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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is a special Christmas surprise for our groovy, super-duper, mega-cool friend. We hope that you'll like it, and not be mad that you have to beta read your own surprise. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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All I Want for Christmas...
By Fiur and Vlamme

24th of December

The snow crunched beneath the big wheels of the metalic-green jeep, as it came to a stop in front of the little log cabin. Lili Redgrave opened the door, stepped out, and felt her legs sink into the glistening white, nearly up to her knees. She bent over, took two hands full of snow and formed it into a tight, little ball. With a practised eye, she flung it against the cabin wall, where most of it stuck fast.

"Perfect for building a snowman, or for having a merry, little snowball fight," Lili said, brushing some strands of her long blonde hair aside, which the wind had blown into her face. She went to the trunk, took out a big black traveling bag and walked to the cabin's door. A relieved sigh escaped her chest when she found it still locked. "Whew! She hasn't arrived yet. Now, I don't need to hide her present right away."

After stomping her feet to get the snow off her boots, she opened the door and went inside.

"Brrr, it's cold in here," she said, shivering slightly. "First, and most importantly, turn up the heat. Right, Duffy?" Lili opened her thick, warm, winter jacket and brought out a little black and white bundle of fur. Instantly, the little puppy started wagging her tail, as if it were a propeller, and licking Lili's face, enthusiastically.

The blonde woman rubbed her nose against Duffy's moist, black one, and grinned. "Oh, you are soooooooo sweet! Just wait until Marleen sees you. I bet you are the greatest Christmas present she ever got."

She put the little dog on the floor, who at once began to explore her new surroundings, and took her time sniffing at everything she came across.

Lili took off her jacket and boots, carried the traveling bag upstairs, and stowed away all her clothes in the closet of the bedroom. A short glance at her watch told her that it was nearly ten o'clock in the morning. Lili rubbed her hands together. "Alright. Theoretically, Marleen's plane will arrive in three

hours. That leaves me enough time to decorate the house and to set up our Christmas tree. This is going to be a heavenly time...our first Christmas together...I can't wait to be held in Marleen's strong arms where I always feel so secure and cared for. It's been three weeks since we last saw each other...seems like an eternity to me."

Her ears picked up a piteous howling noise, and Lili hurried downstairs. At the foot of the stairs Duffy sat, whimpering, and obviously heart-broken.

"Awww, sweetheart. Did you feel lonely? It's alright, sweetie, I'm here," Lili said, and lifted the little fur bundle into her arms. "You see? Everything is okay."

She placed the dog on the big couch in the living room, and gave Duffy a bone to chew on. "Now, be a good girl. I'm back in a minute, okay? I just have to get something from the car."

It took her nearly an hour to drag the massive fir into the cabin, but after much cursing and a lot of pricked fingers, it finally stood in a corner of the living room, in all its green glory. "I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to get this fat thing in here. Next year I'm going to buy a smaller one," she said, while gazing at the result of her efforts.

"Or maybe not," she added. "Next time I'm going to let Marleen put it up."

Lili looked at her watch. "Tsk. Still two hours until the plane arrives. One thing is for sure, as soon as I have her in my arms, I don't intend to let go again. At least not for several days. This will be the most beautiful Christmas of all times. And, there is even more to celebrate because tomorrow, a year ago, was the first time we met."

Lili sighed, and stepped up on a stool to begin decorating their tree. She became lost in thoughts of the past, with Marleen, as she wove the colorful tapestry of their present, together...

"I can't believe you managed to drag me to that stupid party," Lili hissed through clenched teeth and scowled over the rim of her champagne glass, at the person opposite her.

Her best friend just grinned, mischieviously. "What? Do you want to tell me that you don't like it here?"

Lili took a deep breath. "Kelly, you know I really love you. We've been trough thick and thin, since kindergarten. But this...is the most idiotic idea that ever crossed your mind!"

Kelly Sanders brushed a few of the red strands of her hair aside, her green eyes shining. "You see? And, that's exactly the reason we're here! We've been best friends for years, and I couldn't let you spend Christmas all alone in your appartment."

"But, would you please take a look around," the blonde woman replied, firmly. "The whole party consists only of old men in boring business suits! A short while ago, when I was dancing with one of them, he told me about his knee and back problems and then he tried to..." Lili stopped when her eyes fell on the buffet, or better yet on the person that stood in front of it.

Kelly turned around to see what had caused her friend's voice to falter.

Lili couldn't take her gaze off this magnificent person. Her eyes traveled up the long legs, past slim hips, over the muscled back, to broad shoulders, ending with long raven tresses. And, just at that moment, as if she was able to feel Lili's stare, the woman turned around, and deep blue eyes met emerald green. The woman gave Lili a quick wink, and vanished with her food-laden tray, to the back area of the hall.

For a mili-second, Lili thought that her heart had stopped, just to resume beating even faster. "Oh m-my g-god," she stuttered. "W-what...oh wow..."

"Lili? Lili? HEY LILI!" Kelly's concerned voice finally penetrated her friend's haze.

Lili shook her head to clear her mind. "What?"

Kelly laughed. "Sooooo? What was it you said? Only old men in business suits? For a moment I thought you'd started to drool."

"Shut up!" Lili responded, fiercely, and felt her face glowing bright red. "I'll be back in a minute," she mumbled. Embarrassed, she rose from her chair and disappeared in direction of the ladies' room.

"Is everything alright?" Kelly asked, after Lili had taken her seat again.

"Wonderful. Just made a big fool of myself," the blonde admitted.

"Don't be silly. I thought it was cute." Kelly chuckled, softly.

Lili groaned, pitifully, and buried her face in her hands. "You are so terrible!" Kelly chuckled harder. "And? When are you going over to meet her?"

Lili's eyes flew open. "Are you crazy?" she responded, vehemently. "Never ever!!!"

"Why not?" Kelly asked, surpized at her friend's response.

Lili sighed, dramatically. "Because, I'm sure she is married and has a horde of kids. Just look at her. There is no way that she is single. She can have anyone she wants. I don't think she's waiting for someone like me. And, I'm not going to make a bigger fool out of myself than I already did."

Kelly shrugged her shoulders. "Hmmmm, I would take the chance."

Lili nodded. "Yeah, sure, like you did with Ashley, right?"

The redhead's face lost all color. "That was something entirely different," she declared, sourly. "Besides, we are talking about you and the love of your life, and not about me!"

"No, no, no! Here you are, telling me about taking chances, but you backed down from Ashley!" Lili threw in.

"Okay, alright! Nothing will ever happen with Ashley and me, because she doesn't return my feelings! Understand?" Kelly spat, bitterly.

"How can you know that?" Lili answered. "You haven't even asked her!"

Kelly sighed. "I think I would notice if she had deeper feelings for me. We are just good friends. That's all."

"But, maybe she is just as scared as you are," Lili offered, trying to make her friend consider both sides of the situation.

Kelly just shook her head, sadly. "There is nothing between her and I...at least not from her side..."

"But..." Lili protested.

"Now stop it! I don't want to get depressed!" Kelly replied.

Lili sighed, and propped her head up on her hands. "We really are sad figures, aren't we?"

"You can say that again." Kelly sighed. "Totally sad, and to top it all off, we are at the most boring party in the whole wide world. And..."

"Yes," Lili interrupted. "And, whose fault is that?"

Kelly made a face. "Alright, alright...but at least the music is good."

Soon after those words left her mouth, a song drifted out of the speakers. One she absolutely hated.

"Or maybe not," Kelly added, and got up. "You know what? You're right. It was a stupid idea. Let's go. How about finding a bar, and drowning our sorrows? Does that meet your approval?"

Lili nodded, and rose from her chair. Both women were on their way to collect their coats as a voice sounded behind them. "Excuse me."

Lili turned around and froze on the spot. It was the woman from the buffet. The dark haired beauty smiled, gently, at the small blonde. "I was wondering if you would do me the honor of dancing with me?"

Lili was completely dazed, and needed a moment to sort out her thoughts. "Um... sure...I-I would like to...b-but...um...actually, we were about to leave."

The smile disappeared, and sad blue eyes looked into her own. "Oh. Maybe another time?"

Kelly quickly took control of the situation. "Of course she would love to dance with you," she said and pushed Lili forward a bit.

Lili stared at her friend with wide green eyes. "But, you said you wanted to go?"

"And, I will. I'm sure that...um...what did you say your name was?" Kelly asked, turning to the stranger, and flashing her an innocent smile.

"Marleen. Marleen Petersen." The tall brunette answered, returning Kelly's smile.

The redhead nodded. "Right. I'm sure that Marleen will drive you home later. Am I correct?"

"With pleasure," the dark haired woman replied, with a breathtaking smile, that left Lili weak in the knees.

"Alright then, have fun you two. See you later." Kelly said, and left the party with a huge grin on her face.

Marleen took Lili's hand and guided her to the nearly empty dance floor.

Lili's heart was beating a mile a minute, as Marleen slowly pulled her into her long, strong arms.

'This has to be a dream,' Lili told herself. 'Any moment I will wake up, in my apartment, all alone.' She looked up, and lost herself in deep blue eyes. She heard Marleen saying something to her, but try as she might she couldn't comprehend the softly spoken words. "What?"

The brunette laughed. "I asked you your name."

"Oh, of course. I'm sorry, I'm not my usual self today. My name is Lili. Lili Redgrave," the blonde answered, blushing slightly.

"Lili...what a beautiful name. Beautiful and enchanting, just like you," Marleen breathed into a small, pink ear, and tightened the embrace. Willingly, Lili let herslef go, leaned her headagainst Marleen's shoulder, and closed her eyes, while they swayed, gently, to the soft, romantic music, drifting around them. And, there it was. This feeling of security, safety, and warmth she had been longing for, for so long. Here in these arms she had finally found everything she had ever searched for, and hoped she would never, ever lose it, again.

Hours flew by, and Lili had never been so happy. They had danced, talked and discovered they had lots of things in common.

But, all too soon, Marleen found herself parking her car in front of Lili's house, and the young woman knew that the beautiful evening had come to an end. Marleen stepped out, walked around the car, and opened the passenger door to help Lili out. Standing in front of the big entrance door, they became uncomfortable, and uneasy, neither knowing what to say. They stood in front of each other, looking at the ground, in awkward silence until Marleen said,"Um...it...it was a beautiful evening, huh?"

"Yes, very beautiful," Lili agreed.

Hesitating Marleen reached out and took one of Lili's small hands between her own. "I...I'll go now...it...it was a pleasure to meet you." Slowly and without taking her eyes off the emerald ones in front of her, Marleen guided the hand to her lips and breathed a soft and tender kiss against the knuckles. "Good night, Lili."

She turned to leave, but Lili's slightly trembling voice held her back."Will I...will I ever see you again?"

Marleen turned around and smiled. "Do you want to see me again?"

The blonde nodded. "More than anything else."

Marleen walked over, cupped Lili's face in both hands, gazing deeply into her eyes ,as their lips slowly drew closer to each other. "Tomorrow evening, at seven. Would that be to soon," the brunette whispered in the cold of the winter's night.

Lili shook her head.

"Good," Marleen said. "Is it a date then?"

The blonde woman nodded, while her hands slowly traveled up the brunette's muscled back, and buried themselves in long, black hair. "I don't know what it is...but I don't want to let you go..." she breathed, and bridged the last inch that kept their lips apart, until they melted into an endless, gentle kiss. It started to snow, as Marleen returned and deepened the kiss...

Lili came back from her trip down memory lane, a smile firmly fixed on her full lips. "Well, all in all I have to thank Kelly for meeting the love of my life. If she hadn't dragged me to that, our paths would have never crossed. Mmh, there has to be something I can do for her to return the favor. It will be best to talk this over with Marleen. I'm sure we will come up with something to get Kelly and Ashley together. Even a blind man can see that they belong together."

She stepped down from the stool and gazed at her masterpiece. "Perfect! It is just missing the big golden star on top, and I think it needs more tinsel. What's your opinion, Duffy?"

The little dog lifted her ears, when she heard her name, but didn't get up or, make a move to get down from the couch. Instead she yawned, widely, and turned her back to Lili.

"Oh, excuse me your highness. Please forgive the fact that I dared to disturb your beauty sleep." She turned back to the Christmas tree. "Yes, more tinsel."

Lili looked at her watch, again. "Only an hour, now."

Just then, the telephone rang and the blonde picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Did I ever tell you how sexy I think your voice is?" Lili's heart picked up, as Marleen's deep, melodic voice reached her ears.

Lili grinned happily. "Darling! Where are you?"

"At the airport." Marleen responded, dejectedly.

The blonde wrinkled her forehead. "Sweetheart, is something wrong? You sound so sad. Did something happen?"

Marleen sighed. "Something like that. I have bad news."

"Darling, you're scaring me. What's up? Are you sick?" Lili felt the butterflies in her stomach turn to elephants.

"Yes, sick with longing for you," Marleen responded, in a small voice. "I just miss you so much."

"I know and I miss you, too, very much. But, we will see each other, shortly. I can't wait to take you into my arms. You have to promise me to never go on a business trip for so long again...at least not without taking me with you." Lili murmered.

"You can bet on that." Marleen sighed deeply, before continuing. "But...we can't see each other soon...I'm sorry..."

"Why not? What do you mean? Darling, please, please tell me right now what's wrong!" Lili ordered.

Marleen quickly explained her situation, struggling to ease her lover's anxiety."I'm stuck at the airport, in some town I don't even know the name of. Because of the heavy blizzards, all flights have been canceled and nothing's moving, in or out."

For a second Lili closed her eyes, fighting tears that welled up. "This should have been our first Christmas together, and tomorrow is our first anniversary," she choked out, tearfully.

At the other end of the line Marleen's heart was close to breaking. "I know, honey. I know. I was looking forward to it, too. You don't know how sorry I am. But, I promise I'll make it up to you, I swear."

Lili smiled through her tears. It was typical for Marleen to take responsibility, even if she wasn't at fault.

"Baby, please, please, don't cry. You know I can't bear that," Marleen whispered, close to tears herself.

Lili sniffled. "Okay." More sniffling. "I'll try, and I'll be waiting for you."

"I swear, if there is even the slightest chance to get to you I will take it, okay?"

Marleen promised.

"Okay, but promise me you won't take any chances with your safety." Lili's voice shook. "I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart. More than anything else in my life, don't forget that, ever." Marleen's rich voice was thick with emotion. "Do you hear me? My whole heart belongs only to you."

Lili bit down on her fist, to keep from sobbing out loud.

"Sweetheart? Are you still there?" Marleen asked, concerned.

"You say you can't bear to hear, or see me crying and then you go and say such beautiful things that just move me to tears," Lili explained, and lost the battle with her emotions. "Please, please hurry home, darling! I miss you so much," she cried into the receiver, hot tears rolling down her soft cheeks.

"I'll do my best," Marleen promised. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Hope to see you soon," the blonde whispered, hoarsely.

"Bye, baby. And, take good care of you, okay?" Marleen admonished, her own tears making her voice rough.

"I will." Lili hung up, and wiped the sleeves of her sweatshirt across her eyes. Then she let herself fall into an old armchair she had inherited from her grandmother, which was her favorite piece of furniture in the cabin. Small sobs were still shaking her body. "Why? Oh, why?"

Whimpering, Duffy sat in front of the armchair, and Lili picked the little puppy up. "I know, at least you are here with me. But, you do understand it's just not the same, don't you? These were supposed to be some incredible days with Marleen. Our first Christmas eve together. I already had to do the preparations on my own. And, now I have to spend the whole time all alone. That's so cruel and unfair!"

After Lili had cried out all her tears, she sighed, "I need to take my mind off this. Baking cookies might relax me a bit. How about it, Duffy?"

Happily, the little dog wagged her tail.

Lili rose, stiffly, and switched on the ancient black and white TV. "Somebody has to talk to me, even though I can only choose between one channel and...um...one channel."

While she was emptying the cooler, and putting everything in the refrigerator, she listened, with one ear, to the news. "Because of the persistent blizzards, in most parts of the country, nearly all airports have been closed. According to the authorities, there are not going to be any flights before the New Year."

Horrified, Lili stared at the whirling white of the TV, from behind the refrigerator's door. "WHAT? That can't be true! That means Marleen won't be able to get here, and not only won't I see her for Christmas, now we won't even get to spend New Year's Eve together!"

Totally dejected, she closed the door of the refrigerator, and weakly slid to the floor, hugged her legs to her chest, and buried her face between her knees.

A normally festive Christmas carol blared, from the old TV. "Joy to the world..."

"What a mockery!" Lili exclaimed. "My Christmas spirit just floated down the drain. This is going to be the worst Christmas I ever had," she cried with despair.

Lili didn't know how long she sat there on the cold floor, before she rose, shivering to carry out her baking plans, figuring that she could fill the cabin with warmth that way, at least, even if she wasn't in the mood for Christmas cookies. She switched off the TV, mumbling, "There is nothing good coming out of it, anyway."

Hands on her small hips, she glanced around, the small cabin. "Oh. There aren't any logs to light up the oven. That means I have to get out and split some...but, if I'm lucky there are still some in the old barn."

Not very happy, about having to go out in the cold, again, she put on her boots and jacket, to brave the chill. The young woman took a deep breath, and put her hand on the door knob. "You stay here, Duffy, and wait for me. Be a good girl." She turned the knob, and a heavy wind blew into her face.

"How cosy," she said, sarcastically. "There is nothing left of the beautiful weather we had this morning."

The young woman fought bravely against the strong wind. She nearly fell, as the cold air bit her legs, while she made her way through the high snow. Finally, she reached the little run-down barn, and shoved the door open, closing it behind her. Relieved to have a break from the bitter cold and icy wind, she leaned against the wall. "Those few steps seemed like a marathon through Siberia to me."

Frightened, she looked to the ceiling, when she heard a strange sound. "The roof is creaking, dangerously, beneath all that snow. I guess I should hurry." She looked around. "It's so dark in here I can't see much." It took her awhile to dig them out, but, she found some logs that were still there, from their last trip in the summer.

"Bull's eye!" She knelt down, and placed the logs in her basket. Her gaze fell upon the massive chopping block, with the axe laying on top. "This reminds me of our first time here, when I was showing Marleen my beloved mountains."

"Wait!" Marleen's voice sounded, from behind her, as Lili lifted the axe with her small hands, intending to splitt the piece of wood sitting in front of her, on top of the chopping block.

Marleen stepped behind her, so close that their bodies were slighlty touching, sending shivers down the blonde's back.

"You have to grab the handle higher and wrap your hands tightly around it." The muscular brunette explained.

Lili swallowed, when she felt Marleen's silky black hair on her naked shoulders, as Marleen bent forward to put her hands on Lili's, to show her how to swing the axe, properly. Marleen closed her strong arms around Lili's small body. "Now, do you know how to do it?"

Lili's mind was in a complete haze, and she mumbled, "What are you talking about?"

Slowly the axe slipped from their hands, and fell to the block, as Lili turned towards Marleen, both women enjoying the embrace.

Skeptically, Lili put her head to the side. "How is it possible that you know how to hold an axe in the correct way? You are a city person."

Her beloved winked and answered, "Well, not only am I a successful business woman who was kidnapped by you, and forced into nature. As a sideline, I am a crazy axe murderess."

"You mean I'm all alone out here in the secluded mountains, with a lunatic and not one soul around to rescue me?" Lili exclaimed, in mock horror.

Marleen struck a heroic pose, "Don't fear! In my free time I work as Superwoman and rescue beautiful damsels in distress, who have flashing green eyes and a smile that has me under their spell."

Mischieviously, Lili smiled. "Yeah? Superwoman, hmm? Are you super in every aspect of life or just in saving damsels?"

Marleen arched a brow, and her bright blue eyes traveled up and down Lili's frame. "We have to find out, don't we?" The dark-haired beauty sank down on the grass pulling her beloved towards her down to the sweet smelling meadow. Surrounded by beautiful flower's, Marleenslowly freed Lili's shoulders from the straps of her top, gently caressing the silky soft skin...

Lili was jerked back from her sweet memory, as the loud creaking sound, again, came from above. She looked up, and soft snowy dust floated down. Hastily, she grabbed the basket with the logs in it. "I have to get out of here before the roof comes tumbling down, und buries me underneath."

Back at the cabin, Lili sighed, and locked the door. "Let's leave the storm outside." She turned around, and looked at her feet, where Duffy sat, gazing at her with undisguised adoration. Beside the puppy there was a little puddle on the floor.

Lili grinned at the little imp. "A mishap? I'll get a towel."

While Lili was cleaning the floor, she said, "It seems like I was gone longer than I thought. I'm sorry Duffy, but the memories of last summer were just too wonderful...I miss Marleen so much."

Her enthusiasm waned, as she entered the kitchen. "Baking cookies alone is just no fun.The only thing I could make would be broken hearts and that will only get me more depressed than I already am. So, I'm going to make myself a good hot chocolate. Grandma always said 'Sweets are helpful when you are sad', and I need all the help I can get."

With her steaming cup of hot chocolate, Lili walked back to the living room. Skeptically, she took a look around. Her eyes moved over the room, taking in the decorated tree, and finally to the open fireplace, where two very big stockings hung. Each of them had a name embroidered on it, one for Marleen, the other for Lili.

"Something very important is missing here." She placed her cup on the table, and went to the kitchen, to retrieve some logs. "I need build a fire in the fireplace, so it will be nice and cozy for us, right Duffy?"

Happily, the little puppy pranced about, while Lili knelt down to make the fire. When she was finished, she lit the kindling, and a rich blaze overtook the old fireplace. "That is so beautiful, the way it is crackling and spreading light and warmth."

Consumed by the warmth of the blaze, she lay down in front of the fireplace, on a soft, white lamb fur, her fingertips stroking it without thought. Her eyes grew heavy, as exhaustion conquered her body. Slowly, her head dropped to her arms, and she fell asleep.

Marleen crouched in front of the fireplace. She had matches in her hand, and was blowing strongly inside the chimney. Her better half came around the corner, some fruity cocktails in her hand. "Did I end up in the house of the three little pigs? If that is the case, please, dear wolf let the house stand. It is only the humble love shack of me and my beloved."

Not amused in the slightest, Marleen looked down at her small lover. "Ha ha, very funny. This thing is broken, that's it. I can't get it lit."

"You just don't know how to light a fire, properly, because you never had a real fireplace." Lili taunted. "The one you have at your apartment is fake."

"Yes, but I only have to press a button and poof...the perfect illusion," Marleen said. "And, quite a warm one, at that."

Lili went on,"Without the typical good smelling scent, the beautiful dancing of the flames, the popping of wood..."

Marleen threw up her hands. "Alright, alright, you win. The real thing is best."

Satisfied Lili nodded. "I still have a lot to teach you about nature, it seems."

"I guess so, but I'm a good student," Marleen answered, roguishly.

Lili didn't return the flirting, but asked, "Why do you want to make a fire, anyway? It's

summer and it's hot."

Marleen rose, took the cocktails from Lili's hands, and put them aside. Tenderly her fingertips danced across the naked skin of the blonde's arms.

Lili started to shiver. "What are you up to?" she whispered.

"Well, if it is getting too hot for you, I can't change that, but I can get your mind off it, and it will be very romantic..." the brunette answered, with a wink, never ceasing the gentle stroking.

Lili couldn't suppress a grin. "Oh, you can, can you?"

"If I want to," Marleen replied lustfully.

"Alright," the blonde breathed in anticipation. "I double dog dare ya'!"

Their longing gazes never parted, as Marleen sank to the lamb fur, smiling lasciviously. She stretched, and her short dress slipped a bit, showing off her long slim legs. "I love you," the dark haired beauty confessed, with bright baby blue eyes.

She patted the fur beside her and whispered, "This place to my right is so empty, I wish for my Lili to be here with me."

With her heart beating faster, and her eyes shining, the blonde instantly joined her lover in front of the fireplace.

"Are you resting well on this soft fur of a bear, my beloved?" Marleen asked poetically, running her fingers through Lili's golden hair.

But, instead of the expected sigh of pleasure a hearty laugh escaped Lili's chest. "That once was a lamb, not a bear," the blonde answered, dryly.

"Does it matter?" Marleen hissed, and blushed. "You always want me to be romantic, and now you're making fun of me."

Faced with the pained expression on Marleen's face, Lili had to suppress another laugh. "I'm sorry, really I am. I didn't mean to laugh, believe me." As an attempt at reconciliation, she placed a tender kiss on the brunette's nose. "It was just so unusual for you. Please, forgive me?"

Still pouting, Marleen turned on her side and crossed her arms.

"Aww, please, please, please..." Lili begged, and pressed herself tightly against Marleens back, so the brunette could feel her lover's warm breath against her neck. With each "Please" she placed tiny kisses on the Marleen's smooth, white skin. Aroused, Marleen finally turned around, desire blazing strongly in her eyes.

"Now, please kiss me," Lili breathed. Their lips came together and melted against each other. At this moment, an unexpected thougt crossed Lili's mind, 'Eww...how wet...'

Only with supreme effort, did Lili manage to leave the dream world, and slowly open her eyes. She recognized the blurry image of little Duffy in front of her. The dog was sitting on her chest, licking her face, excitedly, and wagged her tail furiously when she noticed Lili was awake. A little disgusted, the blonde wiped the dog slobber off her face. "Ewww, Duffy! Did you have to wake me so abruptly? I was just having the most wonderful dream!"

Duffy barked, and danced around Lili. Then she sat down, looked at her, with her big brown eyes, and started whimpering. It took awhile, until Lili's sleepy brain began to work but, then she knew what the little black and white dog wanted. "Oh, you have to go out, hm? Alright then, come on."

Duffy hurried to the door, sniffing loudly at the tiny crack between the old, wooden door and the floor.

"It's okay, I understand what you were trying to tell me," Lili said, and put on her boots, and her thick winter jacket. Duffy was now barking, and jumping up and down, excitedly.

"Yes, okay, just a minute! I'm glad that the storm has passed." No sooner had she opened the door, than Duffy stormed ahead, and with one big leap jumped right into the snow.

The young woman laughed as the little dog completely sank in. Lili walked over to the small, shivering mound, pulled her out of the cold, wet, white blanket, and lifted her into her arms. "Don't be so impetuous, you little devil. It's better to stay close to the house, where the snow is not so deep."

Duffy looked at her as if she could understand every word her mistress said.

Lili set Duffy down, again, and gazed at the star-brightened sky. She smiled as another memory filled her mind...

The lovers were laying on a blanket, beneath the stars, relishing the warm summer night, in the mountains. Marleen had her arms crossed behind her head, and was lost in thougt, as she stared at the sky. Lili's head was resting, peacefully, on her stomach, and could feel the gentle rise and fall of it with every breath she took.

"The stars always remind me of an old fairy-tale from Finland, I was once told. It is about the true creation of the stars. If my memory serves me right it was called 'The silvery virgin',"Marleen suddenly murmered, in the stillness.

Lili's curiosity awoke, as she heard her lover's dreamy voice. "Will you tell it to me?" she begged.

"Oh, it's been so long. I don't think I will be able to remember all of it," Marleen said, trying to get out of recounting the tale. But, faced with the pleading emerald eyes, that held her very soul captive, she sighed and gave in.

Lili snuggled close to Marleen's chest, and listened to the low voice of her beloved, as she began her tale.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful virgin called Kuutamo, who was the daughter of the moon. Many men tried to court her but she didn't want to give her heart to anyone of them. In the south, there lived a boy called Aurinko. He was the son of the sun. After he heard about the virgin, he decided to make her his wife. But, as the girl saw him coming, she slipped away, and fled into the mountains, the boy hot on her heels. When he lost sight of her, he called her name. Every time she answered his call, because she was sure he wouldn't be able to catch her. And, so they ran and ran..."

"Finally the son of the sun realized that it was impossible to catch her. So, he thought up a different plan. He wanted to chase her up a high mountain, and then catch her there. The boy followed her, always careful to block any retreats. He forced her higher and higher. When Kuutamo reached the top, she noticed there was no way out. Fear clouding her mind, she jumped into the sky. The young man was so exhausted, he didn't even see her fly up in the air. He only saw the empty mountain top, and broke down. At the same time, the daughter of the moon floated back down to earth. She felt sorry for the handsome boy she saw laying there on the hard ground. 'What do you want me to do,' she asked softly, and knelt down beside the dying young man."

"'Give me something to drink,' Aurinko whispered, weakly."

"But, at the mountain's top, there was no water to be found. The girl started crying, so her tears might quench his thirst. But, it was already too late. The boy was dead, and his body turned to stone. Endlessly, the tears were falling from her eyes, because she was so sad, and the wind carried the tears to the sky. The virgin's body also turned to stone, and her tears became silver. And, now whenever someone looks up at the sky, at night, they can see the sparkling silvery tears that became stars; a sign, that they should always remember the love that's in their hearts."

Silence fell, and Marleen thought she had bored Lili to sleep. But, she hadn't, because, in the dim starlight, she could see tears running down Lili's cheeks.

Concerned, the tall, dark-haired woman sat up, and pulled her beloved into her lap. She tenderly stroked the silky blonde hair, and kissed the tears from her cheeks. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry I made you cry. I didn't mean to make you sad."

Lili lifted her head, to gaze into the baby blue eyes of her one true love and smiled. "I'm not sad, I'm happy. I'm so happy to have you in my life. That tale was just so beautiful, it made me cry. You told it so wonderfully, too. You know, that's one of the reasons I love you so much. At just the right moment, you find just the right words to melt me into a little puddle."

Completely embarrassed by Lili's praise, Marleen blushed brightly, glad that Lili wouldn't be able to notice, because of the dim light.

"But these words wouldn't mean anything without you. Because, your presence brings them out of me, and through your love for me, I learned how to give voice to my feelings," Marleen said, cupping Lili's face in both hands. Their lips came together in a kiss of barely restrained passion.

Lili sighed, as she returned from her day dream. "Oh, Marleen...I miss you so much..."

A shooting star caught her attention. "I only have one wish...it would be absolutely fantastic to wake up tomorrow and look into Marleen's beautiful, sapphire blue eyes..."

Duffy's penetrating bark interrupted further thoughts. Lili walked back to the house. "What is it now?"

And then, she could hear what had Duffy barking, the ringing of the telephone. Hurriedly, Lili climbed the three steps of the cabin, ran to the shrilly ringing apparatus, and picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

Static was the only sound at the other end.

"Hello? Hello?" She repeated her greeting, anxiously.

"...Sweetheart...not...possible...home...I...found...New Year's Eve..." Lilli thought she could pick up her lover's broken voice through the static.

"Marleen? Marleen is that you? I can't understand you," Lili declared, loudly, trying to be heard through the rotten connection..

"...Baby...sorry...New Year's Eve...can...hear..." The static roughened voice continued.

"Marleen, the connection is terrible! I can't understand you! What are you trying to tell me?" Lili's frustration was nearing the breaking point.

Again, there was only static at the other end, and then the line went completely dead.

Lili slamed the receiver down, angrily. "Damn it all to hell!" she cursed. "Even technology leaves me hanging today! I never, in a million years imagined this year's Christmas to be like this!" She crossed her arms and continued to question the empty cabin. "I really want to know why everything I want always goes wrong? And, now I have to have a romantic candlelight dinner all alone...great...just great, " she finished, grumpiliy.

Duffy scratched at her pant leg, trying to show Lili that she wasn't all alone. Lili lifted the little dog into her lap, and stroked Duffy's little head, which the pup enjoyed very much. "What do you think, sweetie? Wanna go and take a look around the kitchen to see if we can find something yummy to eat?"

The little dog barked her answer, and the duo made their way to the kitchen.

While Duffy was happily munching away on her puppy food, Lili went back to the living room, and lit some candles, which were supposed to be for a cozy Christmas eve dinner with Marleen. Wistfully, she took a framed picture of the both of them off the chimney, gently tracing her index finger across the classic lines of Marleen's beautiful face. Tears started to fall again. "I don't want to be without you... I can't be without you...my Marleen."

Her melancholy mood grew thick, as she took a seat on the couch, and for the first time, noticed the silence around her. There was no sound, except for the occasional popping of sparking wood in the fireplace. Unhappily, she grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her tired body. She rested her head on her arm, which lay on the arm rest of the couch, and stared out of the nearest window. Meanwhile, it had began to snow, big flakes were dancing in the wind. Beautiful ice flowers grew on the window's glass, but Lili didn't seem to see them. Unmovingly, she was thinking only about her loneliness, and her Marleen, spending an equally lonely Christmas at a cold, sterile airport.

"Where are you, my love?" Lili asked, her question falling on the deaf ears of the empty cabin, reinforcing her forced solitude.

25th of December

Light grew inside the cabin, as the sun rose to chase away the night with her golden rays. But, Lili didn't notice. She was sleeping soundly on the couch, in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a fluffy blanket. A small smile on her face indicated that her dream world was very active...and very nice.

Duffy lay slumbering beside the couch. But, suddenly her pointy ears twitched, and she lifted her head. Somebody was on their way to the cabin. A key slid into the lock, and turned. Finally the knob moved, and very carefully the door opened, showing a tall figure, back lit and shadowed by the morning rays. Duffy got up on her spindly legs, growling menacingly, but the woman closed the door behind her, unimpressed by the lurking danger, took off her long, black coat, and put her traveling bag in a corner.

When she realized that her threatening behavior wasn't deterring the intruder at all, Duffy went over to her, stood up on her little paws, against one muscled leg, and took a good long sniff of her pant leg. Obviously, she liked what her nose found, because she started to wag her little tail, furiously.

Strong arms lifted her up, and the little puppy was confronted with a lovely face, framed by long, black hair and two incredible blue and very warm eyes were beaming at her. "Well, hello. And, whom do we have here?" the woman whispered, and smiled.

Duffy let out a little "Woof", and then dragged her tongue once across the soft cheek in front of her.

The woman put the dog back on the floor, and went over to the couch. Gracefully, she lowered herself to the edge, and gazed, affectionately, upon the sleeping Lili. Carefully, the dark-haired beauty reached out, and gentle fingertips caressed the soft skin of the blonde's cheeks.

Softly, the brunette's rich voice husked, "Hey...Sleeping beauty...wake up...your princess charming has arrived."

Lili mumbled something incoherently, turned on her back, and continued sleeping.

The woman chuckled, slightly. "Okay then, plan A failed. Let's try plan B." She bent down and covered the blonde's lips with her own. Still no reaction from the sleeping woman, so, the brunette deepened the kiss, gently coaxing Lili's lips open and then explored the hot cavern of her mouth with her tongue.

Lili stiffened, and her eyes flew open.

The other woman was grinning wildly. "Merry Christmas, baby!"

Lili sat up, cupped the face in front of her, in both hands, and looked deeply into sapphire blue eyes. "Marleen...is it...is this a dream?"

Marleen pulled her beloved into her arms, held her tightly, and buried her face into Lili's fragrant throat. "No, baby. This is not a dream. I'm really here with you."

Lili couldn't believe it. Deep inside, she already had accepted the fact that she would be on her own this Christmas and New Year's Eve. "But how...how is that possible? In the news, they said, because of the bad storms, there will be no more flights this year..."

"I hitchhiked," Marleen declared. "That was the only possibility to get to you, so I took it. There was no way I would spend Christmas without you."

"But...You hitchhiked? But...damn it Marleen! Don't you know how dangerous that is?" Lili asked.

"Baby, I'm a big girl. And, you know I can take care of myself." The brunette reminded her.

"But Marleen...when I think about what could have happened to you..." Lili continued.

Marleen kissed her deeply, to interrupt her protests, and Lili moaned softly. After both women were breathless, Marleen leaned her forehead against Lili's. "God, baby. How I did miss you."

"Me too," the blonde agreed. "These were the longest three weeks of my life. The worst was going to sleep all alone."

Marleen laughed. "Yes, I saw that when I arrived. You were sleeping so soundly, you wouldn't have noticed a bomb exploding beside you."

Lili grinned, blushing furiously, "I didn't say I couldn't sleep at all. But, that doesn't mean I like going to sleep alone."

"It's okay, baby. I know," Marleen answered, and placed a sweet kiss on the tip of Lili's nose. "Besides, you got yourself a new little bodyguard that will protect you in case of someone entering who is not wanted here."

Puzzled, her mind still fuzzy with sleep and Marleen's arrival, Lili looked at her, blankly. "What are you talking about?"

Marleen bent over, and picked up Duffy. "She was growling somewhat fiercely when I came in."

"She did?" Lili asked, astonished.

Marleen nodded. "Yes, she did. But, it seems that she doesn't think me a danger to you. Because, after I lifted her into my arms, she gave me a little welcome-home kiss."

Lili grinned, and patted Duffy's head. "I'm sure she recognized you as my sweet cuddle-bunny."

Marleen blinked, open-mouthed "Your what? Your sweet cuddle-bunny?"

Lili giggled. "Yeah, my big, sweet, strong, warm cuddle-bunny," the blonde agreed, and pulled her beloved in a fiery kiss, that had Marleen's senses reeling. Lili pinned the dark-haired woman to the couch, and rolled on top of her. Strong hands wrapped around her hips, and large, warm hands slipped underneath the blonde's pajama top, caressing the naked, silky skin of her lover's back, while their lips melted into never-ending kisses. Finally, Lili let go of Marleen's soft lips and laid her head on her lover's chest, a satisfied sigh escaping her.

Marleen cleared her throat, and tried to get control of her wildly beating heart and fast breathing. "Wow...this is what I would call a proper welcome-home kiss. I think, now, I will go on more business trips."

Lili looked up, her green eyes flashing, dangerously. "Don't you dare!"

Marleen chuckled, and tightened her embrace. "I was only joking. I don't think I could endure another business trip without you. At least not such a long one."

Lili leaned back to look into Marleen's sapphire eys, and asked, excitedly, "And? How was it? Did you get the account?"

Marleen grinned, crookedly, and winked down at her lover, "Oh yeah! Took long enough, though.Oh, and before I forget, Kelly sends greetings and wishes us a merry Christmas. Which brings us back to the topic at hand, Christmas."

Marleen rolled them over until she was on top. "May I unwrap my present now?" she asked, batting her eyelashes playfully.

"And, just what do you think is your present?" Lili wanted to know.

Marleen wrinkled her forehead, rubbed her chin, and pretended to be deep in thought. "Hmmm...I don't know...um..." While gazing deeply into Lili's eyes, one of her hands slid up to open the top button of her lover's pajama top. She pressed a tender kiss to the newly exposed patch of skin. "I think you are my present...so...may I unwrap you now?"

Desire was coursing, hotly, through Lili's veins. She buried her hands in the long, black hair of her beloved, and pulled Marleen up to capture her soft lips with her own. Warm hands closed around her full, firm breasts, softly caressing them through the thin fabric of Lili's pajamas.

"Oh, darling...yes...I'm yours," Lili moaned, as Marleen sucked on her pulse point, while gentle fingertips were tracing around her nipples, until they became stiff and hard. Marleen's lips worked their way to a cute, pink ear. "Baby...you feel so good...I need to reacquaint myself with every inch of your beautiful body...starting from the top of your head down to the tip of your cute little toes..."

Lili shivered, slightly, as she heard the seductive voice of her lover. She cupped Marleen's cheeks and brought her face up to kiss her, passionately. They parted, breathlessly, and Lili started tugging at Marleen's sweatshirt. "Darling...please take it off, I want to feel you, too."

Soft lips descended on her own, silencing her. "Later, baby...just let me love you...please...it's been so long...please..." MArleen whispered against Lili's mouth.

The plea struck a cord inside Lili's heart and soul, and she willingly surrendered to Marleen's passion. Gazing deeply into bright blue eyes that shone with desire and endless love, she smiled, and wrapped her legs around Marleen's hips.

"Anything for you, darling...anything," the blonde whispered back.

Carefully Marleen sat up and brought Lili with her, until she sat on the couch with the blonde astride her lap. Brushing tender kisses all over her face and throat, she slowly freed Lili from her pajama top, leaving her naked from the waist up, exposing full, firm breasts to her hungry gaze. Goosebumps broke out all over Lili's body as she felt the coarse fabric of Marleen's sweatshirt rubbing against her taunt nipples, while warm hands tenderly stroked her back.

Overcome with need, Lili intertwined one small hand in dark locks, and guided the head of her beloved to her aching breast. She moaned loudly, as Marleen's hot mouth enveloped a rosy nipple, sucking gently at the stiff peak. Long arms wrapped themselves around her waist and pulled her more tighter against Marleen's strong body. Lili closed her eyes and threw her head back in pleasure as the brunette switched breasts and increased her sucking motion. Her hips began to rock, and one of Marleen's hands slowly slipped beneath the blonde's pajama pants, cupping a firm buttock.

Lili growled softly, and her rocking increased. The crease of her pajama pants were rubbing, deliciously, against her throbbing clit, and there was no doubt she would reach the point of no return soon. But, then both the mouth and the hand disappeared.

"Darling, what are you doing?" Lili whined, pitifully, at the loss.

"Shhhh, baby" Marleen soothed her frazzled lover. "Just stand up for a second. I want to take your pants off."

The blonde got up on shaking legs, panting, with her heart beating out of control, as Marleen knelt down in front of her, hooked her thumbs around the waistband of the offending pajama pants, and slowly drew them down over the blonde's trim hips and fit legs, until they pooled around Lili's feet.

The brunette rained tender kisses along the soft, silky skin of Lili's legs, and the blonde had to grip Marleen's shoulders to keep herself standing. Marleen moaned with desire as her nose picked up the sweet scent of her lover's arousal. She inhaled it deeply while placing wet, hot kisses all over Lili's ribs and stomach. "Oh, baby," she breathed. "I need to taste you...right now..."

The blonde's breath caught in her throat, and she thought that her heart had missed a beat or two as Marleen's warm, velvety tongue started to explore her center, bathing it in the sweet nectar of her flaming desire. She was clutching Marleen's strong shoulders tightly, now, her legs threatening to give way at any moment. The lustful sighs and moans that escaped the blonde's throat were beyond her control, as the dark-haired woman cupped her firm behind and pulled her closer. She nearly came,

as Marleen sucked the throbbing pleasure nub between her teeth, stroking it firmly with her tongue.

"Darling...please...I don't think I can keep standing anymore..." Lili gasped.

Marleen lifted Lili up, and sat back down on the couch, the small blonde sitting once again astride her lap. Deep, passionate kisses were exchanged and Lili moaned when she could taste herself on her lover's tender lips.

Breathing harshly, Marleen broke the kiss and cupped Lili's face. "I love you," she whispered, staring into beautiful emeralds with her own blue fiery sapphires, ablaze with passion.

Lili smiled, and husked, "Show me."

"Tell me what you want...tell me what you need," Marleen requested.

"You are all I want or need. Only you," the blonde replied.

Marleen's left arm snaked around Lili's waist, while her right hand traveled down Lili's body, until it reached its destination between soft thighs, cupping the blonde's womanhood, fingertips gentlyrubbing the wet folds. Lili began to rock her pelvis and the brunette growled, "Oh, baby..."

"Darling, please...please...I need you so much..." the blonde begged, nearly delirious from the intense passion.

Two long fingers slid inside the blonde's molten core. Lili screamed with pleasure, and she felt her inner walls tighten around her beloved's sweet intruders, one large, warm hand on her back, guiding her movements, as she sped on her way to a glorious climax.

"Yes...darling...that's it...don't stop..." Lili panted.

Marleen delivered a tender kiss to a blonde brow, never ceasing the deep thrusts of her fingers. "Don't worry, I won't stop," she whispered, into a small ear and increased her speed.

"Feels so good..." Lili moaned.

"I know, my love." Marleen respnded, in kind. "To me, too...oh, how I've missed you!"

Lili bucked her hips wildly. It wouldn't be long now. "Darling...I...oh God..."

Marleen tightened her hold on her lover's taunt behind, and slid another finger inside. "I'm here...I'll catch you..."

"Oh...Marleen..." the blonde cried.

"Yes, baby...let go...let it come..." the brunette encouraged.

Head thrown back, Lili arched her back, as her orgasm ripped trough her. "OH


The brunette caressed her lover's back, soothingly stroking her sweat-soaked skin. She breathed tiny kisses all over Lili's face, and whispered sweet nothings into Lili's ear. "Oh baby, you have no idea how beautiful you are in the throes of passion...so very beautiful."

When the blonde slowly drifted back down to earth, Marleen carefully pulled her talented digits from her lover's center, and embraced her beloved with both arms, holding her tightly to her chest.

Completely overwhelmed with the intense emotions, Lili slumped forward, and hugged Marleen tightly. She buried her face in Marlene's throat and the brunette could feel hot tears on her skin. "Hey, baby. What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" she asked, worried that she had done something wrong.

Lili shook her head. "No, darling, you didn't."

"Then why are you crying?" Marleen asked, still concerned.

The blonde smiled, through her tears, "It has never been this intense before. Your love for me has me completely overwhelmed me...I...don't know what else to say...I..."

"I understand," Marleen said, as she gently kissed Lili's tears away, and wrapped the blanket around the naked body of her beloved. She held the blonde tightly, and nuzzled her soft, long, blonde hair. "Thank you for my present."

Lili grinned. "That was only one. Actually, I wanted to give you something else."

"Yeah?" Marleen waggled her eyebrows. "Does my real present involve you ravishing me in front of the fireplace?"

The blonde swatted her lover's taunt stomach, gently. "If you'll behave yourself, for just a minute, I'll tell you."

"Okay," the dark haired-beauty replied, grinning wildly. "I'll behave...at least for now..."

"Your present is over there, beside the fireplace," Lili said, and pointed with her head in that direction.

"What? The lamb fur? Really?" Marleen asked, her blue eyes glittering with mischief.

Lili rolled her green eyes, inwardly smiling at her lover's antics. "Do you see the little black and white bundle that's sleeping on the lamb fur?"

"You mean the fierce guard dog?" Marleen's mouth gaped in surprize. "She's my present? You really got me a puppy"

Lili nodded, softly stroking Marleen's cheek. "I know, you always wanted to have a dog. And, when I saw Duffy I couldn't help myself, I had to buy her for you."

Marleen cupped Lili's face in both hands and kissed her with incredible tenderness. "Thank you, sweetheart. I love you so much." The brunette rose from the couch and went to her traveling bag.

She opened one of the many zippers, took something out, and hid it in her pocket. Obviously nervous, she walked back and knelt in front of the couch. "Lili, I have to tell you something."

The blonde became slighly nervous, because of her lover's serious tone, but she didn't show it.

Silence fell, while Marleen just stared at her beloved, trying to gather the courage she needed to tell her what she wanted to say.

Blushing slightly, Marleen began, "I feel a bit foolish right now. I rehearsed this about a hundred times, in my mind but now, I don't know how to tell you..." She took a deep breath, and put a hand on Lili's leg.

Lili covered it with one of her own, and gently squeezed Marleen's fingers. "Whatever it is, you know I will always be there for you. And, you also know that you can tell me


Marleen swallowed hard, and took out the little jewelry box, that was covered in dark blue velvet.

Once she saw the little box, Lili's heart began beating out of control. "Can it be? Is this what I think it is?" Her mind spun out of control.

The brunette swallowed, again, and continued, "I...I wanted to tell you that you are everything to me, Lili, even though you can't always be by my side.When I wake in the morning, and open my eyes, my first thought is only of you. And, your sweet face is the last thing that crosses my mind, before I close my eyes to sleep at night. Never before in my life have I felt the happiness, I feel when I am with you. I never believed in love. At least, not before you came into my life. And, that's why..." Marleen's hands were trembling, as she opened the jewelry box, and with tears in her eyes, she

presented the ring to Lili. "...and that's why I wanted to ask you...would you...will you...marry me?"

Tears of joy were running down Lili's cheeks, as she pulled Marleen up onto the couch, and into her arms. "Yes! From the bottom of my heart, yes! Of course I will marry you!"

Marleen's body relaxed visibly, after she received Lili's positive answer, and she placed a tiny kiss on the blonde's cheek. "Thank you, my heart. You have made me the happiest woman on earth, today!" She put the ring on Lili's finger, and tenderly kissed her small knuckles. "I love you so much, baby."

"I love you, too," Lili responded. "More than I'm able to express in mere words. What...what do you say to going upstairs, so I can show you?" she asked, as one of her hands slipped underneath Marleen's sweatshirt, and her fingertips danced across the brunette's hard stomach muscles.

Without answering, Marleen picked Lili up, carried her to the bedroom, and lowered her, gently, to the big, soft bed.

Lili wrapped her arms and legs around her tall lover, and pulled her down on top of her. Then, she rolled over, and pinned Marleen to the satin sheets, that matched the color of the dark-haired beauty's eyes perfectly.

"Now, it's my turn," Lili breathed, hotly, in Marleen's ear, and the brunette squirmed with pleasure. "And, I intend to take my time," the blonde added, and bit down, gently, on a tender earlobe.

Then, Lili sat up, und pulled Marleen up, into an upright position. Sliding her hands beneath the sweatshirt, she liftet it over the brunette's head, and flung it across the room, where it fell to the ground, somewhere behind her. A black t-shirt and matching bra followed. Lili pushed her lover back down, and covered the long frame with her own smaller one. A moan of pleasure escaped both women as the skin of their upper bodies met, and their nipples brushed against each other. Lips sought, and found each other, melting together in tender kisses, that deepened, and lengthened as passion rose in both women. Tongues wrapped around each other, battling for control. Breathlessly, they broke apart. One of Lili's small hands slid down, opened the button on Marleen's jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper down. Marleen's eyes rolled back in her head, and she moaned, deep in her throat, as the blonde's hand slipped beneath the waistband of her panties, and cupped her mound.

"Oh, darling, you are so wet," Lili said, as she parted the brunette's folds, and rested her middle finger on top of Marleen's throbbing clit.

The brunette started to rock her hips just as Lili withdrew her finger. She looked at the glistening digit, and placed it in her mouth, sucking it clean. "Mmmm, darling...you are so delicious... I have to have more of you."

Marleen whimpered, slightly.

"I need to quench my thirst," the blonde said, and rose to take off the rest of Marleen's clothes. Once that was done, she laid down on her stomach, between the long strong legs of her beloved.

She used her fingers to spread Marleen's soft, swollen folds apart, and revealed the treasures of her lover's womanhood to her hungry eyes.

"Oh, baby...please..." the brunette groaned, intertwining her fingers in long blonde hair, as she tried to guide her lover's mouth to the place she needed her the most.

Lili relented from her teasing, slipped her deceptively strong arms around her lover's waist, cupped her backside, lifted her slightly, and slid her tongue between the hot folds of Marleen's burning desire.

"Oh Lili...oh...yes...baby..." the brunette moaned, overcome with passion, as her hands flew up to grip the sheets tightly, her knuckles turning white, her hips rocking wildly against the mouth of her lover. A tingling sensation started at the tip of her toes, and traveled through her whole body, announcing her impending climax. "Baby...I'm almost there," she hissed through clenched teeth.

Lili positioned two fingers at the entrance of Marleen's womanhood, and with the next thrust of the brunettes hips, slid deep inside her lover. That was all it took. Marleen's sweat-slicked body arched, as she roared her pleasure into the cool air of the bedroom. "LILIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"

Placing a last tender kiss on the brunette's still twitching center, Lili's lips slowly wandered up, until she reached Marleen's slightly parted lips. "Welcome home, my heart," she whispered against them, and hugged her lover tightly to her chest.

After she had her breathing under control, Marleen tried to roll them over to get on top of her beloved, but Lili was having none of it. "No, darling. I'm not done with you yet.That was way too fast, and I think I told you that I intend to take my time. There are some things, I neglected and that needs to be rectified, immediately," Lili said, smiling mischieviously. She, then, buried her head in between Marleen's breasts and placed hot, open-mouthed kisses on the brunette's breastbone, licking the tender skin, savoring her lover's naturally sweet taste.

"Baby...God..." Marleen groaned, happily submitting to her lover's desires.

Some time later Lili laid tightly pressed to Marleen's back, placing gentle kisses on strong shoulders. One hand traveled from Marleen's stomach between her thighs, but the dark haired woman caught said hand, and grasped it, tightly. "Baby, please... gimme a minute to breathe," she pleaded, hoarsely.

Lili giggled. "Out of breath, huh...grandma?"

Marleen's eyes went wide, and with lightning speed, she turned around. Lili couldn't get her protest out before Marleen pinned her to the bed. Blue eyes were flashing, dangerously. "Grandma? Did you just call me grandma? I'll show you grandma!" A tickle fight ensued, which was won by Marleen. Lili laughed, hard, arching and writhing around to escape Marleen's agile fingers, until she panted for air. "Okay! Okay! Darling, I give!"

"Good," Marleen said, snuggling her head against Lili's throat, snaking her arms around the smaller woman.

Lili's hand intertwined in strands of dark hair, stroking it gently, and Marleen sighed with satisfaction.

"You know what, darling?" the blonde's voice asked, breaking the peaceful silence that had settled over them.

"What, baby?" Marleen countered.

"I wish we could do something for Kelly. I don't like to see her so unhappy. She helped me to find happiness and I would like to help her to find it, too." Lili frowned, slightly, thinking of her friend spending Christmas alone.

Marleen smiled. "Yes, without her, neither you, nor me would have been stranded at that boring party."

Lili chuckled. "I still can't believe that you two were colleagues and I didn't realized that. But, now I know why she didn't even blink at leaving me all alone with you."

"That was a good trick, hm?" Marleen asked, grinning wildly.

"Yes, because you already knew how to wrap me around your little finger, due to everything Kelly had already told you about me," Lili answered.

Marleen's grin grew impossibly wider, "I just couldn't help myself. I can still clearly remember the day I saw you for the first time. You picked up Kelly from work, because her car was brokendown. You came through the door, had this beautiful, enchanting smile on your lips, and I was totally lost. And, you are right, Kelly told me a lot about you, so I just had to get to know you. Then she came up with that Christmas party idea...and...well, you know the rest of the story."

"Yes, the story of my life," Lili said, and pressed her lips against Marleen's forehead. "Thank, God!"

"So, what do you think we can do for Kelly?" the brunette wanted to know.

Lili frowned, once more, "There is only one thing that will make her happy, and that's Ashley. But, Kelly is way to scared to say anything about her true feelings.."

Marleen considered her lover's statement. "You want to get Ashley and Kelly together?"

Lili nodded. "They belong together. But, either they're both blind as bats, so they don't see it, or theyre both too afraid to take the initiative."

"So, you wanna play match-maker?" The brunette questioned, further.

"Yes, that's right." Lili nodded, eagerly.

"Okay," Marleen replied. "Do you have a plan already?"

The blonde shook her head, "No, not yet. But, I'm working on it."

Marleen begann to nibble on Lili's throat. "Can I help you in some way?"

"Uuuh....darling...that's not helping. That's disturbing my concentration," Lili protested.

"Do you want me to stop?" the brunette whispered, gently biting down on a tender earlobe.

"No! Never...but didn't you...ahh...didn't you say that you needed...oh yes...a break?" Lili asked, gasping for breath.

"Well, I'd say the break is definitely over," Marleen declared, sliding one hand between Lili's silky thighs, finding her most sensitive spot, completely taking the would-be matchmaker's breath away.

Downstairs, in the living room, the little dog turned on her side. Sleeping peacefully, she was not disturbed, in the slightest, by the passionate calls that drifted down from the bedroom.


The End

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