DISCLAIMER: Popular is the intellectual property of Ryan Murphy. I simply dabble in his sandbox, make his characters gay for each other and enjoy the turn on that follows.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is for hynotic_n_crazy, who requested: "Maybe the glamazons weren't so bad" and use the idea of flexibility.
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Cheerleading Practice
By carpesomediem


"If I would've known cheerleading would contribute to this," Sam blushed, "Maybe the Glamazons weren't so bad after all…"

"Sam," Brooke's cheeks flushed, too, as she turned away and smiled at the compliment.

They'd just finished another round of Sexual Olympics, as Brooke dubbed it a few weeks prior. It was after a quickie in the Novak that they realized they had a problem; they couldn't keep their hands off each other, and once they worked their way through the basic positions, Brooke decided she wanted to put her cheerleading training to good use.

And, boy, had it paid off! The Kama Sutra had nothing on them it seemed. At home, at school, in the car; it didn't matter, Brooke put years of training to much better use than cheering at football games and falling off pyramids.

They were lying in bed now, cuddling. They were exhausted; sweat pooling in all its familiar places. It was time three… or four of the day, they'd lost count.

Sam couldn't help but marvel at the turn of events the two of them found themselves in now. It was only a few weeks ago that Sam made the first drunk move, a few beers behind her. She leaned forward, captured Brooke's lips during some romantic comedy and the rest was adding up as notches on their respective bed posts.

Not that they were having sex much in bed anymore. This one day seemed to be the exception, both calling out sick to spend the day together in bed. First, in Brooke's, then in Sam's, and finally, now, in their parent's bed. It was ironic, really, because when Jane and Mike walked in on them, frisky themselves, everybody's mood was killed.

But Jane summed the awkward moment up the best: "Maybe I should take up cheerleading, too."

The End

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