Passion and Perfection is home to a wide variety of f/f fan fiction from a number of different authors. These stories vary from country to country, galaxy to galaxy and from one century to another, but there is one thing they have in common: they each portray the love and friendship that exists between women.

So if it's femslash you're looking for, sit back and enjoy what we have to offer.


Wentworth / Sense8

During its third series Wentworth introduced new psychiatrist, Bridget Westfall, whose relationship with former top dog Franky Doyle was all set to go way beyond professional. Not to give away any spoilers but if you're sick and tired of shows that refuse to acknowledge the sexual tension between their female characters then this one is definitely worth checking out.

Nomi Marks is one of the core, Sensate, characters on the new Netflix original show, Sense8, and together with her absolutely amazing girlfriend, Amanita, they give a big old dose of lesbian and trans pride to this new show. I thoroughly enjoyed Sense8 and its diverse cast and wonderful gay relationships and am crossing my fingers that Netflix doesn't wait too long to announce the second season.

Updated: 30th August 2015

I have finally finished the course I've been studying, so hopefully things will be getting back to normal. Or at least as normal as they can be during these times of next to no submissions - expect more recommendations etc.

I'd like to welcome a new creator to the site, so a hello and howdy to ACisme... it's great to have you aboard.

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