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Accidents Do Happen
By Wolfemeister


Accidents do happen, this perhaps wasn't one of them. Brooke knew she had purposely bumped Sam's elbow, causing the bottle of water Sam had just raised to her lips to pour all down the front of her tank top.

"Dammit, watch where you're going." Sam shouted trying to pull the now soaking shirt away from her chilled skin, but not before Brooke saw that Sam was definitely not wearing a bra.

"I'm so sorry Sam, I tripped. Let me help…" She said grabbing some paper towels and dabbing at Sam's chest.

Sam was stunned into silence, here was Brooke trying to pat her dry and all she was succeeding in doing was getting a good feel for Sam's assets and re-sticking the shirt to Sam's chest.

Brooke looked into the stunned brunette's eyes seeing her shocked expression she froze. Well might as well push it to the limit if Sam' gonna slap me I should at least deserve it. She gave the taut nipple under her hand a slight squeeze and waited for Sam's reaction.

It was instantaneous, Sam reached up and grabbed the back of Brooke's neck pulling her forward for a searing kiss. Several minutes later the girls came up for air.

"I thought you were never gonna get around to making a move." Sam smirked.

"Yeah well, if I'd known this was the response I'd get it would have happened a lot sooner. Now shut up and kiss me again." Sam happily obliged.

The End

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