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A Blonde Understanding
By quiethearted (QH Fletcher)


"…and I'm convinced we'll get a conviction. Jo's work on this case was excellent," Alex Cabot murmured, fully aware that Blair was only half listening to her. The ADA smiled as brown eyes glanced at the door for perhaps the tenth time since they had begun talking. "Blair, Jo'll be here," Alex reassured her, referring to the newly promoted Captain they were all here to honor tonight.

"What? Oh, Alex, I'm sorry. It's just that I've barely seen her since this case started." Blair couldn't help laughing a bit at herself. "I just want her home where I know she's safe." It was an admission that the CEO of Warner Industries would not have made to just anyone. She was always careful of her public image; however, the Warners and the Cabots went back a long way and she had known Alex most of her life.

"Understandable, Blair. I have my own cop to worry about."

Blair flashed that radiant smile which made even the normally cool, reserved Alex draw an affected breath. The woman really was stunning and the low-cut red dress that clung to every curve, while not seeming to, was drawing the eye of every man in the room and half the women. As usual, Blair seemed oblivious to the attention as if it were her right to be admired and coveted. "I know. Jo told me. I can't wait to meet her."

"I'm sure you'll get your chance tonight. And I believe the one you're waiting for just arrived," Alex smiled gesturing towards the door.

Blair's smile glowed that much brighter at the beautiful brunette in dress uniform that had just walked in the room. She stiffened, smile fading as normally warm brown eyes narrowed. A tall woman with brown hair had just thrown both arms around Jo in a resounding hug. If anyone was going to be touching Jo Polniaczek tonight, it had better be her wife. Blair felt the light pressure of slender fingertips on her arm

"Easy, Blair. That's just Olivia." It never ceased to amaze Alex that a woman who controlled a billion dollar corporation with total aplomb and handled every social situation with ceaseless grace could be so instantly territorial over one cop, especially one that had shared her life and her bed for over twenty years. Then again, Alex wasn't too thrilled over watching Jo return the hug quite so enthusiastically.

"That's YOUR detective?"

"Yes, it is."

"Then do us both a favor and peel her off MY captain. It would be much better for her continued good health."

"I agree totally."

With a shared smile of perfect understanding, the two blondes headed for the door to make sure the hugs were reassigned to where they rightly belonged.

The End

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