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A Change in Lineup
By UbiquitousMixie


Addison Montgomery pursed her lips into a thin line as the car drew closer to the looming Safeco Field. She readjusted her black Yankees cap and glanced towards the front seat where George and Callie O'Malley were hissing angrily at each other in muted tones. Callie shot her eyes towards Addison's, frowning in a form of apology for the un-newlywed-like behavior. She could tell by the worry lines etching themselves deeper into Callie's forehead that today would not be a good day for her. And that's where Addison came in.

The last baseball game that Addison had been to was several years ago in the Bronx, when the Yankees took on the Mariners. The home side took the contest 7-5. She, Derek, and Mark had taken one of their few overlapping days off to enjoy the gorgeous day in Yankee Stadium to root for their home team. She looked back on the day with a smile: she had almost been able to forget Derek's distance and indifference that were looming over their marriage at the time.

When she thought of that day, she preferred to exclude the thoughts of Mark's subtle advances which would inevitably lead to the affair a few months later. She preferred to forget that little blip in her judgment. That idyllic day had been the last time they were a happy threesome. Now, she was just Addison. Single. Alone.

But, as she listened to George shoot down her friend's accusations, she wondered if a marriage was something she'd ever want again.

As George slammed on the brakes, causing the car to buck as it came to an abrupt halt within the parking space, Addison wondered what she was getting herself into. Today, on Seattle's turf, the Yankees would once again face the Mariners. She would be there alone. Derek would be there with Meredith. Thank God Mark was on call that day; it would be painful enough as it was, watching Derek with his slutty intern. Not that she was jealous. Or still in love with him. She was very much over him, thankyouverymuch. But, it was the idea of him, the thought of enjoying America's favorite pastime with a lover.

Her frown deepened.

Why am I subjecting myself to this? Oh yeah. Friendship loyalty. She looked once more at the thoroughly unhappy face of Callie and knew that she was ultimately doing the right thing, melancholy be damned.

When Callie approached her a week ago, Addison had been reviewing the chart of a middle-aged woman presenting with a need for a hysterectomy. There were sure to be complications and Addison forwent her lunch break to scrutinize the chart and determine the best course of action. Without food, she was particularly grumpy when she finally acknowledged the woman standing in front of her light source.


The redhead looked up to see Callie's concerned eyes staring back down at her. "Is everything all right?"

"Oh, yes. No. Well, it will be, if you can do a huge favor for me."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

Callie pulled up a chair beside Addison's. "I need you to come to this baseball game with me. I'll even buy your ticket. I can't handle it alone. Something is up with George and Izzie…I can feel it. I am trying to be a cool, non-basketcase of a wife and let them have their friendship thing or whatever, but I don't think I can sit there for three hours on my own and just take it. I have the distinct feeling I'm going to become a figment of George's imagination during that game."

Hmph. That sounded familiar.

"Of course I'll come for you." She touched Callie's arm reassuringly and smiled softly. "Anyone else joining us?"

Callie quickly looked down at her hands, using them to count off the number of attendees, distinctly avoiding Addison's eyes. "You and I, George, Izzie (said with a sneer), Karev, Grey and, um, Derek."

There came the frown and an eyebrow raise. Addison pulled off her glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Which would explain why I wasn't invited in the first place."

"I'm sorry, Addy. You already agreed to come, so please please don't back out now that you know who is all going to be there. I can't do this alone. Please say you'll come? I'll make it worth your while…"

Addison sighed. "I said I would, didn't I? You better bring your wallet and keep the beers flowing."

Callie's smile was the first that she had seen in days. "Thanks, Addy." She squeezed Addison's hand appreciatively and left.

And now, as they neared the front entrance of Safeco Field, she knew the day would be about distracting her friend, not dwelling on the past. She listened to the newlyweds begin to bicker once more and inserted herself firmly between them, regaling them with details of the Yankees' skill and glory. And there it was. Silence to the fighting. There was hope for the day.

The strength of the wind surprised Addison as she sunk into her chair. She wished she had worn something a little warmer than khaki cargo pants and a black sweater. She nudged her foot against the tote bag that held a warm fleece blanket, attempting to put off needing it for an inning or two. Another gust of wind elicited bursts of profanity from the group, who wondered why the sunny day without warmth convinced the team not to close the park's retractable roof.

"It's sunny. It's not supposed to be this cold," Meredith grumbled, leaning into the crook of Derek's arm. Addison remembered that crook. It was comfortable and warm. She held back a sneer.

"At least it isn't raining," George offered, shaking his box of Cracker Jacks until a kernel dropped into his hand, throwing into the air to catch it with his mouth. The wind blew it past Izzie and into Karev's lap. He ate it with a grin.

"Guys, this is the perfect day for a baseball game," said Izzie brightly. "We have the first rain-free day in a week and the sun is shining…it's perfect."

Callie exchanged looks with Addison. The redhead placed a comforting hand on Callie's leg, the denim cold against her palm.

Addison looked down the line of doctors and interns, all decked out in Mariners regalia. All but her and Callie were Marinerized: Callie instead wore a knit cap, aviator sunglasses and her black hair in braids. She looked gorgeous. Addison couldn't understand why George was so googly-eyed over Stevens when he was in the presence of a goddess.

Beside Callie, Izzie and George wore matching teal hats, a coincidence that caused a fit of giggles between the interns and a glare that would frighten Medusa from the orthopedic surgeon.

Karev, on Izzie's other side, wore a teal skull cap, which was now covered by the hood of his alma mater's sweatshirt. Addison watched in disbelief as he gulped down his beer, the amber liquid trickling down the corners of his mouth, and wondered why she had ever kissed him in the first place.

Well, she knew exactly why she did it. She was lonely and horny. After his rejection, it became wildly apparent that he was just a mini, less attractive version of Mark. His arrogance was a major turn off. Actually, the longer she looked at him the less attractive he was.

Looking past him, she caught Meredith leaning in for a kiss from Derek. They both wore matching navy blue Mariners hats. Derek, who had once been a die-hard Yankees fan, had traded in his lucky hat for one to match his girlfriend's. He sported this cap as if it had been in his possession for years. Earlier, when Derek, Meredith, Izzie and Karev had filed in to take their seats, her former husband greeted her cordially and responded only with a wide grin when she raised her eyebrow at his hat, as if it were only natural that he had switched teams. Figuratively speaking.

His reaction was better than Izzie's. When the blonde intern spotted her hat as she squeezed past Addison for her seat, she immediately stilled. "Seriously?"

The wind, which had died down slightly during the redhead's musings, picked up once more. A large shudder coursed throughout Addison's body, passing directly through the sweater and tickling her ivory skin. With a huff, she reached down into her tote bag and pulled out the blanket, unfolding it over her tall form. Oh yea. Much better.

She reached for her beer and took a sip, glancing out of the corner of her eye to see Callie's frowning face. She lifted the blanket and positioned it so that they both were covered and squeezed her hand supportively.

Five innings had passed. The Mariners were up by one, though Addison had hope for her team. The wind stayed fierce but the blanket shielded her from much of its harshness. Though it nipped her occasionally on the cheeks, the warmth she and Callie created beneath the blanket kept her relatively cozy.

She and Callie made the most of the game, laughing and enjoying themselves despite the dark, blonde cloud that was Izzie Stevens. Addison exhausted all of her best friend capabilities, providing laughs, playful touches, and bringing out Callie's smile as often as possible. It seemed to be working.

As the Yankees went up to bat, Addison felt something brush against her knee. It was quick, brief. She thought nothing of it, until she felt it again. This time that something cupped her knee. And then slid higher and squeezed her thigh. Her head immediately whipped around to look at Callie. The resident was stone-faced, her head set firmly ahead at the game.

It had to be her imagination. Casually, she held open the blanket and glanced down. Yup. Callie Torres O'Malley definitely had a handful of thigh. If she moved her hand any higher, she would certainly be discovering the secret prize inside of Addy's Cracker Jack box.

Addison cleared her throat and shifted slightly in her chair, unsure of how to react. She certainly was not going to say anything for fear of being overheard by Callie's husband, or the hormonal male intern, or God forbid her ex-husband.

But seriously. Was Callie really feeling her up? And what was up with the butterflies that decided to all of a sudden swarm in her abdomen?

Play it cool, she reminded herself. She kept her gaze ahead and watched as Alex Rodriguez went up to bat. Strike One. Fingers massaged her leg, kneading the inner part of her thigh through the pants. Strike Two. The hand slid higher, fingers creeping in on her now throbbing center. As Rodriguez hit his third pitch into center field, she felt Callie pull at the drawstring of her cargo pants. And then pop the button. And agonizingly slow went the zipper.

She was on fire. It had been so long since anyone had made her feel so wanted, so blatantly driven by desire. She had no idea what was going on inside Callie's head, had no idea that the woman had even found her attractive, and yet it was all confirmed as Callie slipped her hand inside, playing with the cotton of her panties. How unsexy was that? Sex-free Addison had no need for her sexy lace and silk panties. It didn't matter, however, as Callie's fingers traced the line of her wet slit through the fabric. She let out a gasp.

Callie turned to look towards her, lowering her aviators to uncover her eyes, which Addison quickly saw were clouded with primal longing. She bit her lip as she rocked her hips into Callie's fingers. Callie licked her lips, straightened her glasses, and looked ahead once more.

Callie withdrew, applying pressure to Addison's knee to signify a request that she shift down in her seat. Addison wriggled her hips, scooting down as far in the chair as she could without being noticed and her stomach clenched tightly as Callie's hand returned, this time sinking beneath the panties. She toyed with Addison's finely trimmed hair, her fingernails scratching lightly and sending shivers straight to the bundle of nerves between her legs. As the fingers crept lower, Callie was exposed to evidence of Addison's arousal, raw moist heat coating her fingers as they teased around the swollen bud of her clitoris. To Addy's surprise, Callie swiped her finger over the sensitized nub and the redhead bucked her hips. Callie let out a sigh at the reaction.

"You okay, honey?" George asked, having obviously heard Callie's audible sigh.

"Mmhmm, perfectly fine." George accepted this answer and, having fulfilled his husbandly duties, turned back to something Izzie was saying.

Callie did not let this interruption distract her fingers from slowly stroking Addison's clit, working her middle finger in feather-light circles. Addison pulled the blanket up slightly to cover her mouth as it had fallen into an "O" of pleasure, quickly clenching it shut so as to prohibit her moans from escaping. Her breath was ragged and hot, the heat trapped under the blanket contributing to the spreading flush on her cheeks.

It took a great deal of resolve for Addison to keep her eyes open and appear attentive of the game. Anyone who stole a quick glance at her would assume she had shrunk into her seat to escape the cold. What they would not know, however, was that Callie had positioned her index and ring fingers in a way that would grant her middle finger unrestricted access to Addison's clit.

Addison's hips began to swivel slightly to meet Callie's caress. The woman touched softly and persistently, tracing random patterns around and over the sensitized flesh. Each time Callie's finger grazed her directly, Addison expelled a hot, heavy breath. She could feel the tension building in her abdomen, as though hot coals were being stoked and shoveled into an oven that was about to reach capacity. She looked over at Callie, biting her lip as the strong urge to kiss her consumed her to the point where she had to bite her lip. Those full, pouty lips taunted and teased, especially as Callie's pink tongue swiped over her lower lip, tantalizingly tracing the outline of her mouth.

Addison dropped her hand onto Callie's denim-clad leg, harshly raking her nails along her inner thigh, stopping to cling tightly at her upper thigh as Callie pinched her clit. Addison bit hard on her lip, swallowing the deep, guttural moan that she longed to release. She dug her fingers into Callie's leg, increasing the tempo of her rocking hips as much as she could without drawing attention to herself. She was certain, however, that at this point she was past the brink where she could stop herself from reacting.

Callie began to avoid the sensitized nub, tracing soft circles as if to draw out the tease and keep her teetering on the edge. Addison rocked her hips, trying to shift Callie's hand back to the spot where she so desperately needed it, but Callie persisted in her gentle caressing. Addison glanced back at her, noting the slight upturn of her lips in a subtle smirk. She ached to kiss that smirk away, to feel Callie's tongue--

Addison stifled a sharp cry as Callie surprised her with a grazing of her clit, a motion that had her clutching at the apex of Callie's thighs. Even through denim she could feel the heat emanating from Callie's core. She could feel her orgasm fast approaching and mimicked Callie's motions as she stroked her fingers along the seam of her jeans.


Addison stilled immediately, taken aback by the volume of Callie's exclamation. Apparently she wasn't the only one who had heard. George, Izzie, and Karev's curious eyes were all on Callie.

"I've um, got a cramp." They all blinked. "That time of the month." Izzie nodded knowingly and turned away to face a shrugging Alex. "I'm also very hungry...I need to find some Midol, and some nachos or something. Addison, why don't you come with me?" She gave a little stroke at that and took her hand away.

"Of course I'll come with you," Addison said, her nails raking over Callie's leg as she quickly moved to zip, button, and tie her pants.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you?" George asked.

"No, no," Callie responded as she put her sunglasses in her purse. "We'll be fine on our own."

Addison swallowed hard as she noticed Callie's fingers slick with her cum. She pulled her sweater down and stood alongside her friend. She dropped the blanket in her seat and headed out of the row, her legs shaking slightly. She didn't look behind her to see that Callie was following, but knew instinctively that she was.

As she briskly reached the tunnel that would serve as the entrance to the inner part of the stadium, she paused and braced herself against the cool concrete wall. She felt overheated. Her emergence into the cool air was soothing on her flushed cheeks though it did nothing to alleviate the searing hotness that radiated from between her thighs.

Callie said nothing as she approached, standing in front of the redhead and leaning her cheek against Addison's. They breathed heavily, taking in the closeness, nuzzling noses lightly as Addison leaned in to brush her lips oh so softly against Callie's. Even this minimal contact sent shocks into the pit of her belly, a harsh throb beating persistently between her legs. As Callie placed a second feather-light kiss upon her lips, a group of men cheered and whistled from nearby.

The orthopedic surgeon swore under her breath and pulled Addison's arm, leading her away from the leering men who were more than likely drunk and hoping for a Girls Gone Wild moment. Instead of turning back and flipping them off as she wished to do, Addison found herself distracted by the sway of Callie's hips as she lead her around a maze of people. It was not long before Callie was knocking on doors, barging in on several groups of rowdy fans before stumbling upon an empty skybox.

Addison swallowed and stopped to catch her breath as Callie and her hypnotic hips stepped a few feet into the room, glancing out the window.

"Callie," she said, her voice dry and low. Her heart began to pound faster in her chest as the surgeon turned to face her.

Callie stepped closer, reaching forward and pulling off her baseball hat. She dropped it to the floor and took another step closer, her hips pinning Addison against the wall. Callie once more nuzzled her nose along Addison's, their breaths mingling as hands explored curves and exposed skin. As Callie placed a kiss at the corner of her mouth, Addison let out a ragged moan before sealing their lips in a deep kiss.

Callie's tongue stroked against her own as one hand tangled in her hair, the other grabbing her leg, lifting it to insert herself further between Addison's legs. Callie's hips gyrated against Addison's and the redhead was finally able to release a deep, satisfied moan, which was promptly swallowed by Callie's hungry mouth. The kiss was fast turning into a battle for control, each woman's tongues and teeth and lips clashing in the most intense kiss Addison had ever had. She ran her hands over Callie's round backside, slipping her hands into her pockets and squeezing the luscious curves that she had once envied and now desired.

A need for air forced the kiss to break reluctantly. Addison panted slightly, her eyelids fluttering closed as Callie's lips fastened steadily to her neck, her tongue smoothing along her pulse. She wondered if Callie could feel just how quickly her heart was pounding. She slid her hands to her waist, delving beneath the fabric of the black and white top in her search for soft, heated flesh. She raked her nails over the small of Callie's back as Callie released the drawstring of her pants, deft fingers brushing against her lower abdomen as they unfastened the button and tore down the zipper.

Within seconds Callie's hand was shoved down into Addison's panties, fingers meeting her clit, pulling forth a long, loud moan. She clutched Callie's waist as two fingers were harshly thrust inside of her, her tight walls opening to accept the welcome invasion. She clenched involuntarily, her body reminding her of the earlier foreplay and signaling that she didn't have long until she tumbled over into rapturous waves of pleasure. Callie's mouth was on hers again as her fingers drove faster inside of her, her hips sending them deeper and harder. As Callie began to suck on her lower lip, Addison's hands fumbled slightly as they slid to Callie's bra-encased breasts, pinching her nipples through the lace.

Callie moaned Addison's name, all breathy and wanting and needy, and Addison decided that she had never heard anything so erotic in her life. She wrenched her eyes open, catching a glimpse of Callie's pleasure-ridden face as she toyed with taut nipples. As the pressure began to build in the pit of her belly, she acknowledged the fact that Callie Torres O'Malley was fucking her in a skybox at a Yankees game. The very thought, along with a twist of Callie's fingers within her and the grinding of the heel of her palm against her clit, sent her over the edge. She gasped out Callie's name, digging her nails into the woman's back as she rode out the waves of her orgasm. Callie panted softly along with her, her thumb soothing over her pulsating clitoris until Addison grasped her wrist when the sensation became too much.

As color returned to her vision and her body stilled, all she could hear over the roar of the fans outside was the sound of Callie's breathing in her ear. A satisfied grin spread over her face as she purred softly into Callie's ear, her hands gliding over the smooth skin of her stomach. She traced the edge of her jeans, scratching her nails and relishing the feel of Callie's body shuddering against her. She nudged aside one of Callie's braids, smoothing her tongue along the length of her neck. Placing feather-light kisses along her jawline, Addison reached Callie's ear. She flicked her tongue along her earlobe, toying with an earring before swiftly removing the hoop to allow her teeth to nibble at the flesh.

"Unh, Addy…" Callie breathed into her ear.

Addison began to back her up, her hands pushing up the cups of her bra to release the heavy mounds into her eager hands. She pressed her against the back of a row of seats, lifting up the shirt to reveal her breasts to her mouth. She feasted her eager lips upon hardened nipples, biting lightly and sucking as her hands worked on the snap of her jeans, her usual post-coital languor nonexistent as she settled her entire focus on making Callie feel as good as she just felt. Addison bit lightly at one of the rosy peaks, drawing a soft grunt from Callie's throat. She looked up then, her fingers yanking down the zipper of her jeans. Her face was flushed, brown eyes clouded with lust, her lipstick smeared.

Addison decided that she had never seen Callie look more beautiful.

She leaned in for one more kiss, her tongue tracing the lines of Callie's teeth, suckling lightly at her lower lip before kneeling on the hard concrete ground. She looked in front of her at the parted jeans, catching a glimpse of red cotton. Addison smirked. Equally unsexy panties, though she was sure that this image of Callie in cotton panties (Oh no. Not just panties. She discovered that the briefs were actually boy shorts as she pulled her jeans down) would be the sexiest thing she would ever see.

Callie panted heavily as she watched Addison slowly pull down her panties, pushing them as low and close to her ankles as possible so that she could part her legs as far as they could while being trapped within the denim ankle confines.

She smoothed her hands along the incredibly soft flesh of Callie's tan thighs, placing wet kisses along the skin, her mouth following the trail of her fingers as they slid close to the dripping apex of Callie's sex. Addison found herself intoxicated by the heady aroma that was Callie Torres, and let out a quiet moan as she placed a soft kiss upon Callie's hooded clit. She flicked her tongue over the small bud and Callie bucked against her, grabbing a handful of fiery hair. She guided her head, indicating the urgency of her need. Addison decided not to tease: she laved at the woman's wet slit, swirling her tongue around and over her clit.

Callie did not last long. Addison reached up and toyed with a nipple as her tongue gave one final pass over the aching clitoris when Callie came. The surgeon pulled roughly at Addison's hair as she rode out the waves of her orgasm, her hips undulating in a quick-paced rhythm as she screeched out incoherent moans.

Addison glanced up to see the look of exquisite satisfaction splashed on Callie's face. She grinned, licking the evidence of Callie's arousal off of her lips. She waited patiently until Callie's body stilled, despite the persistent, painful ache in her knees, before she began to resituate Callie's clothing. She kissed above the tuff of black hair, her hands running appreciatively over her backside before snapping the elastic of her panties over her hips.

Callie playfully smacked her hip as Addison stood, groaning as her knees gave an uncomfortable shudder. Her left foot was asleep. She mumbled this fact to her friend and Callie laughed and kissed the corner of her mouth.

"When you said," Addison said, brushing her lips against Callie's, "that you'd make this game worth my while," kiss, "I had no idea that this is what you had in mind." She stroked her tongue against Callie's. She wrapped her arms around Callie's neck as Callie's curled around Addison's waist.

Callie grinned into Addison's mouth and kissed her deeply, her hands tucked inside the redhead's jeans, resting comfortably on her ass. "Neither did I." They kissed for several more minutes, more slowly and deliberately this time, broken only when an uproar began outside of the skybox. They both looked out the window to see that the Yankees had pulled ahead of the Mariners.

Addison smirked. "Do I know how to pick 'em, or what?"

"I certainly won't question your taste," Callie remarked, wiggling her hips as she shimmied her jeans back into place.

Both women quieted as they straightened their clothes and prepared to join the party in the stands. Callie wiped a bit of smeared lipstick off of Addison's face and the attending returned the favor, sliding her fingers around her mouth to catch the smudged make up. She bent to the ground to pick up the silver hoop and fastened it back in Callie's ear, pausing to run her fingertips over the sensitive spot.

Callie groaned and grabbed Addison's hands. "You're gonna get me started all over again." She kissed her fingertips and reached for the forgotten Yankees hat. "We'd better go." She placed the cap back on Addison's head and kissed her one more time before opening the door.

They walked back in silence, beelining straight to the section that Seattle Grace's best occupied. Addison held her breath, worried that her peers, Callie's husband, would smell the sex on them. But no one paid any attention, save for a snide remark from Derek regarding the Yankees taking the lead. George, who appeared eerily guilty himself, straightened in his chair and said hello to his wife. No one noticed the lack of nachos, indicating a lack of concern for their absence, but this observation did little to comfort Addison.

A wave of hot quilt filled Addison's gut. What had she just done? She suddenly empathized with Mark, realizing that she had made a cheater out of Callie Torres O'Malley. Damned be the fact that Callie initiated the encounter.

Her frown from earlier returned, hidden under the blanket as she snuggled her body beneath it, attempting to shut out the cold that had very little to do with the wind. She forced her attention to stay on the transition of the innings and not on the woman beside her who was chatting amiably with her husband. She chewed on her bottom lip, tapping her fingers against the armrests when she realized Callie had pulled at half of the blanket, repositioning it over her lap.

She was even more surprised when Callie's fingers laced through her own and squeezed tightly.

Addison grinned as though she had found her prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box.

The End

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