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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sequel to "Smooth My Heart." Like the show, all titles were borrowed from songs. This one belongs to The Violent Femmes.
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Add It Up
By Constantine


There are some lines that are not meant to be crossed. Kissing your boss in the elevator is one of them. It doesn't matter if you are having a bad. It doesn't matter if being charming comes as easily to her as breathing. There is no excuse.

I should really be ashamed about the lack of willpower I displayed, but the only thing I can conjure up is how it felt when she pressed me against that elevator wall. When the full weight of her body slammed into mine I wondered why I told myself not to do this in the first place. Was it this good that first night? It couldn't have been. Otherwise I would not have been so quick in asking her to leave the next morning.

She wanted to consume me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth while her hands slid upwards underneath the fabric of my scrubs. I wanted to be clever and make up some metaphor between a surgeon's hands and their tongue but my blood was racing the Indy500 through my veins. My nipples strained and scraped against the black lace of my bra. Finally, her hands reached their destination and she squeezed my nipples between her fingers. I couldn't differentiate between the pleasure and the pain of it.

I was too hot, too hard and too far gone too care as the elevator dinged upon our arrival on the twentieth floor. Thankfully, her brain was still in working order because she quickly pulled away from me as the doors began to slide apart. I don't know how I remembered to pick up the charts I recklessly threw to the floor. I spent the remainder of the day with an elevated body temperature that spiked any time Addison glanced my way.

Tomorrow it cannot be like this. I am going to tell her definitively that it will never work between us. I am going to walk into that hospital and not think about how she almost made me come with just a kiss or how inappropriate it would actually be to have sex in the on call room. I am going to act like a professional. Tomorrow she's not going to be McDreamy, just Dr. Shepherd.

The End

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