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Chocolate or Sex
By trancer


Addison stood in the center of Derek's tiny trailer, staring down at her entire life reduced to two small boxes and a garment bag. She'd always known today was a possibility. The day that her marriage ended and eleven years reduced to two tiny boxes and ink drying on contract.

She should have been relieved at leaving the tiny tin can propped on even tinier wheels. She'd hated the place, after all.

Except, she'd grown to love it. It was the intimacy of the small space. The wet morning grass and whisper of wind in the trees. The gurgling of the river that sang her to sleep like the gentlest and sweetest of lullabies.

Now, it was no more. Back to another homogenous, characterless hotel room. With the friendly staff who were friendly for no greater purpose than because it's what they're paid to do.

A knock at the door stirred Addison from her somber thoughts. Izzie smiled nervously between the bend in the curtains.

"Izzie?" Addison opened the door.

"I thought you could use some help packing," she held up a grocery bag in her hand. "Plus, I brought sympathy food."

"Thanks," Addison stepped to the side, allowing Izzie entrance. "But, there's really not much to pack."

"Oh," she stared at the two boxes sitting on the bed. "Did I mention I brought food? I was going to bake you something and then I remembered what my Mom always said 'there are only two ways a woman can cure a broken heart - chocolate or sex'. I brought chocolate."

"I'm pretty certain I'm not in the mood for chocolate."

Izzie paused, lifting her head from searching the interior of her bag. "Did you just ask me for sex?"

"I," Addison stammered because the idea of sex with Izzie suddenly sounded like a tantalizingly good idea. "It was a generalization."

"Okay." With that, Izzie turned her head to break the eye contact. Because she did not want to verbalize what she'd been thinking.

"So?" Addison stood next to Izzie, nudging the intern with her shoulder. "What's in the bag?"

"I went to that store downtown, I wasn't sure what you liked, so I got the sample gift box," she set the box on the table, picked a truffle from inside. "This? Is like chocolate covered sex."

Her fingers hovered close to Addison's mouth. Addison hadn't intended to draw her tongue slowly over the candy, grazing across the two fingers holding it at her mouth, or slowly biting into it as her eyes locked with Izzie's. Then, she moaned. Because, God, Addison thought, it was like chocolate covered sex.

"You're right," she purred. "It is chocolate covered sex. So which one's the chocolate covered orgasm?"

"I," Izzie stammered once more, gazing at the tiny drop of chocolate on the corner of Addison's mouth and squelching the impulse to lick it off. "I think it's this one."

"You think?" An eyebrow rose as she leaned in again, sliding the chocolate between her lips. She moaned impulsively, closing her eyes to savor the flavor before opening them again. "It's good but I'm not sure if it's orgasm good. Maybe you should have a taste."

With that, Addison leaned in, pressing her lips against Izzie's. Whatever resistance between them crumbled in the connecting of lips. Like a cauldron filled with nothing but heat and repressed desire set to slow burn, they boiled over; Addison wrapping her arms around Izzie, pulling her in, tasted tongue and chocolate, felt silken hair threading in her fingers and hands exploring the expanse of her back. A thigh pressed right there until they were writhing, grinding, kissing each other in the middle of the tiny trailer that was no longer Addison's home.

They pulled apart, panting heavily and wetly into the other's mouth.


"Mmm," she licked her lips.

"If I asked you to have sex with me, preferably not here, what would you say?"

"I'd say," she moaned before pouncing her lips onto Addison's. "What took you so long?"

The End

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