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What the Hell, Boss Lady!
By sailorscully


Sometimes, Izzie finds herself in crazy situations.

Like now. The fact that Denny sorta kinda likes her is the farthest thing from her mind at the moment, because Addison Montgomery-Shepherd is walking around her trailer in high heels, fishnets and some kind of slinky slip-dress-thing that Izzie can't even identify.

Izzie shouldn't be thinking these things, because all she did was stop by the trailer to drop off some paperwork, and maybe discuss her potential specialization in ob/gyn. But, see, now Addison's all close and in her face, and why is Izzie feeling all bothered and why, oh why is she blushing?

Clearly, her life is crazy.


Izzie's open to a lot of things. She's done girl-on-girl before, and liked it. But where her previous escapades had usually been drunken or to garner the attention of some miscellaneous boy (or both), this situation that she's in with Addison seems to be turning into just genuine, one-on-one girl-pleasing. Because Addison says something and twirls a lock of Izzie's hair in her fingers, and then Izzie says something coy, and then somehow the next thing she realizes is that Addison's mouth is on hers.

It's tentative at first, but as soon as Izzie reciprocates a little, she feels Addison relax, and at that moment she's mildly worried. But the moment's hesitation passes, and there, Addison is pulling her soft wool sweater off and tugging at the drawstring of her sweatpants. And, well, Izzie obviously can't help but reciprocate, because. Fishnets. Izzie likes those. They're kind of awesome.

And really, Izzie hasn't gotten any in a while, because Alex kinda sucks, recently. And maybe, Addison hasn't either, and maybe that would explain this whole situation, Izzie thinks. And there, it's justified.

So Izzie pulls Addison's slip off and leans into her, pressing herself against Addison and all the while keeping her eyes trained on the older surgeon's face. Addison smiles lazily down at her, red hair tumbling around her neck and getting in Izzie's face and WOW, it smells good. Like some sort of expensive perfume, Izzie thinks. And then Addison steps back, and Izzie is floored.

Fishnets, heels, and black silk underwear? Are apparently a good combination, if you want to seduce Izzie Stevens.

Addison smirks at the look on Izzie's face, and Izzie's brain is scrambling to form words or a coherent thought or two, and she's almost got one but then it's gone again because Addison's got her mouth on Izzie's breast, and is pulling at her nipple through the cloth of Izzie's bra, and did Izzie's knees just collapse out from under her?

Yep, they did.

Addison laughs and before Izzie can protest, she's on her back on the Shepherds' bed (secretly she wonders if Meredith ever had sex here), and Addison is standing in front of her, and Izzie still has no idea why this is going on. But again, she's not about to stop it. So she watches Addison, watches as Addison slips her own panties down and steps out of them (and still in those heels! Izzie marvels). She reaches one hand down and Jesus H. Christ, she's rubbing circles on her clit and staring right at Izzie. Izzie stares right back and Addison puts out her other hand to support herself on the doorframe, which Izzie can totally understand because doing *that* while standing up? Can't possibly be easy, especially in those shoes. Addison moans softly, and Izzie watches, and before they both know it Addison's hips are bucking and she's coming. Izzie watches her come in disbelief, sees the glistening moisture on her fingers, and can feel that same moisture between her own legs.

When Addison kicks off her heels and climbs onto the bed beside Izzie, straddling her with one scratchy-fishnet-clad leg, Izzie is excited and ready. When Addison plunges two fingers inside of Izzie, Izzie is surprised, but still excited. And when Addison reaches her thumb up and twirls it deftly around Izzie's clit?

Izzie's done, in a little over a minute.

Addison smirks as Izzie comes with a little cry, clearly feeling a victory of some sort, Izzie somehow notes from her orgasm-induced haze. But- she thinks as she comes down blissfully - who wouldn't, after that?

And even though it's crazy and probably really, really stupid - Izzie wouldn't mind doing it again, she thinks.

The End

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