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Adventures in Time
By Elfcat255


Part 1

Deep from within the ancient tomb a loud grinding noise was heard.

Melinda Pappas looked up from the notes she had been writing, "Janice…Jan?!"

Janice Covington turned from the stele she had just finished uncovering, "What Mel?" she said as she stood, dusting herself off.

"Did you hear that noise?" Melinda asked as she pushed her glasses back up on her nose.

"Nope, what was it?" Janice asked.

"Sounded like a grinding noise; are we the only ones in here?" she asked looking around wide-eyed.

"I sent all the workers home for the day, so yep; we should be the only ones here." Picking up her lantern, Janice started towards the corridor leading to the burial chamber. "If one of those guys came in here to steal something I'm going to shoot him myself!" she swore. Turning to Melinda, "Well, are you coming?"

Melinda took a moment and then just sighed, "Yes, give me a minute to put away my notes."

Janice stood waiting with a hand on her hip, tapping her foot, "Come on Mel." she said impatiently, "Where's your sense of adventure?"

Picking up her lantern, Mel walked up to her. "It's right there with that sense of danger that tends to follow you," she quipped.

"Aw, ya know you love it too, Mel," Janice said with a grin, as she turned to walk into the darkness. Melinda just shook her head and followed after her partner.

The two women traveled down the corridor; every now and then, Janice would have to go back to drag Melinda away from some hieroglyphs.

"Plenty of time to do that later, Mel."

Pushing her glasses up again, Melinda just sighed and continued following Janice into the burial chamber. Once there, they realized something was amiss.

"Janice, that was not here earlier." Mel remarked. 'That' was a large, blue, boxlike object with the words POLICE Public Call BOX written across the top, resting next to the sarcophagus they were planning to excavate.

Janice raised her lantern higher and walked toward it. "No, it wasn't." Walking around the box Janice could not figure out where it had come from or how it had gotten into the burial chamber.

Melinda had, in the meantime, walked up to the front and was peering at some writing, "It says here it's a police call box."

"I think I figured that out, Mel. Last time I saw one of these was in London; how did it get to here, a tomb in Egypt?"

Just then, Mel stumbled back, almost falling down. "Jan! I heard voices coming from inside!"

Janice ran around to her, turning to face the call box as she drew her revolver. "Stay behind me, Mel," she hissed.

The voices were becoming louder and soon the sound of a door opening was heard.

"I'm telling you, Leela, I'm going to introduce you to the most formidable warrior of this time."

A laugh was heard. "Warrior? Doctor, you know no warriors."

Two figures emerged from the call box, the first being a tall man with a mop of brown curly hair and a ridiculously long scarf wrapped around his neck. He was followed by a young woman dressed in leather and skins, much like the amazons had worn.

"I told you I know many warriors" ….the conversation petered out when he realized they were not alone.

The couple now stood facing the two women. "Xena? Gabrielle?" he asked.

Janice looked over at Mel then back to the man. "No, I'm Janice, and that is Melinda. Just who the hell are you, and what are you doing in a call box in my tomb?!"

The man just rubbed his face and groaned. "I thought I had fixed that circuit."

Janice asked again, "Who are you? She waved her revolver at the man. "Don't make me shoot you."

"Jan! Put that thing away! He might just give you an answer if you did," Melinda hissed from behind Janice.

"She is absolutely correct you know," the curly-haired man remarked. "Waving weapons around never solves the problem, it only creates one." This part of the remark was directed to the young woman at his side.

She just hung her head low and shifted around some sand with her foot. "Yes, Doctor," she mumbled as she brought her hand around from behind her back. She then handed the knife she had been hiding to the man.

"I told you no more knives, Leela," he said, shaking his head.

"I am sorry," she mumbled again.

"Hello!" Janice yelled. She placed her revolver back in its holster. "See, no more weapons. Everybody happy now?" This remark was directed towards Melinda, who just nodded and then had to push up her glasses once more.

"You really should get some new specs, Mel," Janice quipped.

Melinda just ignored her, focusing her attention back to the couple before them. "Sir, did I hear your friend, Leela, right?" who nodded yes, "call you doctor? Are you a doctor?"

The man gave Melinda a toothy smile. "I'm a doctor of many things, but not one thing in particular." Reaching a hand forward to Melinda, "You may still address me as Doctor, though; everyone does," he stated as Melinda shook the hand given to her. "And this is my traveling companion, Leela, but we've already established that."

Still shaking his hand, Melinda replied "My name is Melinda Pappas and this is my partner Janice Covington, we're in the process of excavating this tomb."

While all this was taking place, Janice was just standing with her arms crossed, shooting daggers with her eyes towards Melinda. "Fine; you're Doctor and that's Leela; that still doesn't answer my question of how did you and that," she pointed to the call box, "get in this tomb. We've been working at the entrance tunnel all day!" she growled out.

"Well," the Doctor answered. "You see; that might take a bit of explaining."

"Explain away, I'm listening," Janice said, waving her hand in the air for him to continue.

"Actually it might be better to show you something and then explain," the Doctor said, rubbing his finger along the side of his nose. "If you ladies would follow me." He turned to walk back to the call box, still talking, "This is the TARDIS, and would you care for a tour?" While this was being said, he had opened the door and pointed to the inside.

"But sir," Melinda began. "That call box isn't big enough for all of us to fit into."

Just then, Leela spoke up. "The TARDIS is not what it seems. You would be surprised."

She walked past the Doctor and into the blue box. The Doctor followed her in, poking his head back out, "Well, ladies, are you coming in or not?"

Melinda just stood there staring at him, and then she turned to Janice. "Well, what do you want to do?"

Janice was still standing with arms crossed and her head tilted to one side.

"Oh my; I know that look." Melinda groaned.

"What?! Wasn't I just asking you earlier where your sense of adventure was, Mel, and besides, if it answers my question, I'm all for it. What could it hurt?" Janice moved towards the TARDIS, stepping into the doorway she turned to Melinda, "Come on, scaredy cat."

Melinda stood there for a moment, taking a deep breath; she exhaled and said to herself, "Oh my; here we go again."

Just as she reached the doorway, Janice yelled, "Mel! Hurry up; you have to see this! Melinda took another deep breath and stepped into the TARDIS.

Part 2

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