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By trancer


"When he fucks you," Izzie growled. Yanked heavily on the stockings gathered in her fist, ripping them from Addison's thighs and tossing the tattered pieces unceremoniously towards the floor. "When you fuck him? Are you thinking of me?"

Addison could only groan in response. She hated when Izzie was like this. Jealous and angrily lascivious, taking out her frustrations on Addison's body. Hated it because it turned her on more than she cared to admit. Hated it because she'd never let Derek do to her what Izzie did, forcefully bent over her own desk, skirt hiked over her hips, stockings a tattered mess around her ankles. Izzie's hands on her ass, spreading her open making Addison shiver in anticipation.

She'd never let Derek do this. And it made her wonder how many more nights of boring, passionless sex with a man who didn't love her (and, Addison was certain she didn't love as well). How much was she willing to take before conceding defeat and bowing out of her loveless marriage?

Especially when she had someone waiting in the wings. Someone who made her so hot and wet she could feel it dripping down her thighs.

"Stop it!" Izzie smacked Addison's ass, then rubbed the growing red mark. "I'm the only one you should be thinking about. Understand?"

Addison nodded her, lower lip sucked between clenched teeth. Felt Izzie's fingers drifting down the swell of her ass, fingertip dipping teasingly inside her, releasing another stream of wetness from within.

Teasingly, Izzie slipped a finger inside Addison, then another and another, twisting them back and forth. Pleased with herself, with the subservient mewling hissed from Addison's mouth, her hips bucking convulsively at the contact, at the need for penetration.

Addison lifted her hips to drive Izzie's fingers deeper, weight held on the balls of her feet. Cursing herself for her weakness but wanting it so much. This hadn't been their first time. The affair had been going on for months. But, there was something about this Isobel. The Isobel that bent Addison over her own desk, one hand braced on her shoulder while the other fucked her mercilessly. Addison thankful for the desk as leverage as her body became wracked with tremors and her legs turned to jelly.

Izzie swept the remaining items off Addison's desk, pushing the woman onto the surface and rolling her over. She crawled between Addison's legs, gazing triumphantly down at her conquest. "When you came, who were you thinking about?"

Addison lazily opened her eyes, lips curling into a coy grin. "Derek."

"Derek, huh?" Izzie returned the smile, making a descent down Addison's frame. "You know I'm going to have to punish you for that?"

"I know," Addison hissed, back bowing at the first sensations of Izzie's tongue on her still wet and wanting flesh.

And Izzie did punish her, again, and again, and again. And Addison?

She didn't mind one bit.

The End

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