She smiled sadly, putting head on her knees, staring out the window for a long time.

"What was that?"

"Her name was Quinn." Was the only reply she received.

"Where is she now?"

Shrugging, Grayson's voice was little more than a whisper. "I don't know, when I moved to Miami... I had to leave her behind. It was too dangerous to tell her about my life, and subject her to all the dangers in it."

"How did you meet her?"

Grayson turned to look at Calleigh. She wondered when she'd started to trust her cousin's wife, and her cousin for that matter. "At a martial arts class, she was my instructor. I was her star pupil."

"Was that her job? She was a martial art instructor?"

"She was teaching her way through law school. She comes from a family of doctors, lawyers, good honest people." Grayson's voice was becoming sadder and sadder, she could feel the tears pricking the backs of her eyes. She stood up, and walked to a window trying to hide her expression from Calleigh.

"Yes." Grayson leaned her head against the window, letting the cool metal temper her flaring skin. She squeezed her hand tight around the metal as a lone tear slipped down her right cheek, out of view of the blonde thankfully.

"Did she pass the bar exam? Is she a lawyer now?" Calleigh quietly continued to ask questions.

"I don't know, I cut all contact with her, I was afraid he would find her, like he always finds me. It's why I wanted Talia to keep our relation a secret, I'd rather have him come for me again and again then bear the pain of losing you, my cousin, Jordan , or Quinn." Grayson wiped the tear away out of sight, moved away from the window and walked around the speed bag, punching it a few times half-heartedly.

"What does this man look like?"

"Honestly I've never been able to tell. He's had plastic surgery over the years. Every time we tangle, he always looks different... I'm hoping one time I actually get lucky and nick a major artery." Grayson sighed, watching Calleigh walk towards her. She met the blonde half way, and attempted to steer her back towards the chair. "You need to rest Shorty."

"I've been sitting long enough, what needs to happen now is, you need to go take a bath because you really stink, and then we are going to go to my favorite place for lunch. I want a triple BLT and a large, cold beer, and I'm buying."

Grayson searched Calleigh's face for any kind of judgment. She'd spilled pretty much everything about her life that was unsavory. Well, except for her training, and obscure tutoring, which she doubted she would ever share. "I know they say to conserve water, and shower with a friend, but I'm not into sharing chicks.." Grayson leaned backwards, doing a slow motion back bend, and then lifted herself into a handstand, stretching out her toes and back. "I don't drink though, food sounds delicious.." She pushed herself back onto her feet bouncing and held the elevator open for the blonde.

"You don't have to drink, but you do have to shoot a couple of games of pool with me." Calleigh walked into the elevator, and waited. "I guess I'm in a shooting mood."

Grayson walked in behind her, and shut the elevator gates closed, then leaned past the blonde, pushing her sweaty arm all over hers just to annoy her and hit the button for the second story so she could go shower. "I noticed. Pool hmm? I'll play a few games."

"Okay fine, so I'll wait for you here, and you go take your shower. There's no rush. If you want, you can asked Jordan if he wants to go. I don't know how much sleep he needs though." Calleigh waited until they reached the second floor before she got a paper towel to wipe off her arm.

"He needs more that I do, but I know that he's always hungry. Excuse me please."

Grayson walked off in the direction of her bedroom and bath, while Calleigh wiped herself off. Then listening carefully for the sound of a shower running, she reached into her pocket for her phone. "Hey Darlin', how are things going...? No, I'm fine... Do me a favor.... Look in the New York City Data Base in the Bar Association for a lawyer by the first name of Quinn. Should have passed the Bar within the last two years.... No, I don't have a last name, but she used to be a martial arts instructor.... Hmm, I'd say mid to late twenty's.... No, I'll tell you about it when I get home.... I love you too... Bye."

Grayson appeared moments later dressed in board shorts and a white t-shirt, with Jordan close behind where khaki shorts, and a black polo shirt. Both stomachs were growling at the prospect of food.

Both of the twins were wearing flip-flops, just trying to enjoy the weather. Jordan pushed Grayson slightly, who in turn shoved him hard enough to make him grunt. hitting the wall, smiling back at her. "Your such a hoss... Hoss." Grayson flipped him the bird, grabbing her over the shoulder purse and sunglasses. Both of them tried not to coddle their in law into the elevator, but failed miserably.

Finally getting down to the ground floor, Grayson unlocked the Rover, and helped the blonde into it, knowing eventually her morning painkillers would wear off. In no time, they were pulling into the front parking lot of a restaurant bar called Del's.

Finding a table near the pool tables, Calleigh sat down with her back against the wall, sighing as she relaxed. Here was a familiar place that she could let her guard down, and not worry about anything. Her and Natalia were well known here.

Jordan slipped in front of his sister, parting the crowd for her with his massive frame, while she just trailed behind, appearing indifferent behind mirrored sunglasses, however the subtle turn of her head indicating her eyes were flicking to every new face. Jordan pulled out a chair for his sister, who turned it around sitting the wrong way, her legs hanging over either side, her chin resting on her hands on the top of the chair, Jordan leaned the chair back, and slid into the booth behind her next to Calleigh smiling.

"Nice.." Jordan looked around appreciatively.

Calleigh grinned as the twins took up flanking position on either side of her. Hell, the only person who could get through that just happened to be at work. She smiled as she thought of how quickly these two would move out of the way if Natalia walked in right now.

"Thanks, we come here a lot. They have the best stacked sandwiches around, and they keep track of all of the regular's likes, and dislikes." To prove her word, a waitress walked up with an icy mug of beer, and placed it in front of Calleigh.

"Are you friends ready to order Cal?"

"No, give 'em a few Sonia."

Motioning with her head, Calleigh bade them to order anything they wanted.

Grayson waited until her brother had a chance to run through the menu before she looked at it, that way one of them was always watching Calleigh or the crowd. The female Cerano had a pair of brass knuckles in her back pocket as usual, taken from Calleigh's stove earlier that morning, and a silenced 9mm in her purse. Jordan had his size and his fists. Finally decided they were ready, Grayson hopped up off her chair, and went in search of the waitress at the bar. Leaning against it, she placed their orders while the waitress smiled, and bit her lip, obviously flirting with her. Grayson smiled back in return, and winked back at her, before returning to the table, sliding back into her chair.

"So do either one of you shoot pool?" Calleigh asked.

Jordan smiled easily at the blonde, putting a hand on top of her head, tentatively squeezing it for ripeness. "Depends on who's asking.." He laughed at his sister, whose eyes flickered to the pool table a few feet away, and then the wolfish grin that appeared on her face, which of course was tarnished by the split lips and black eye.

Laughing, Calleigh rephrased the question. "Okay, let's try the question this way. Do either one of you use the table in the manner that it was designed for?"

"Yes" Grayson replied, holding Calleigh's beer mug against her tender lip, then kept it playfully out of her reach waiting to see what kind of threats would be tossed her way.

"If you really wanted a beer, all you have to do was ask? Try not to warm that one up too much please?"

"I don't drink on the job, DuVista."Grayson groused; handing back the beer mug, disappointed at the lack of reaction. "You're a spoil sport." Jordan roared with laughter, his arms wrapping around his sides.

Taking a swig of her beer, Calleigh drawled. "Darlin', you already told me that you didn't drink. I just wanted my beer. Once again, engage brain. I think that ties the score."

"Foiled again... Curses." Grayson playfully shook her fist at Calleigh, a mock villain accent deep in play. She stood up, and flicked the end of Calleigh's nose with a fingertip, dancing towards the pool table. "Come whoop my ass at something else..." Jordan shot Calleigh a look. "Please go shut her up."

Slowly standing, Calleigh made her way over to the table, catching the waitress's eye, winking and nodding her head towards Grayson. Sonia didn't have a steady girlfriend, but loved to flirt, so Calleigh wasn't worried about her getting too attached, and down deep she know that Grayson wouldn't start something while she was on the job, so to speak.

"Rack 'em Kiddo, and make it nice and tight. I hate loose racks."

As much as Grayson wanted to insert a dirty comment about Calleigh and her cousin, she held back, it was too easy. She quickly racked the balls, making sure each number was in its correct place before removing the triangle. She walked over to the wall, and rolled cues to the side checking their weight before settling on a 19 oz stick, and pulling it down to lean against like a staff watching Calleigh. "Ladies always break." was her only reply.

Lining up the ball, Calleigh leaned over, quietly hissing as her ribs protested. Bringing back her cue, she let loose with a solid hit, scattering the balls effectively and sinking two; one from each sort. With her eyes darting around the table, she took the solids, and sank two more, before missing.

Sonia walked over to lean across the table to ask Jordan if she wanted a refill on her drink, affording her a view down her chest.

"Damn, start callin' you Sharky... on account of the fact you're trying to use me to mop the pool table with." Grayson sounded ridiculously grumpy, not to mention she was pouting horribly, implying that Calleigh was a pool shark was probably a bit over the top. Grayson kept her eyes to herself, but she noticed Jordan's face when his eyes bugged out of his head. His expression told her all that she needed know, apparently, Sonia had a nice chest.

"Hey Calleigh! Are you going to introduce me to your friends?"

Hiding her smile while taking a swig of beer, Calleigh answered. "I'm sorry Sonia. This is Jordan, and his little sister Grayson. They're friends who are visiting us for awhile."

"Technically speaking, I'm the little brother, and she's the big sister. Grayson is eight minutes older than I am; she fought, and won her way out." Jordan smiled widely, offering his huge hand for the stunning waitress to shake.

Sonia's hand was enveloped in Jordan's grip, but she was still staring at Grayson.

Jordan noticed, as usual, that the woman was staring at his sister. He rolled his eyes, and flipped his sister the bird behind the waitress's back. Grayson pretended to ignore her brother, but she was secretly laughing, their inside joke was that her patience and alpha female sensibility had let her be born first. Grayson smiled at Sonia, politely offering a hand to shake. "Nice to meet you ma'am..."

"Oh, it's very nice to meet you Grayson. Is there anything that I can get for you? Anything at all?"

Grayson's smile widened, she turned her head at Calleigh, her eyes telling the blonde what she thought of the waitress. "Depends on what your offering sugar.." was all she said, letting go of the waitress's hand, and leaning down to take her shot, she sank three balls before missing her fourth shot, offering the table to Calleigh with a nod of her head.

Sonia bumped her hip against Grayson's as she sauntered away. "Anything that you think that you could handle."

Eyeing the table, Calleigh sank four more balls before missing her last one. Swearing slightly underneath her breath, she sat down to watch Grayson.

Grayson bit her lip, watching the woman walk away, particularly certain parts of her. Turning to her brother who was enjoying the same view, she laughed. "Damn, as much as I hate to see you go." Jordan in turn leaned back in the booth sipping his glass of water Sonia had left. "But I love to watch you leave." They both smiled, and looked at Calleigh, cracking up. Grayson missed the eight ball instead scratching, and losing the game, she begged for a rematch.

Shaking her head, Calleigh declined. "That actually hurt me more than I thought it would, but you two go ahead."

Jordan slid out of the booth, and picked his sister up in his arms, squeezing her tight in a bear hug until her back cracked loudly, accompanied by a yelp, and a hard slap to his chest once he'd put her down. "Don't hit me you midget... it's why you lost... you're tense." He smiled goofily at her, she gave up on the pool game, fishing in her pocket for some change, and she pushed him towards the Juke Box.

Smirking, Calleigh added her two bits in. "I think that Sonia might be able to help you in the tense department."

Grayson took a sip from Jordan's glass of water, her eyes drifting over to the waitress. Her eyes then slid back to Calleigh's, she thought for a few moments. "What makes you think that?"

Sonia then walked over with their food, setting everything down. "Brought you some extra wings, in case you were still hungry. If that isn't enough, please let me know."

After Sonia walked away, all Calleigh did was to raise an eyebrow. "That answers that."

Grayson's smile widened at Sonia's extra plate of wings, she turned to look at Calleigh. "Friend of yours?" She shoved a hot wing in her mouth, and waved at Jordan, motioning their food was there.

Shaking her head, Calleigh muttered. "She can't see what right in front of her face. So sad."

"I ask because it would be tacky to give her my own phone number... If you knew her, you could do it for me..." Grayson trailed off watching the blondes face, carefully smiling.

"Darlin'. She had your number the instant you walked in here. Look at your napkin."

Grayson looked down at her napkin that was under her drink curiously. Picking up the napkin, she found a card with Sonia's name and number, underneath it.

"Damn..." Was all she could say as Jordan plucked the card from between fingers? "Why is it everywhere we go, women just gravitate towards you?" Jordan growled at her. "Probably because Calleigh shoots them covetous glances when we're not looking." Grayson stared at Calleigh with an arched eyebrow, but a smile on her face.

Grayson was loathe to admit, even to herself that she'd never seen the cute waitress place the card at its location.

Calleigh smiled as Sonia caught her eye and waved something at her. "Well, you see. I met Sonia a few years back, when I picked her up for pick pocketing. It was her first offense, and I felt that she really didn't deserve to be branded with that label for the rest of her life so I sent her to school, to study restaurant management and now she owns the place." Looking at Grayson, she asked. "Would you mind calling Natalia to see if she's going to be getting out on time? I left my phone in the Rover."

Grayson, went to pull her phone out of her shorts pocket, but couldn't find it.

Walking up, Sonia smoothly dropped it into her hand. "Now I really do have your number."

Calleigh continued to explain. "Sonia helps me out from time to time with information. You might want to keep in touch with her."

Taking the phone from the owner, Grayson slid out of the booth, and around Sonia, sliding a hand around her waist, ghosting it along her hips. She moved her out of the way, to get more napkins. She smiled, adjusting the collar on the girl's shirt. "You could have more than my number if you wanted, sugar." Winking, she walked back with extra napkins, licking the hot sauce off her fingers, keeping eye contact with the waitress, Jordan stared at both of them in awe.

Then he looked at Calleigh, trying to gauge just what was happening in front of him.

Calleigh just smiled, watching the show.

Sonia reached out to grasp Grayson's wrist, pulling her back towards her. Bringing Grayson's hand to her mouth, she licked some remaining sauce on her palm.

Looking towards Jordan, Calleigh laughed. "Should I find someone for you too?"

"Damn Cal, she's good with her mouth, and her hands. You're not single, are you?" Grayson pulled out the southern accent, she'd spent the last three years in New York, but the twenty-three before that were spent in the Deep South. "Thanks for lunch honey."

Grayson smiled, leading Sonia away from Calleigh and Jordan, leaning up against the bar top to talk privately, she lowered her voice a few octaves. "Would you allow me the enormous pleasure of an evening of your company?" She smiled warmly at the young woman.

"Well, sugar. We'll just have to see whose pleasure it will end up being."

Grayson smiled politely. "How does Sunday night at seven sound? Dinner? Call me and I'll pick you up." Sonia was incredibly beautiful, and any woman who could pick her pocket, and not be caught, was kind of hot.

Leaning forward, Sonia whispered her address into Grayson's ear, twirling her tongue against her ear lobe before she pulled away. "I'll see you then." Before turning walk away.

Staring after the woman in complete shock, she covered the now burning red ear with a hand and made her way back to Calleigh and Jordan, blushing furiously. Mumbling to herself, and stuffing her mouth with food to avoid talking, even though her brother was watching her like a hawk.

Calleigh just smiled, and said. "Food is a great substitute, I hear."

Jordan turned to look at his cousin's wife, a little confused. "Substitute for what SS?"

"SS? What exactly is SS?" Calleigh inquired. "And please don't say Short Stack."

Neither Grayson or her brother uttered a word, instead just turning to look at each other, almost telepathically, and then turning back to the blonde just smiling.

Crossing her arms, Calleigh just waited.

Grayson didn't say anything without looking at her brother first, and then burst into laughter while Jordan just smiled. After gasping for breath, she looked at Calleigh. "Don't take a big gulp of hater-aide or anything, you said and I quote 'and please don't say Short Stack." She smiled eating a French fry.

"Ha ha. Come up with a different one Kiddo." Grabbing a French fry off of Grayson's plate.

Grayson snatched it back before the fry made it half way to Calleigh's mouth shoving it into its rightful owner's mouth. "How about Slow Poke? Or Old Woman? Keep your hands, and feet away from my mouth when I'm eating please."

While Grayson was concentrating on the fry on Calleigh's right hand, the blonde was swiping another with her left. "You should really try the fries with mayo. It's great." Smirking, she continued. "Not bad for a Slow Poke huh?"

Grayson laughed at Calleigh, nodding. "Not bad.. for a cop." Grayson smiled, and clinked glasses with Jordan who smiled warmly, letting Calleigh know they were just teasing her. Grayson swirled a French fry in mayo, then mustard, and waved it at Calleigh. "Mayo's cool, but I like spice."

Looking down at her watch, Calleigh reached into her pants pocket, and pulled out her phone. Quirking an eyebrow at Grayson, she called her wife. "Hey babe.... Are you about ready to go?... Cool, we're on our way... Love ya."

Looking around, she caught Sonia's attention, asking for the check.

"You know, it wouldn't hurt to ask Sonia to keep an eye out for Delko. We could use all the help we can get." Jordan admitted, shooting a look at his sister. "I agree Jor, this is getting bigger than I thought."

"Not a problem, I'll ask her when she gets here."

Grayson turned to watch the curvy waitress walk in their direction. Clearing her throat, and busying herself with finishing her meal, Grayson managed to look elsewhere when Sonia arrived. She didn't want to seem too interested, lest she seem to eager and desperate. She pulled out her cell phone, chirping the correct people making sure her cousin was still under watch.

"Thanks Sonia for a great meal, and for the extra wings. Hey, I have a favor...If you don't mind, could you let us know if you hear anything about Eric Delko? You remember him don't you?" Calleigh asked.

"Yeah, he's come in here a couple of times."

Clearing her throat, Calleigh continued. "Well, could you just let me or Grayson know if you see or hear anything about him. I'd really appreciate it."

Sonia looked at Calleigh, nodding. "Not a problem Calleigh, if I see him, I'll be sure to give you a call. I want my phone calls with Grayson to be about something other than boys." She brushed her hand against Grayson's, taking the check off the table, smiling flirtatiously, and walking away while Jordan grabbed his sister in a headlock.

Calleigh shook her head as she headed out of the bar. Slowly she made her way over to the Rover, waiting patiently for the playful twins to catch up with her.

Jordan caught the keys that Grayson had tossed, since her cell phone was going off, and she needed to answer it. He opened the door for the blonde CSI, then slipped into the driver's seat, turning on the AC to wait patiently for his sister.

Grayson took several minutes to take the phone call, her back was to the vehicle as she stood with her arms crossed, one hand holding the phone to her ear while the other tapped patiently against her elbow. Finally she ended the phone call turning around with a grim face and entering the vehicle. "I've got good news, and I've got bad news. Which do you want first?"

Calleigh groaned loudly when her body reflexively turned towards Grayson's voice. "The good news."

"I just received a call from an acquaintance. We found where Delko's been staying the last couple of days." Came the husky voice from behind her left shoulder.

Jordan didn't even turn around or put the car in motion, but Grayson watched the muscles in his forearms and neck bunch. She had the same reaction when she heard something she wanted to do something about.

"What's the bad news then?" Calleigh asked almost desperately. .

"We didn't find Delko" Grayson sighed looking out past both of her companions, looking out the windshield.

Her voice flat and emotionless. "Jordan, take Calleigh, pick up Talia. Take them wherever they want to go. Just don't let them out of your sight. " Grayson scratched her chin, looking at the back of Calleigh's head wondering if she would object.

She did. "Where are you going?" Her voice sounded worried.

"To find Delko." Was her reply. She didn't need Calleigh becoming too worried about her. There wasn't a guarantee anyone would really survive this fucked up situation.

Jordan, to his credit didn't say a word, he just pulled the Rover out of the parking space, and headed towards the Complex on the way to the Department.

The ride over to the Complex, was quiet as Grayson was wondering what she would find at the motel, Jordan was worrying about what his sister was going to have to do, and Calleigh was concerned about putting Natalia's newest family members in danger.

As Jordan pulled next to the garage door at the Complex, before Grayson could get out, Calleigh turned to place her hand on the young woman's leg. "You be careful, alright? Call us with whatever you find, not matter what. Okay?"

"I'll call." Grayson patted Calleigh's hand, a tight smile on her face. She opened up her purse pulling out the pistol, unscrewing the silencer and handing it handle first to her brother. "Just in case." Looking at Jordan and nodded. Quietly exiting the Rover, the female Cerano threw open the garage bay doors to the Audi, and pulled the keys off the wall.

Jordan watched his sister with his fist curled tightly around the steering, his instinct of course to follow Grayson always, but knowing more than anything that she was more than capable of taking care of herself, Calleigh and Natalia were now his main priority.

Calleigh watched as the young woman pulled out of the Complex with a squeal of tires to head off wherever the motel was before Jordan pulled away to head toward the Department.

As they got closer to the Department, Jordan asked Calleigh what she was going to tell Natalia.

"The truth, that Grayson got some information on Eric, and went to check it out. We're not hiding things from each other anymore. It just ends up hurting more than it protects." Nodding towards the gun that his sister had given to him, she suggested. "You might want to put that out of sight, just in case though."

Jordan slid it into the center console, and shut it tightly, leaning his elbow on it. Smiling widely, he pulled a pair of his sunglasses from the overhead compartment, his were white, offsetting his tan.

"I respect that, honesty is the key to any relationship."

Chuckling, Calleigh replied. "It is, but with me and Talia, we both thought that we were protecting the other by not telling, and it ended up creating nightmares. We're still figuring each other out, and I expect that will continue for the next fifty to sixty years."

"Imagine what it will be like when there are no walls, and you turn into one soul inhabiting two bodies." Jordan fiddled with the radio, settling on classic rock music, humming softly to The Eagles 'Hotel California'.

Sighing, Calleigh understood that the young man sitting next to her was wise beyond his years. Turning to look out the window, she watched as the Department came into view, so she texted Natalia that they were out front.

Five minutes later, Natalia and Ryan walked out, headed towards the Rover.

"She looks like our mother." Jordan watched everyone around the department doors, looking for any face he would recognize.

Quietly Calleigh asked. "Does that bother you?"

"It's comforting. To me." Jordan waited patiently, his hands playing with his cell phone in his lap, waiting for his sister to call, his nerves would be on end until she did.

Ryan opened the back passenger door, making sure that Natalia was in safely before shutting it. "Hey! Nothing unusual happened today. Luckily, we both had test to run that took most of the day, and we're both off this weekend. If you need anything, just call me. How are you feeling, by the way?"

"I'm good." Calleigh motioned to Jordan. "Ryan, I want you to meet Jordan. He's Grayson's brother. Jordan, this is Ryan Wolfe, our co-worker who's been very supportive of Natalia and me."

Jordan extended a hand towards Ryan, pushing his sunglasses up, he smiled warmly. "Afternoon Officer Wolfe. I'm Jordan Jefferies."

Shaking the offered hand, Ryan couldn't help, but smile back. "Nice to meet you Mr. Jefferies."

"Save the formalities for my sister, please call me Jordan. It's nice to meet a friend of Natalia's and Calleigh's. They deserve good people in their lives." Jordan released Ryan's hand.

They bid Ryan good-bye, and watched as he walked away."Good evening Natalia." Jordan turned to look at his cousin in the backseat. He knew Natalia hadn't told Ryan.

"Hey Jordan, did you get some sleep today?" Natalia smiled at him, matching his grin.

"I did, Calleigh and Grayson woke me up to eat only about two hours ago. I'm quite rested, thank you very much." He was pleased to see she looked a little less stressed, work no doubt distracting her from the thoughts of Eric all day.

"That's good to hear. Do you like horses?" Natalia's excitement was palpable. She wanted to see her equine baby.

"We grew up riding, yes I do love horses." He smiled at Natalia's playfulness, he pulled the Rover onto the highway, following Calleigh's directions towards the stable. He'd let Calleigh tell her where Grayson was.

While Jordan was heading towards the stables, the Audi screamed to a stop in front of a very depressing, if not run down motel. Grayson put the car in park, and swung around the door with her hip, stalking towards the front office. She saw Tucker Rain's attempt to talk to the night manager, with little success.

As soon as swung the office door open, the man behind the counter spilled his beans. "Cerano, I told him I wasn't talking until I saw you." Came from the agitated night manager. Rolling her eyes at the dramatics, but inwardly pleased she was that frightening to locals already, she really didn't have to say much to get her way.

"Its fine.. Raul." She looked at his nametag quickly behind the sunglasses, thankfully it was still bright enough outside for her to get away with them.

"He came in two days ago, said people were following him. He flashed his badge so I didn't say anything, because I don't want no trouble, right? So I give him the room key…. left him alone for a few days, well this morning the maid comes in, and says the room is destroyed."

Grayson leaned against the counter, and looked hard at the night manager, he backed away from her unconsciously, and she smiled, sliding her sunglasses up. "Did he come and go a lot, or did he stay in his room?"

The night manager twisted the bottom of his shirt in his hands, watching Grayson. "He only left the room four times. He was gone for maybe three or four hours at a time."

She put her elbows up on the corner, watching the man closely, he looked too scared to lie to her. She reached behind her back, noticing that he backed against the wall, his face frightened.

Grayson pulled out a hundred dollar bill from her back pocket, and put it on the counter, smiling widely at the man. "Thank you. Can I have the room key and a list of his phone calls? If you keep them?"

The night manager almost fell over in his haste to get to the computer printing everything out, pulling the key off the hook behind him, and handing it all to her. Only then did he take the money from her hands. "No, thank you Ms. Cerano…. Have a nice night, let me know if you need anything."

Grayson nodded to Tucker, with a slight wave of her hand, she said goodnight to the night manager, and left the office. The young blonde male kept in step with Grayson, being only a few inches taller, his strides weren't that long.

"What'd this guy do anyway, since you want him so bad?" Tucker asked curiously, running his hands through his hair, watching the intimidating brunette walk next to him.

"Hurt some friends of mine." Typical five word response for the very reserved brunette. Grayson turned looking at Tucker, he was young, but he was a good kid. He helped her on the street, he had ears like a radar tower.

"I pity the fool.." Tucker jokingly did a Mr. T impersonation. He didn't think it was that funny internally since this guy was most likely going severely disfigured for life. "What are you going to do when you find him?"

"Do you really want to know Tucker?" Grayson finally came to the right room, and slid the key into the lock, pushing the door open. After taking a quick sweep in the room looking everywhere to make sure they were alone, she put her hands on her hips surveying the damage.

Tucker whistled under his breath looking at the carnage; the TV was actually inside the wall, having been thrown with a severe amount of force. The mirror both in the bathroom and in the vanity were shattered. The mattress had been flipped against the wall, both of the chairs and the table were in splinters. Grayson noticed the phone was in what looked to be twelve pieces behind the mattress. Any of the pictures that were on the wall were destroyed under foot. She could smell alcohol, her nose burned at the smell of the cheap tequila.

"No, I don't really want to know what you're Cerano. Fuck, what is he? A tweaker?" Tucker flipped the mattress over looking for anything the guy might of left. "Cops are usually tweakers."

"No, he has a medical problem, and he needs medication. Among other things." Grayson opened the vanity drawers, looking for a scrap of paper anything. She found a pad of paper, and snatched it quickly in her hand, placing it on the dresser, she got a pen off of Tucker and scribbled lightly over the indentions in the paper. All she got was the name of the Shores Hotel and a time of 2:30. She looked at her watch it was five thirty.

Damn, she would have to change to go to the resort to at least blend in, and try not to be noticed. Grayson thought they had fantastic customer service, and great views of the skyline.

Jordan followed the directions to the Horse Tail Ranch, and soon they were pulling into the parking lot. Natalia barely let the vehicle come to a complete stop, before jumping out, but instead of heading towards the barn, she opened the front passenger door. She leaned down to look at her wife.

"Hey, I missed seeing you today. My day just dragged on because I knew that I had to wait until it ended before I could see you."

Reaching up to tangle her fingers in caramel colored hair, Calleigh slowly drew her face down until she could brush her lips against Natalia's coral lips. "Hmm, I missed you too Darlin', so very much, but I did get to know your family a little bit better."

The brunette took her time to enjoy the feeling of her lips against her wife's. When she finally pulled away, she ran her fingers through golden hair. "Speaking of my family, where's Grayson?"

"Um, she got a lead on Eric, and went to check it out. She'll give us a call as soon as she finds something."

Standing up, Natalia looked at Jordan, who had gotten out of the Rover and was leaning against the hood, checking out the area for places that people could hide.

"Has she called yet?"

"No." His eyes swept over the stables, every stall, every horse, every trainer, every stable hand, no one escape his attention. "I'm sure she's fine Talia."

Walking over to her cousin, Natalia took him by his hand, and tugged him towards the barn. "Come along with me, young man. I want to introduce you to two beautiful horses."

Jordan let himself be lead by his cousin towards the stables, pushing up his sunglasses, he took in deep breaths, enjoying the scent of saddle soap, sawdust, hay, actual dust, the meow of cats. even the smell of horse manure, bringing back to his early child hood.

"You have Grayson's enthusiasm Natalia.." Jordan joked.

Going over to the stalls with the DuVista family crest, Natalia grinned as Adonia stuck her head out of the dear, hearing Natalia's voice.

"Hello baby, I've missed you." Adonia nickered softly, bumping her nose against Natalia's chest, her eyes closing in comfort at being close to her.

Calleigh was slow to follow as she enjoyed the view of her wife walking.

''Wow Talia.. She's beautiful.'' Jordan offered his hand to the horse, which had lifted her head up away from Natalia in curiosity at the deep timbre of a growl coming from her right. She whinnied softly, her tail swishing side to side when he ran his hand up over her nose scratching softly.

"If you think that she's beautiful, check out the handsome one to your left." Calleigh said, finally catching up.

Beltran pawed the ground, kicking up hay, trying to nudge Calleigh away, like he was upset she had left him for so long. "You're right, they're a handsome pair. As are their owners.." Jordan smiled, hugging both women tight in his arms. "It's my blessing from God that I will be surrounded by beauty."

Laughing, Calleigh slapped at him. "I swear Bear, you are a poet. Would you care to ride Beltran? I can't today, and I would prefer that Natalia have someone with her."

"I don't know SS, who's going to watch you? I can't leave you by yourself, you know.." Jordan stared hard at Calleigh, more out of concern. He didn't let her go though, laying his afternoon shadow of a beard on top of her soft gold hair, messing it up by moving his head back and forth.

"Yes you can, I'll stay here with Tommy, the groom, and I promise not to move from this spot, but you need to promise that you won't let Talia go above a walk. Please."

Sighing heavily, he let her go, he wondered what he had done right in life to deserve such a good family, such good people in his life. "I promise."

Calleigh thanked him, then watched while Tommy, and Jordan efficiently saddled both horses before leading them out of the stalls. Tommy gave Natalia a leg up, and Calleigh watched as she got settled in her saddle. Jordan adjusted the stirrups to his liking, before he saddled up.

Leading the way out of the barn, Natalia headed out towards the trails with Jordan close behind.

Jordan made sure the pistol was tucked safely in the back of his pants, under his large white t-shirt, he was so thankful he was so big. Waving at Calleigh, he trailed behind Natalia, using the quiet time to think about everything he had learned over the past few days.

Watching them ride away, Calleigh looked around the barn, having the distinct feeling that she was being watched, but she couldn't see anyone. Turning she asked Tommy if he had seen anyone around who looked like they didn't belong.

"No ma'am, Ms. Calleigh, I haven't seen anyone around lately, but the usual people and yourself included." Tommy smiled, rubbing oil into the English saddle in front of him.

Nodding, Calleigh grabbed a rag, some oil and started on another saddle, wanting to have something to do while her wife was riding. "Well, if you do Tommy, I want you to call me immediately."

Tommy nodded silently to himself, he knew the DuVista's worked for the police department.

After finishing up their ride, Natalia, and Jordan removed the saddles and rubbed down the horses, making sure that they had a good cool down. Calleigh could tell that Natalia was as relaxed as she had seen her in a long time.

Jordan closed the stall door behind Adonia, and thanked Tommy personally for keeping Calleigh company.

"Ms. Calleigh and Ms. Natalia are good people. You can always be sure that I will keep a eye out for them."

The trio were soon on their way to the DuVista home.

By the time she made it home, the young Italian woman really wasn't in the mood to spend the next two hours getting ready to ask thirty minutes worth of questions to turn around, and come straight home. She parked the Audi in the garage, shutting all the open doors and bay windows. She was home alone, and inviting trouble was foolish.

Grayson picked through her mail on the table that Jordan had left earlier, reading it half half-hazardly, bills, bills, and bills, she dumped the entire stack into the bin next to the phone, no new messages. Awesome, she thought, I don't have to call anyone, I can have thirty minutes to myself at least.

Stripping her clothes off in a frenzy, walking through her bedroom, leaving them in a pile by the door, she walked into large bathroom she shared with Jordan. Grayson looked at herself in the mirror, an occasional bruise or two, she leaned close into the mirror, staring deep into her own eyes. From far away they were black, flat black, up close they looked like cinnamon or melted chocolate. She examined her black eye, touching it tenderly with her index fingers, it was a sore of course, the bruise was done, and it was slowly turning a yellowish green, which meant it was healing. Thank god for studio fix make up, she thought sarcastically.

Her lip on the other hand was another matter, she could work it to her advantage. Who was going to say something to someone with her lip butterflied together, smiling and talking to like nothing was wrong, all in four inch Valentino heels?

Walking around the frosted glass divider to the open air shower, Grayson turned on the shower, making it set to hot, making it heat a hell of a lot faster. There was only so much you could do with old plumbing. She grabbed two large fluffy deep green towels, tossing them over the divider.

Quickly showering, and getting ready with her hair and makeup done to a T, she left the hair curly and full with black curls falling in her eyes, her makeup letting her freckles show through across her nose. She slipped on a black piece of silk from Channel and matching black Valentino heels. Taking a look in the mirror, she did a slow twirl, admiring the open back and dip in the front, not to mention the piece of silk came only to mid thigh. She pulled on black lace panties, and a small garter belt, sliding a small curved knife into it, high on her thigh. Grabbing a small pistol, and slipping it into a black clutch, she walked out the door.

Arriving in record time at the Shores hotel, Grayson pulled up to the valet. As soon as the young man opened the door, she knew she'd chosen the perfect outfit to get information. Extending one long leg out sports car, extending her hand, which the young valet took eagerly, helping her out of the vehicle gracefully.

Sauntering into the restaurant, half of the patrons stopped to stare at her, Nicholas the maître'd, rushed over.

"Ms Cerano, if I had known you were coming.." he stumbled over his words.

"Please, it's a last minute affair. Can we speak privately?" Grayson murmured, stepping close to him, smiling secretly.

He showed her to a private room, and offered her a glass of champagne, which she of course declined. Opening her clutch, Grayson pulled out the small picture of Eric Delko, and slid it across the table towards Nicholas. "He was here at 2:30, tell me everything you know…" Grayson crossed her long legs, adjusting the silk.

Jordan having received a chirp from Grayson earlier saying she'd meet up with them at the DuVista household, pulled his sister's Range Rover into the driveway. Cutting the engine, and sliding out of the vehicle, he let Natalia help her wife out of the lowered SUV. He turned his head, hearing the loud exhaust of the Grayson's Audi cruising down the quiet neighborhood street. She pulled up into the driveway behind the Rover, and opened the door. He rolled his eyes at her outfit, his sister wasn't modest with her charms. Grayson shut the door and walked towards her family. Her family, she thought smiling to herself.

Natalia caught the first look at Grayson as she was facing the street, and her jaw dropped as she saw four inch heels, preceded a very long expanse of leg, before a very shapely, black silk covered Grayson unfolded herself from the Audi, and slithered her way towards them. Black curls floated on the breeze, barely grazing her shoulders.

Calleigh took one look at her wife's face, and whirled around. 'Oh Shit! The men of Miami don't stand a chance.... not to mention, none of the lesbians.' was the first thing that popped in her mind.

Grayson smiled, touching Jordan's arm. "I see they're still in one piece Jordan, good job." She leaned over, and took the pistol out of the back of his pants, sliding it into the white and black plaid clutch. Pulling out the smaller pistol, she lifted the edge of her dress, putting the gun into the garter belt high on her thigh, dropping the silk.

"Who were you sucking information out of?" Jordan smiled.

"I'll tell you once we're inside. Evening Talia, Cal." Grayson smiled warmly at them both.

Shaking her head, Calleigh led the way into the house with the rest close behind. After Jordan closed the front door, Natalia leaned against a counter as Calleigh dropped down on to the sofa. "What information did you charm out of someone, my dear cousin?"

Grayson easily perched on top of the counter, crossing her legs while plucking an apple out of a bowl. Smiling, she leaned forward. "I received a call from someone I knew. Apparently, Delko is becoming more and more unstable. He took a room at the motel. He only left four times in a total of three days." She sighed, taking a bite of the apple, chewing it slowly, thinking about the state of the motel room.

Swallowing she continued. "The room was destroyed, nothing left. The only thing I found was a pad of paper with an indention on it for the Shore Hotel at 2:30. I made an appearance." Grayson gestured towards her attire. "Found out that Delko had lunch with a gentlemen in his mid to late 40's. Didn't catch a name at all, they paid cash."

Natalia went to sit next to Calleigh on the sofa. "Did you get a description of the gentleman?"

"Six foot two, blonde hair, brown eyes. Very physically fit. The waitress said she had the impression he was very anxious most of the time; both men were. He drove a late model Crown Victoria." Jordan looked at his sister, she'd told him about the Crown Victoria at Eric's. This was too much of a coincidence.

Sighing, Calleigh ran her hand through her hair. "That could be almost anyone."

''Do you remember the Crown Vic from Eric's?" Grayson leaned forward, her arm now resting on her brother's shoulder, since he had come closer to examine her lip, making sure it was healing correctly.

"Yes, of course."

"She thinks Delko has a partner, and she think he's driving and Delko's in the passenger seat." Jordan spoke for his sister, who was trying to get the point across, but to no avail, since his hands on her face were a problem.

Shaking her head, Natalia tried to see if she understood what the twins were saying. "Alright, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you saying that Eric is working with someone, but he's not in charge? Someone else is masterminding the picture taking, and Eric's attack on us?"

"Not necessarily." Grayson moved Jordan's hands. "I would be more inclined to believe he's either found someone with a common interest, and they've suddenly become especially interested in you two or the other man knows about you, but is simply just being an enabler. It could just be a partnership, for the sake of knowledge." She allowed Jordan's hands back on her face with a cold washcloth, cleaning the cut.

Leaning her head back, Calleigh closed her eyes, mumbling. "It's not bad enough that we have a friend looking to hurt us, but now we have some mystery man who's helping him. What's next? Elephants on parade?"

"And I left my big top tent in Texas. Shit!" Grayson snapped her fingers playfully, but stopped once she saw Jordan's face, and the expressions on Calleigh and Natalia. She slowly realized that while this maybe another day for her, it was slowly destroyed Calleigh and Natalia. She needed to learn sensitivity, but then again, she'd been raised by professional killers. "I'm sorry, that was out of line, and I apologize."

Sighing, Natalia stood up. "Well, I need to do something, and while I know that you all have eaten, I haven't so I'm gonna fix something, and it's probably gonna be enough all of us, just in case anyone gets hungry later. It's just as easy to fix for a group as it is to fix for one person."

With that, Natalia leaned over to brush her lips against Calleigh's before standing up to go into the kitchen. She needed to do something to occupy her mind, and this was the only outlet available at the moment.

Grayson slipped off the counter, and pulled Jordan away from the girls towards the spare bedroom, needing to speak with him privately. "Jordan, I'm leaving, I need some time alone." She smiled putting a hand on his massive shoulder. "Will you look after them for me? I left a duffel bag in the spare bedroom, it has an assault rifle, several clips and another handgun. Take care of them."

Jordan to his credit, engulfed his twin in a crushing hug, and kissed the top of her head. "I love you Gray, be careful." Grayson said nothing, but hugged him back tighter before turning to look at Calleigh, and Natalia.

"Calleigh, Natalia, I'm leaving, Jordan will be staying with you in the spare bedroom. He's under instructions to be quiet, and mind his own business." She shot him a look over her bare shoulder, and he looked away smiling. Grayson had made it quite clear for Jordan to pretend he wasn't there.

Natalia walked over to stand next to her cousins. "There's no reason for Jordan to be quiet. I want to learn more about him, and I never look a gift horse in its mouth. Are you sure that you can't stay a little bit longer?"

Grayson stopped herself from putting a hand on Natalia's shoulder, all these emotions were getting on her nerves. "I can't, I need to be alone for awhile." Was her only answer. She smiled blankly at both Natalia, and Calleigh. "I'll see you tomorrow, get some rest. Have a good evening. Good night Jordan." She turned around picking up her purse off the coffee table, and walked out the front door.

Walking over to the window, Natalia watched as the black car pulled out of the drive, and roar down the street. Sighing, she turned to face Jordan. "Okay, so why are you supposed to be quiet?"

"Because I have a big mouth in her opinion, and she knows I'll tell you anything you want to know because your family." His huge smile was a little over the top, and a bit cheesy if not fitting. He plucked Calleigh's medication off the counter, and slid it her way.

"Thanks Bear. You wanna go out, and play with your dogs? And yes, that is a so subtle hint, I do want some time with my lovely wife." Calleigh held out her hand, and gratefully accepted Jordan's help up.

Jordan smiled back at Calleigh, and kissed her cheek softly. "Yes ma'am, I'll be out back in the pool if you need me. We Cerano's are workoutaholics. If I hear any screaming, I'll assume it's the good kind." Jordan covered his mouth in laughter, walking out the back door, peeling off his shirt to reveal enormous rock hard muscles, similar to his sister's lethal body.

Chuckling, Calleigh went over to her wife to wrap her arms around her waist, and to rest her head against Natalia's back. "Hey Darlin', what are ya fixing?"

"Tuscan chicken, I have a feeling my family has my appetite; artichoke hearts, and broccoli. Maybe save some for Grayson in the morning." Natalia relaxed in Calleigh's arms.

"Darlin, we need to talk about your cousins."Calleigh kissed the back of Natalia's neck, her nose running up her ear softly. The blonde's arms slid tighter around Natalia's waist. encircling her protectively.

Natalia continued to work on her meal, enjoying the comfort of having her wife wrapped around her. "What did you learn?"

"A lot of things... some of them... were hard to listen to." Calleigh rested her jaw on Natalia's shoulder.

Placing the chicken in a glass dish, Natalia covered it with sauce. "I know that it will be worse than I could ever imagine, but I do want to know more about them."

The blonde thought about Grayson's admittance to the men she'd killed, the silent glossing over her training. The image of Grayson executing a perfect back flip with the steel pike landing in a deep crouch while the steel pole spun effortlessly around her in a deadly arc was burned into her memory. Sighing, she prayed for the strength to share this with Natalia, hoping it wouldn't drive a further wedge instead of bringing them closer together. "Their parents died when they were six, they saw it happen right in front of them. Both Jordan and Grayson were right there, only a few feet away. Apparently the man incapacitated Jordan with a punch, and then started to whittle into Grayson. That's what the scar on her neck is from, a warning if she ever tells anyone who he is."

Natalia froze; her body started to shake. Carefully, she put down the dish that she had just picked up, and braced herself against the counter. Swallowing hard a couple of times, she finally whispered. "Do they know who did it? Do they have a name?"

Calleigh moved around to take Natalia's hands in hers, kissing the backs of both of her knuckles. Looking up her beautiful wife, she braced herself again for more emotion. Her body settled against Natalia's, the shaking lessened, but it never stopped completely. "No, Grayson said he's had plastic surgery over the years. They've tangled on numerous occasions, he comes back mostly for her, to toy with her, they have a confrontation, he usually wins, but he never kills her. Most of her scars are from those confrontations or her job. She's not just a retriever, she's a professional killer. Jordan wasn't kidding. You should see her in motion; it's like watching an action movie only it's real, and even scarier." Calleigh ran her hands up Natalia's arms, hoping against hope she wouldn't think less of Grayson or Jordan.

Looking down at the blonde, Natalia saw the worry in her eyes. "I gathered that there was more than she was letting on, but imagining it, and hearing about it is two different things. Why did you call, and ask me about a lawyer named Quinn? Is that her lawyer? Someone that she uses to get herself and Jordan out of trouble?"

Before Calleigh could answer, the sound of the sliding glass door closing, and the sight of Jordan standing there, clutching a towel, staring at them in shock, and sadness. "Grayson told you about Quinn?" He stuttered, he pushed both of the dogs outside since they were still dripping wet.

Calleigh turned to face the young man. "Yes, she told me that this search for revenge had cost her someone that she would have stopped this life for."

"Quinn was Grayson's Brazilian Ju Jitsu instructor. Have you ever seen that kind of MMA?" Jordan walked into the kitchen, putting the towel on the barstool so he didn't ruin it with his soaking wet swimsuit. "You can't fit a piece of paper between two professionals. Teaching someone one on one requires a massive level of trust for both of them.." Jordan looked at Natalia, and then back at Calleigh.

Calleigh moved away from her wife, to lean against the counter. "I've watch some of the MMA, but not a lot. I do know that it's very intense."

"Both of you together wouldn't last more than seconds in a cage with her. She is on an instructor level with almost every kind of martial art she knows, though her Judo is a little lacking. Quinn taught Grayson under the pretense that Grayson would never fight professionally or for profit. She knew Grayson's reputation, and only taught her under the agreement that it was for anger management." Jordan examined his cousin and her wife closely, he knew what they'd heard. He'd save the real details for Grayson to fill in for Natalia and Calleigh, he's just gloss over the topical things.

"I thought that Quinn didn't know about Grayson's reputation, or at least, that's the impression that I got from Grayson." Calleigh asked.

"Grayson and Quinn had been friends for several years. Quinn knew Grayson's reputation when they were in high school. Grayson destroyed their relationship to protect her from our grandfather, and her lifestyle. She let Quinn catch her with another woman after she competed in an illegal street fight where she knew Quinn would be. It was effective to say the least." Jordan sighed. It was so much messier than he could describe. His sister had disappeared for six months, he couldn't find her. Finally he'd caught up with her in Australia, she was wind surfing with hippies, and smoking pot. She was a total mess.

Sighing, Calleigh closed her eyes, and rubbed her face. "How did Quinn handle Grayson's disappearance? Did she ask about her or look for her?"

"She tried, but she doesn't have our resources. When Gray doesn't want to be found, she doesn't want to be found. She's a professional." Jordan had seen for himself the enormous files his grandfather kept on his sister, every engagement she had ever been a part of. All the money she had made him was detailed in full. Quinn couldn't be a part of that. "Our grandfather found out about Quinn, and made it clear to Grayson; she had to cut all contact or Quinn would go missing."

Natalia turned to stared at her cousin. "Does your grandfather still control the jobs or any part of your lives now?"

"He controls Grayson like a handler controls a horse. If he says jump, she asks how high. I wouldn't try to tangle with that, I'm under the impression he has plans for my sister that he doesn't have for me. Why do you think we asked for your silence when we found out about you, dear cousin?" His voice had become detached and cold.

"How much contact do you have with him, and how are you contacted?" Natalia pressed him.

Jordan said nothing. He chose to be completely quiet, and stare back at Natalia. She was meddling with things that were far beyond her grasp; their grandfather would kill Natalia, and leave Calleigh alive, but not before making an example out of her first.

"Please. Natalia, Calleigh, for your own safety, leave this alone." He pleaded suddenly, he looked at them with tears in his eyes.

Calleigh stared at the young man. She could tell the he was getting agitated, and it was from pure fear. Walking over to him. she placed her hand on his arm. "You have to understand. You both are a part of our family now, and we care about you."

"You can't. You can't save her or me. He will kill Natalia, and make an example out of you to make us understand. Even I am expendable to him when it comes to Grayson." He clutched her hand in his pleading with her, almost on the urge of begging on his knees.

Natalia went over to Jordan, placing her palm against his face, bringing his gaze to hers. "Alright, we will back off, but we are going to worry about you, and do what we can; even if it's something small."

"Just stay away from Grayson. It's the only way either of you will ever be able to be around her, keep a wall between you. It's for your own safety." He closed his eyes, hugging Natalia close, he could never hug Grayson, he could never comfort her ever.

Hugging her cousin, Natalia looked at Calleigh around the young man, and saw the worry. Calleigh wasn't going to drop this; she was just going to around it a different way.

Patting the young man on his back, Natalia turned to put the food in the oven, and started cleaning up, while Calleigh and Jordan changed the subject to something that was more comfortable to the young man.

By the time Grayson actually left the DuVista household, she was more than sick of the Audi. Stopping by the warehouse on the way home, she exchanged the Audi for a Ferrari F430 Scuderia El Nino. The car was flat primer black and satanic as a devil worshiper's ass.

She started taking off her jewelry the second the freight elevator started moving, and by the time she was walking into her bedroom, she was completely naked save for the panties, garter belt, and heels. Dropping everything into the dry clean only section of her laundry chute, Grayson stripped off everything else before she pulled on jeans, a white tee shirt and wolverine work boots, lacing them up while she sat on the ground.

She went back downstairs into the garage, and flipped on the lights above the entire garage, she was alone again. Always alone, she thought to herself. The young woman made sure her twin had stripped all the paint, and rust off before making sure the body was sound enough to do the real work on the mustang. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Julio, a friend of a friend, had dropped off her street bike earlier in the day. Good, no more chunky cars in traffic, she thought.

The female Cerano still had to work the engine, and make sure everything she was about to do Mustang wouldn't actually make it unsafe. Unsafe, threats, danger, all these words flashed into her mind thinking about her day, being around Calleigh watching over her like a shepherd watches his flock, the motel, then the hotel restraint, everything was a huge tangled mess of nitro waiting to explode.

Leaning over the hood of the classic muscle car, Grayson started to do the only thing she knew how to do in a dangerous situation. Categorize every possible threat, factor, variable anything that could change the equation.

Natalia and Calleigh's health?

Jordan's inability to actually take a shot?

Would the Benedict attack any time soon?

The Benedict Arnold; the man that had killed her parents, had a code name, since they didn't know his real name. It was fitting, a police officer was supposed to serve and protect, not maim and destroy. Grayson tightened her grip on the monkey wrench, hard. Closing her eyes, she thought of all the ways he had come for the in past, and the ways he still could come for her. Oh my god, she thought, chocolate eyes snapping open. Natalia and Calleigh, what if he finds out? What if he uses them as bait? What if he's Delko's partner? It wouldn't be impossible, her mind raced. She felt tears pricking the back of her eyes, the terror gripping her body in a iron hold. The last time she'd heard from her grandfather, oh my god, Grandfather. What if he finds out about Natalia and Calleigh?

She would lie. There was no way in hell, in this life or the next, that she would ever let that information reach her grandfather. He would have them both killed. They'd get the quick and painless; one two in the back of the skull, Grayson's fate would be much, much worse. For dishonoring your family and turning traitor, your tongue was forfeit. As was your name, your surname was stripped.

If it came to that, she wondered how many men it would take to stop her. Her only comfort in when she was alone late at night, was her training. Her body turned on autopilot, and everything became a dance of dangerous proportions.

She knew deep down, in confidence, she had the ability to do anything that it took to win. In her mind, any means justified the end of saving a life, if the life was deemed morally better than the one that had to be exchanged in penance. She also knew how many men the mob would throw at her to stop her if she turned on them, and started working for cops, which she had already started doing. 'Fuck!' Grayson thought hanging her head against the hood of the car. Things were about to get more complicated. If Grandfather figured out what she was up too, she was going to have to twist the story a little, albeit avoid the finer points, and lie just a bit. Yes, she'd been contacted by two police officers, yes they were married.

They were being harassed by a former friend, and police officer; he was slowly starting to become a danger to everyone around him. Simple bodyguard work, ignoring the fact she was avoiding her estranged family members, whom her Grandfather had disowned.

She knew he'd come unhinged at the mention that Natalia and Calleigh were married, she was thankful however, they had changed their last name. That would stop him from realizing they were related. She'd hate to have to kill her grandfather. She would destroy anyone if it came to that to protect her family, no one would take that from her EVER again, the devil included. And Grandfather was the devil in the flesh.

After Natalia finished eating dinner, Jordan offered to clean up the remaining mess, while Natalia and Calleigh went into their bedroom to get ready to go to bed.

Wearily Calleigh sat down on the bed, and watched as Natalia removed her clothes. She knew that the brunette wasn't trying to be sensual, but damn, she loved the way that Natalia moved.

Stripping down to her bra and panties, Natalia went over to Calleigh to help her remove her shirt. Carefully unbuttoning the garment, she eased it from the blonde's shoulders, watched her face for any discomfort.

Quietly she asked. "You're not going to give it up are you?"

Calleigh sighed, and put her hands over Natalia's. She looked up into distressed chocolate eyes, and smiled sadly. "Are you?"

Shaking her head, Natalia answered. "No, We're just gonna have to be very careful, and very sneaky, because this can come back, and bite us hard, and them harder. This could cost us our lives babe."

Calleigh ran her hands through Natalia's beautiful hair, marveling at its softness, and texture. "I know Darlin'. I know." She reached up, pulled her wife's lips down to meet hers.

Natalia knelt between Calleigh's legs, sighing as they wrapped around her waist. Gently laying her arms on Calleigh's shoulders, she deepened the kiss. Carefully, she moved her hands down along Calleigh's side, taking care to lightly touch her wounded side before getting to the snap of the blonde's pants. Popping it open, then slowly easing down the zipper before sliding her hand underneath the waistband of the pants, and then the panties to ease into slickness. Pulling away from Calleigh's lips, Natalia watched as her eyes fluttered opened, and her breath hitched at the heat that blazed up.

Slowly she slid in two fingers until she was surrounded by pulsating heat, groaning at the tightness. Natalia rubbed her thumb around Calleigh's clit, causing micro-explosions to erupt all along her body. In and out, again and again; adding another finger, and speeding up the thrusts.

Calleigh leaned back until she was flat on her back, and Natalia was pulling off her pants with her other hand to lean down, and suckle the tight little bundle of nerves. Arching high off the bed, Calleigh didn't feel any discomfort, just the softness of her wife's tongue, and the increasing tautness that was building to a crescendo that threatened the heavens.

Twisting her fingers slightly, Natalia curled them to hit the soft ridges, causing Calleigh to shout out her name, and her body to spasm. Never slowing down, Natalia brought her wife up to the stars before letting her gently tumble back to earth.

Finally after Calleigh's body was covered in sweat, did Natalia slowly fluttered her fingers, and withdraw before licking the blonde from top of her opening to her clit one last time. Rising from her knees, she laid next to her wife, and drew her into her embrace, kissing her damp forehead, before Calleigh pulled her down for a hard kiss.

Moaning as she tasted herself on her wife's tongue, Calleigh arched against her, running her hands long her back. Loving the play of muscles against her fingers, Calleigh slid her leg betweens her wife's.

"Every time you touch me anywhere... it burns me here..." Calleigh touched her chest lightly, then kissed Natalia's chest right above her heart. "I will always hold you here." Natalia whispered back, just as soft as Calleigh's touch.

Calleigh closed her eyes, holding tightly to Natalia, her hands then traced over her beloved's stomach, tracing the flat planes, and thinking of a hopeful future. "I don't want our children to grow up without any influence from your mother's side of the family." She looked up at Natalia sadly.

Looking down at her wife, Natalia searched her green eyes, then closed her own. She was scared to think that far into the future, but she knew that she wanted both Grayson and Jordan in their lives.

Leaning back, Natalia held out her hand to help Calleigh from the bed before leading her into the bathroom to clean up, then they got ready for bed. While Calleigh got into bed, Natalia went out and said good night to Jordan, hugging him long and hard before she turned back to her bedroom, and closed the door.

Jordan watched Natalia go back into their bedroom, and he looked around the living room at all of their wedding photos, daily photos, just being a married couple in general. He felt a pang of jealousy for he nor Grayson having that kind of love in their lives. He swore he would help Natalia and Calleigh stay alive, even if it cost him his own life to do so.

Eric sat quietly in the car, gripping his head in his hands, fighting off a wave of nausea. Sometimes he fought of the headaches with mind numbing amounts of drugs, but not today. He needed to be clear headed for this.

Loading the paintball gun with blood red paintballs, he clicked the chamber closed. Checking his watch, he noted the time, four am. Calleigh couldn't run in the morning, she had fractured ribs. Natalia wouldn't let her beloved wife out of her sight for that long. He sneered at the pretend humanity of their relationship. Calleigh was his.

He let loose a volley of shots, each one slamming into front of the house, making sure that he didn't accidently hit a window or hit any metal surfaces. After unloading two full packets of the small beads, Eric looked at his handiwork. Smiling and fighting off another wave of nausea, he leaned against the car, trying not to be sick to his stomach.

Natalia was going to pay for taking Calleigh away from him. He would make her scream so loud the whole city would know who Calleigh belonged to. She was his and his alone. Eric would make Natalia remember.

Eric slowly slid back into the car, firing up his black Ford Escape, and disappearing into the darkness.

Part 6

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